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  1. I sell stuff way too often to stamp anything that's going to hurt the "value." I'm not completely against stamping in general but I just can't bring myself to hammer on a wedge or putter or whatever.
  2. Tomorrow is the last day of our 50% off Friends and Family event! I still have some passes left if anyone wants one. Send me a PM with your email address and I will send it over ASAP. They can be used online, too. Doesn't have to be an in store purchase.
  3. That's what I had to do with mine, worked like a charm.
  4. Best thing is that I really like the colors but I wouldn't have picked any of them on my own. Good way to get off grey/black/navy like I always seem to gravitate towards.
  5. Looks like all of the coupons have been claimed via the link but I can still get you a coupon code if you send me a PM with your email address!
  6. Old topic, but as many of you know I am a GM for an Old Navy store in Charlotte. Well this weekend is our Friends and Family event so you guys are welcome to use my promo code in-store and online. If the link doesn't work, send me a PM and I can email you a code. A special treat from me to you. Get your code for the Old Navy Friends and Family event, 11/6-11/8. Hurry though, it's first come, first served. https://oldnvy.me/3pBeBW1
  7. Be careful, you will absolutely become obsessed lol. Now I can't buy a club without doing something to the paintfill!
  8. +2, I have used them several times and have been impressed. Always shipped fast and good quality.
  9. I saw an ad for a Fairway and Greene "mystery box" with 3 vests for $50 plus shipping. I was a little worried because it was final sale but I actually really like all 3 that I got. Material is really nice, full zip, great colors. I think it said they were factory samples. Can't guarantee everyone will feel the same but I am happy. Edit: not sure if you meant like outerwear vests or more like sweater/fleece. So sorry if my suggestion doesn't fit!
  10. Footjoy has some good options in wide and extra wide...I have the Flex and like them, very comfortable. I have also had some good luck with New Balance, they have a few spikeless options that might be worth a look.
  11. The old Studio Design grip. I have tried just about every oversized, different shape, different length, different weight, and have finally come home to the thin rubber grip I used before I became a mental mess on the greens. So far, so good.
  12. The easy answer is any of the reduced taper grips such as the various Plus 4 grips from Golf Pride. If none of those fit your eye, you can do the same thing by adding extra wraps of tape to the bottom half of the grip. I did this for years with a version of a method I learned here. I started with a mark on the shaft 10" from the butt then added a 2.5" piece of double sided tape starting on that mark. Then two 5" pieces, two 7.5" pieces, and finally one full length. This is basically the same as the Plus 4 (4 additional tape wraps on the bottom hand) but let me use my preferred grip with less taper. I did that for a long time but it was time consuming and used a lot of tape. I could have used masking tape or painters tape but I preferred the double sided. The biggest benefit was a firmer feeling grip because it is stretched over the tape. I use the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Teams now and I am really enjoying them, much less effort to install too, lol.
  13. That one looks good to me. I wouldn't be worried about it at all based on the pics you shared.
  14. A buddy of mine has one that's original and he's had it in play since he got it new...even with the wear to the finish its pretty spectacular to look at. He has a standing offer from me to buy it from him but I highly doubt he ever takes me up on it.
  15. I have gotten pretty damn dialed with my raw SM8, I can't imagine anything being much better.....but I am sure I'll find an excuse.
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