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  1. Thanks! Those jackets are the right price right now. I'll check them out. I wish the pants were more traditional, over your normal pants / shorts, rain paints - so I'll stay in the hunt for those elsewhere. Thanks to everyone else for the advice.
  2. Assuming travel restrictions are lifted I will be going to Scotland in August and want to make sure my gear is up to snuff. I will be playing 7 rounds in 7 days, I think all walking with a mix of caddy and push cart. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot, but I've never left the US specifically to play golf. For those who have been, is there anything you wished you had with you, anything you bought on the fly while there that saved you, or anything you thought you would need that was useless? One thing that I do plan on doing is upgrading my rain gear. I generally hate playing i
  3. Yeamans Hall Club in Charleston is another worth looking into since you mentioned that area.
  4. Reading a lot that says this hurt Na’s chances for the Ryder Cup, I hope it did the opposite. The US has enough nonchalant guys, Na just showed he’s willing to mix it up with the #1 player in the world instead of deferring, and then beat him with a birdie on 18. Seems like someone the team could use. He’s a grinder and can plays a non bomb and gouge style.
  5. Meeting a few friends in Blacksburg, VA in late April and we’re looking to play two rounds. We’re planning on playing one at the Dye River course, but would appreciate recommendations on anywhere else that’s fine to play. Any can’t miss restaurants would be great to hear about too. Thanks!
  6. Stricker is this year’s Ryder Cup captain. Kenny Perry was the man, haven’t thought about him in ages. That funny swing produced some pure ball striking.
  7. Brooks being mentioned seems like a great pick. I don't recall him having a ton of hype, and now he's angling to be the best player of his age group. Xander is another. He hasn't been closing the door lately, but here's a list of the top 25 American's under 25 in 2016, and Xander is only an honorable mention. https://thefriedegg.com/top-25-american-golfers-under-25/ Justin Leonard hasn't been mentioned much. He had hype but for a small, short hitter to have his career is pretty incredible. Fred Funk is an interesting case. He somehow peaked in his mid-
  8. I'm with you on the definition, but I think that Nicklaus (and probably Tiger too) exceeded initial expectations by a long shot. In 1961 I don't think a lot of people would bet on Nicklaus to become the best player ever with 18 majors and 77 wins. In 1996 there were definitely some people thinking Tiger would be the best ever, but realistic expectations (not his or his dad's) would have probably been a fair amount lower than 15 and 82. ... now speaking strictly to after the summer of 2000, he may not have met expectations. At that point it seemed like anything was possible and that
  9. A big pet peeve of mine is people playing 6 hour practice rounds. You're still on a golf course and should still be playing in 4 hours. There are people behind you. The purpose is to establish a game plan and figure out the course. You may hit multiple shots off a tee to figure out what the best club is. Focus on the big picture of each hole, not narrowly looking at how to play your shot that day. E.g. If you drive it into the woods it may make sense to toss it out so that you can see what the approach shot looks like. Added benefit of this is you don't shoot a bad score, you want
  10. Greenbrier also has the private sporting club attached. Initiation for the sporting club is a lot higher than you noted, but plus side is access to the 2.5 courses in the resort, plus the 18 hole Fazio course and the 9 hole par 3 course that are set aside for sporting club members. I believe membership initiation is included with owning property, so if owning you place in the US is of interest it could work out. At one point I think Oakmont national members, that would be a great opportunity if they still offer it and you could find your way in. You mentioned no to the
  11. Justin re read your post. Based on your age and desired vibe, I’d say North Ridge or Raleigh seem like your best bets in Raleigh. If Cary is more convenient for you, then maybe Prestonwood followed by Macgregor. I haven’t been to OC in a while, but from what I recall it’s the second club for most of their members. In Wilmington, Cape Fear and Landfall are the only two good options. Living at the beach is awesome, and there are a lot of good perks to being there, but there aren’t going to be as many young guys to play with there. It’s a smaller town, less professional / corporate ba
  12. The Raleigh list was pretty much spot on. TPC Wakefield and Briercreek are two others you may want to check out, but the kjm’s post hit the big ones. Macgregor also has a decent course in Cary, and if you’ll go farther away the Governor’s Club between Raleigh and Chapel Hill is a huge club with multiple courses. Large houses, seems to be mostly retirees. Country Club of Landfall should also be your Wilmington list. 27 Nicklaus designed holes, 18 by Dye. The Dye course is better IMO, but the Nicklaus is more scenic, bigger practice area, and by the main clubhouse. It’s a large
  13. I really thought Finau had it after that nice drive on the first playoff hole today... should have known better
  14. Fair point, there's really know way to know without asking them or knowing them personally. Could be a lot that are this way. Brooks has just opened up and given some quotes to really make me think it. There are plenty of people who are great at their jobs that don't really like their work - we all need a paycheck, and the bigger the better.
  15. Wie did go to college, while playing pro golf instead of college golf.... not everyone wants to play golf for free. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/gwar-michelle-wie-education I can't imagine it was good for her golf career, but it was quite an accomplishment.
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