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  1. Thanks Howard, I know the topic of the X100 spinner has been discussed here many, many times over the years and you have always done a great job clearing up the confusion. I'm glad I'm not the only one that was a little put off by the description on the site. I didn't have any interest in buying or trying one, mostly just curious what was being pushed here. I'll gladly stick with the S400's in my wedges. Thank again for taking the time to reply, I always learn something when you do!
  2. Of course the second I posted the topic, I find this http://www.golfwrx.com/632828/golfwrx-early-look-new-true-temper-project-x-io-u-ls-and-dynamic-gold-tour-issue-spinner-shafts/
  3. Has anyone seen this yet? The description makes it sound like it's an S400 7 or 8 iron shaft instead of the older version with the "hinge" in the middle. The info is a little vague so I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this for me. I checked to see if another thread existed, so sorry if it's already been brought up! https://www.truetemper.com/products/dynamic-gold-spinner/
  4. I want to start walking again so I am looking for one of the older L8 bags (not the new 2020 version.) There are a few on ebay but they seem pretty expensive considering the condition. Doesn't have to be mint, I have reasonable expectations but I do prefer the padded top...just trying not to break the bank. Let me know if anyone has anything! Thanks!
  5. +1....Kyle did mine a while back and it is perfect!
  6. This is the guy to listen to...a little steel wool and oil is all you need. I do agree that you should let it age naturally but it also isn't my putter, lol.
  7. My brother in law is a huge UNC fans so I got him a few of the My Boy Blue tees, just because I thought they looked cool. They didn't disappoint...very high quality and the color looks great.
  8. I know the 2010/11 Selects are 320g without the weights...so if it has the 10g weights it would be 340g total. Pretty sure this was the same for the next few generations of Selects, but if course someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Seeing Poulter make a hole in one on 16 at Augusta in 2008 with my dad. I'm not a Poulter fan, but the place went absolutely nuts...amazing environment. We walked the course then posted up in the stands behind and to the left of 16 tee for hours, alternating making beer runs to the stand right under the stairs. Top 4 best days of my life along with my wedding and the birth of my 2 daughters....I'll let you decide what order they rank, haha.
  10. How difficult is it to achieve a heavy swingweight with these shafts? That's been an issue for me with most graphite iron shafts. Is it possible to tip weight them or would lead tape be required to achieve D4-5?
  11. I had one for a few rounds and just couldn't get the distance control dialed in. No doubt it was me and not the putter...but I did what I always do and went searching for what's next, lol. They are great putters and Odyssey is on fire lately...it just wasn't for me at the time. I do regret not giving it more of a shot, odds are I will do what I also always do and buy another one at some point.
  12. I've never seen a drawing of the step pattern with the position of the screen print noted...thats great info to have. Thanks for sharing, Howard! I just looked at what's posted on the TT site and the label is shown but no measurement. Not sure when that will come in handy but I bet it does at some point.
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