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  1. feel free to PM me for info on clubs referred to above
  2. pretty sure the caddie requirement went away during covid. fivesomes at private clubs don't slow things down as much as you think b/c they are cognizant of the fact that they are five so often they play fastest. but as the initial replier said, just ask them.
  3. there are some clubs in NJ/westchester/LI that are relatively accessible via train & walk or very short uber. having said that, there are no places that do refundable initiations and many clubs that over the last decade were 0 initiation have brought them back in recent years esp b/c of the covid golf boom. there are a number of threads here about diff clubs and some of the more affordable ones. of course, the more affordable the private club, the more members meaning your PoP desire will be compromised. what'll also be compromised is that the more affordable spots tend to be that much further from the city, which limits you if you don't have a car.
  4. oaks tpc isn't in same league as valencia or hacienda. PM Me if you'd like to know more about VCC or hacienda in terms of course quality, what the clubs are like & ballpark pricing.
  5. if you're teeing off before 8, you can absolutely get to lake success, wheatley hills or a few of the clubs near JFK in 30 mins while living on the east side of manhattan, provided you're driving with the desire to do the trip in 30 mins. did it hundreds of times.
  6. debating whether to get the regular 3w or the SZ 3w, and whether to go with the riptide shaft or the rogue shaft. i still game an original epic SZ driver w/ a project x lz 6.0. i'm a bit of a low ball right to left hitter but i do strike it solidly. intiially i was going to get 2 - 1 SZ w/ the riptide & a regular with the rogue msi shaft. but then i read that the sub zero allows you to change the weights to adjust launch / spin, and therefore was thinking either both with the rogue shaft or just the sub zero. i game a 2015 xr pro hybrid 20*, but have typically tended to use non-tour/pro heads in my fairway woods. any advice would be appreciated. i realize that CG pushes regular headed players to riptide & sub zero players to the rogue off the website, but obviously my initial idea bucks that trend. i do value higher ball flight, distance and forgiveness in the 3w, but the draw bias of the regular head is the only thing giving me pause. my current 3w is the ancient taylor 200 that i put a px LZ in to replace the stock shaft thinking it would give me more distance, but hasn't worked out. i miss it low left even more often than i did before.
  7. i have found the image results for the prov1/prov1x, but doing so for other premium balls is a bit more difficult. what i'm trying to do is find a visual database that shows the marking changes through the years on balls like the chrome soft, srixon z-star, bridgestone 330 series so that when i find said balls, i could group them by year of production and not necessarily brand. i have this suspicion that a 2019 chrome soft has more in common with a 2019 srixon z-star than it would with the first iteration of the chrome soft. i could be wrong, but just a hunch that the tech has improved that much and/or found balls that are newer are better than older ones. or perhaps i'm just falling for the marketing
  8. you could ask if they'd be willing to meet with you over Zoom. maybe they'd share the pricing then since they're seeing you in person. ive heard tri-state area clubs that have even done interviews via zoom this year.
  9. if you don't mind driving, centennial in carmel is good. also, mahopac golf & beach club historically has been on box groove, and that's a very solid private track about 30 mins away.
  10. probably so busy. you can still book TTs online and they've gotten a ton of play this year. and there are IG pics from there as of yesterday so... (https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/1940200/rustic-canyon-golf-course/)
  11. another thing: a typical day at bethpage, the back tees that are down are almost never all the way back. so theyre not giving you the 7400 set up, but certainly something in the 7k, at most 7200 yard variety. examples include 3 normally playing 180 not 205, and 10/12 playing more in the 470 range than the 500 yard range. but if youre a good player play whatever tees youd like and just be mindful of the groups in front of and behind you.
  12. @scottbox - PM me & i can help you out a bit
  13. knickerbocker has lots of jr members & i believe is always looking for more. brooklake has a lot of corp memberships and also is a place looking for more members. as such, a email or phone call into either can answer your inquiries. both are good clubs and courses but its not like youre trying to get the skinny on ridgewood or arcola here
  14. i think it really varies & depends. if someone says "hey come play my club" you can expect not to pay, but should always be ready to pay. if you have a friend who's a member of a club around your age and you push for the game, expect to pay. everyone i've ever hosted always says at the end "let me know what i owe you". and yes, ive been reimbursed (and paid guest fees) via venmo. and yes, you should always offer to pick the caddie fee for both yourself & the guest, if caddies with guests are mandatory. and this was said earlier but if host refuses a greens fee comp then you best pay for his caddie. net net, no matter who's hosting you, always go in expecting to pay & offering to pay.
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