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  1. That was my first thought, too...sounds like the tip was over prepped or damaged being pulled. I really don't think this would be an issue with the ferrule unless he was really aggressive and got the shaft while he was turning it...like really, really aggressive.
  2. It's a nickel plating on carbon steel. You would have to have the existing finish stripped to get down to the raw carbon steel if you want to torch it, gun blue, black ox, etc.
  3. That looks pretty darn good! Kind of a antique-ish bronze look. Not sure if that's what you were going for, but I dig it!
  4. The older Rife putters also have the notch like @MattM97 referenced above. The Island Serires and others have a notch that you align with the sight line that's supposed to give a more consistent setup. I don't have any real world experience with it but seems like it could be useful. Could be a cheap experiment.
  5. I started using Windex and it works great. I don't even use the brush...just spray, wipe aggressively with a damp end of a towel and try with the other side.
  6. What's the worst thing the tracking can say? "In Trasit. Arriving Late.
  7. They posted some pictures on the Byron Instagram account. Just what I wanted...simple, minimalist, beautiful. Can't wait to get it home! I've got a stepped YSC shaft on the way that I am going to throw in it, just need to decide on the grip.
  8. Just got the email I've been waiting for from Steve...."its ready." Just paid the balance so it should be on the way to NC soon!
  9. I've been burned by fakes a few times but thankfully have been able to get my money back. I buy a lot of stuff on ebay but I don't mess with buying grips there anymore. Much better off using a reputable seller like golfworks or grips4less
  10. What clubs are you looking to have refinished? Putters, irons, woods? Continental Golf in Raleigh does a great job, I'd start there.
  11. I had a pair of the blue "TopGolf" knits and returned them because they were super tight. I emailed to ask if they'd stretch out or maybe I needed to go up a size (even though the length was good, just tight in the ball of my foot.) They never responded so I just got my money back. I was surprised because I've had other True's before and they were super wide in the toe box. These were not. I have wide feet and just couldn't get on with them. I was bummed because they looked awesome!
  12. 15+ year old thread revival....nice.
  13. I'm not even going to lie, I didn't read the entire thread....but had a question about Seamus fairway wood covers. How's the fit on a 7 wood? Thinking of ordering one for my TS2 7 wood but worry about the fit being too loose. Anybody have experience with smaller headed woods?
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