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  1. The hoofer tour is a much bigger bag than the other two, has a lot more storage, and will weigh a good bit more. The standard Hoofer will be more comparable to the Titleist bag, and Hoofer Lite will compare more to the SL2. SL2 isn't a big bag. Personally, I'm not big on Stitch bags. They look great, but they are heavy for their size and lack the storage you'd expect for their weight. It's more style than substance IMO.
  2. If you're only there for a short time and in the city, then I would enjoy the city for all it has to offer and skip the golf angle. If you really want to get in on golf then Chelsea Pier and go get fit for some clubs at True Spec. If you'll be spending time out of the city you could have lunch at Bethpage, and drive through the parking lots and ogle at some of the famous old money clubs on LI or Westchester areas. The Ferry Point golf course also has a restaurant and views of the city. That said I wouldn't spend the time and energy to do these things unless you'll already be out in one of those directions. Too much fun stuff to do in NYC to consider taking all the time and effort to have lunch at one of those courses.
  3. It could depend on time of year. I know of a few places that allow unaccompanied, but not during peak season and not on weekends during their fringe season, but do allow them out of season. For e.g. playing unaccompanied on Long Island in October will fly at most of the places there, but that changes if you try to go during the summer. Places have been even more stringent since the onset of COVID.
  4. Best of both worlds: join the better course and then move closer to it.
  5. This is why my most of my equipment purchases are on hold. I'm not going to order something and then have a new model released while I'm waiting for a delivery of the previous model.
  6. Seems like if you're going to have two bags, then go all out and get a proper stand-free Sunday bag. Personally, I'd never own two bags. For me it's not a great use of space in my trunk/house and money. I use a hoofer lite that I generally carry it for 18 with a full set - it's pretty light. If I take half of my clubs out plus any unnecessary accessories for a quick round, then it weighs very little. I don't have a need for a second bag that's even lighter.
  7. I'd like to see tennis attire allowed, including on tour. It seems like a good medium where you still look nice, but you're dressed like an athlete in athletic appropriate clothes, and it's a more widely accessible/agreeable aesthetic.
  8. What are you guys wearing under your hoodies? I'm interested in joining the crowd, but not sure how you layer it. Presumably if the hoodie may come off then it's got to be a golf shirt underneath. I was also thinking it's still got to be a golf shirt or turtle / mock turtle neck to satisfy the collar rule at most courses. Curious if it's still comfortable. I don't think I'd ever put the hood on my head, but I do like the back of neck warmth and general coziness that a hood provides.
  9. Galvin Green has short / medium / long options in their pants. Not sure about jackets.
  10. Only wrong on one... so far. I'd still bet that Rory wins another major, and I think DJ wins another one too. Rory is only 32 and playing at a major winning level. I think that he will win another one. I love his comments after the CJ cup. If he's got the right attitude he'll win multiple more majors. I think DJ will crack through again too, but I'm less sure on him due to his age and at this point I'm not sure he's got the same level of motivation that he had a couple of years ago. Day, I would heavily bet against. He's been de-railed by injuries and it seems hard to see him bouncing all the way back at this point.
  11. Was the Westfields fitting off of grass? I'm in the market for wedges and my normal fitter is indoors on a mat. That works perfectly for woods, ok for irons, but for wedges I'd really like to test different grinds on turf and a short game area.
  12. Probably right about that, and I am sure it is tough for him... but still sour grapes. Getting booed and having people cheer against you must be something very interesting for a golfer. Unless you're DeChambeau this is the only event in your whole golf career (junior through Champions Tour), where people actively cheer against you.
  13. I saw this fluff piece on golf.com earlier today, and I don't see how it can be accurate. I'm curious if anyone plugged in has more insight. https://golf.com/lifestyle/how-much-top-tier-pga-tour-players-spend/ Article says a top 30 players golf related expenditures in a year (travel, coaches, etc.) is estimated to be between $1.88MM and $2.08MM. That seemed really high to me. That's more than 50% of of the tour earnings that guy in the 20 - 30 range on PGA tour will make in a season, and the guys in that range aren't getting huge endorsement deals anymore either.
  14. Sore loser. He's only 50/50 to make the team in Rome anyways, but if he does, I guarantee he'll make Cantlay's behavior this week look modest. However, no one should be talking junk to the players families. That is not ok.
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