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  1. I saw where he said that his head is small and Nike custom makes his hats....but wouldn't they do that for him in the Ryder Cup if he asked? He's pretty much always going to be a lock for the team and they have plenty of time to custom make him a hat. I have a small dome, too...but I've never had an issue finding something that will work. Not saying I don't believe him because that would be a really, really weird thing to lie about especially from one of the most honest guys on tour.
  2. He never does in the Ryder Cup either. A lot of European players go without. They'd never do it during a regular event because they'd be giving up a lot of $$$ and I'm sure it's in their clothing/equipment contract somewhere. As others have said, it seems like all that stuff is out the window in international competition and not a regular tour event.
  3. Several Titleist guys that use Odyssey putters....someone already mentioned Hadley, Webb, Stricker when he was on staff with Titleist, Jimmy Walker is using a 2-Ball Ten this week. I am as big a Titleist homer as you'll find, but I agree play what works. The White Hot Pro is still one of the best putter lines I've ever, in my opinion. I get the OCD but if you're gonna get better performance from something else, it would be pretty silly not to give it a shot!
  4. Thread revival here....but I finally tried the Green Star and I'm in love. Long time user of the Baby T and this is the most similar profile I've found. Not size, but profile. A few differences but again the most similar I've personally seen. It's kinda like a midsize baby t, if that makes sense. I've used a ton of grips over the years and this one is a keeper!
  5. The face looks really good. Seems like it's in awesome shape, could be a really good pickup if the price is right.
  6. If you have a chance to see it in person, I think it's worth taking a look at. I'd look at all the scripting (especially the Titleist on the face and SCOTTY on the neck) and make sure everything lines up correctly. Also push your finger in the silicone around the insert to make sure it's real and not just paint. I have heard some of the fakes don't have an actual insert but just painted to make it look like they do. The pictures are blurry but if that's the actual putter, I am leaning towards real. I'd be interested to see it close up.
  7. Honestly, FJ has been on fire lately. I can't remember the last time I was this into so many of their shoes. All of the Premiere, the Tradition, Pro SL, Flex, Hyperflex....all appeal in a different way but I would take any of them. I bought some of the Flex Coastal last year and they are the most comfortable golf shoe I've ever worn. My wife keeps telling me I have to wear what I have at least twice before I'm allowed to even look at another pair, haha.
  8. It was indeed! I wear them for both but only when I'm wearing specific shoes, they are great for what I need. I know they aren't what everyone wants but they fit the bill perfectly for my preference! I was absolutely saying they are thin as a positive.
  9. Someone mentioned it earlier in the thread but I've been wearing Invisasox and have no complaints. However, they are very very thin (which is what I wanted.) I can't stand the feel of thick socks so I want them to be as light as possible. They stay in place extremely well but if you need any kind of cushioning, they are not for you.
  10. If you are on Facebook there is a Byron Morgan group (Byron Morgan Putter heads I believe) that Steve and Byron himself respond to posts. You could put a picture on there and one of those guys can probably tell you anything you want to know about it. But it sounds like you've gotten some pretty solid answers already.
  11. I don't even mess with grips on ebay anymore....it just isn't worth the risk.
  12. The more I think about it, the more the Golo might be my all time favorite. Whatever version (5, 7, S,) just something about it is very appealing to me. Damnit, I don't need another putter but I might start looking for another one...
  13. Not saying I'd ever pay that much for a putter (as if I ever could) but the sole kills it for me. Blank or nothing.
  14. I used to go to a bar that had 25 cent High Life drafts on Wed night and we would get hammered for like $8 including the tip. Every now and then I get a craving for the Champagne of Beers. Good times.
  15. However I have heard feedback about the feel/sound but I really never gave it a fair shake. Love the 11.5 so far, though.
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