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  1. I have gotten pretty damn dialed with my raw SM8, I can't imagine anything being much better.....but I am sure I'll find an excuse.
  2. Didn't notice that until you pointed out it out. Could be hard-stepped to keep the weight down?
  3. If that ain't real, fakes have gotten way too damn good, lol. That's a good looking putter!
  4. I got a $50 credit to Linksoul with my Golfer's Journal subscription and like $10 in rewards so I am thinking about getting their cotton cashmere hoodie. Still expensive as s*** but seems like it would be really nice.
  5. Nothing too fancy but a couple mid-mallets, round mallet and a blade. My TBC cover will never ever leave me. It's my favorite cover of all time!
  6. I have the Flowback 5 and it is definitely a good blend between the Golo and the Roundback visually. Good feel off the face, nice milling, sets up well...I'm a big fan. I have been back and forth to blades and whatnot but I am glad to be back in a larger mallet.
  7. I don't like the triple track but I'd definitely give an OG V-line a glance.
  8. I absolutely love long neck putters, I had Byron make one for me earlier this year. I don't even know what it is exactly, it's all aesthetic not necessarily performance.
  9. Holy hell, that is the best Detour conversion I've ever seen! Daaaaamn!
  10. This is purely my opinion...but if the putter has sentimental value I'd want to keep it as original as possible. I'd probably have the custom shop take care of it, but if it has any kind of aftermarket finish or work done, they probably won't do anything with it unless you have them restore it first. Adding a flow neck is going to add weight and change the feel of the putter. I am all for custom work and have had a ton done myself, if you decide to go that route there are a lot of great guys that do amazing work.
  11. Cannot be done. Got to pull the head and then slide the ring down the thinner part of the shaft and off the tip. And yes...I made that sound as dirty as possible on purpose.
  12. Either works. If you want to save the original shaft/grip it is easy enough to pull and install a new shaft. I always buy shorter putters since they typically have heavier head weights, pull the grip and extend the shaft, regrip and good to go. Extensions are super easy to remove of you decide to resell or shorten it back to original.
  13. If you decide to split the wedges, I'd be interested in the 46. Let me know if you change your mind!
  14. Interested to hear what you find out. My first thought was that they cut into the shaft when removing the old grip or maybe got too aggressive taking the old tape off. Could have already been damaged when you bought it but the timing is suspicious if it was right after being regripped....
  15. Just heat the hosel cup where the shaft is inserted with a torch, shouldn't take much. Then twist the head and pull.
  16. That's what I did when I sent a Button Back, they will take it however you send it. I pulled the head since it was being reshafted anyway, saved some money on shipping by sending just the head.
  17. For sale first is an excellent condition Scotty Cameron Phantom X11.5 putter. Stock grip and 33" length, only modification is I blacked out the top line with a gloss black. One small nick on the sole near the right weight. Don't have the original cover but including an older Futura headcover. I bought it on here a month or so ago and I love it but I'm just not playing enough right now to justify the number of putters I own! SOLD. Second is an Art of Putting Newport. I had plans to refinish this one but never got around to it. I am really hesitant to sell this one so I won't be disappointed if I end up keeping it. It appears to be original except for the red Pistolero grip, it plays 35" with the stepped shaft. It had some lead tape on the sole when I got it, I got all the adhesive off but you can see where it was. Shaft band is in good shape but peeling a little. You can see the mill marks in the cavity. The head has a few nicks on the top line but overall is in good shape, I do not have a headcover but will be shipped protected. These are becoming very rare, especially ones that haven't been restored. That makes pricing tough but I'd like to get SOLD Finally is a white and blue TBC (The Buck Club) hat. I ordered this during the Open release but it's just too big for my head. Brand new, only took it out of the box to try on once and that was it. Not trying to get rich on this one, just trying to get my money back. Sold
  18. Beautiful putter and the NLU towel, I love it! Glws!
  19. Loved the shape but hated the texture of the material. Not the bumps, that was fine, but the actual surface I just couldn't get used to. The shape of the grip was awesome, fit very nicely in my hands.
  20. This is important. If it's a matador (the Winn style grips) they can wear out a lot quicker than the rubber grips. I guess I've never owned a putter long enough to wear out a grip, haha. @Abh159makes a good point too about the authenticity of the grip, that could play a major factor.
  21. I'd try "Barkeepers Friend," I love that stuff and it won't harm the paintfill. That and/or some very fine steel wool. I wouldn't worry about damaging it, you'd have to really dig into the metal to cause any noticeable marks on the face.
  22. Curious who it was now, you can PM me if you don't want to call them out on here. I think I know based on some recent Instagram posts but odd they would turn down the work if you're willing to pay for it...
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