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  1. The DHY appears to be getting all the love and a lot of ppl are raving about its performance. I think the SIM UDI is far underrated and its performance will shine for those players that play in windy conditions and have par fives where chasing the ball on is an option. i think the launch can be improved in the SIM UDI with a more active tip shaft perhaps.
  2. Those 921 tours are just money. I am so tempted just to order a set sight unseen (in person) and untested. Thats even though I have a set of Cobra CB/MB sitting the bag with the plastic still on the heads waiting to get a shot on the course. The bloody virus is the blocker on getting these on course right now. I guess i am drinking the muzzy cool aid.
  3. I think your set up is where I am headed. the 54S is a given. Its more just what grind and brand in the 60 that has me goosed. I like to use my 60 in the bunkers and for that hop and stop type shot.
  4. My course has typically a medium to heavier sand as we do get strong afternoon breezes. The course has typically has issues in keeping sand levels up in the bunkers. The heavier sand has also contributed to a firmer bunkers a more harder surface then the typical soft beach type sand. Imagine the sand away from the water then the sand close to the water. So basically a heavier and firmer lie in the bunkers for me.
  5. I watched the video and three times during it I thought I had the answer. Once he got into the bunker it made me really think my option i had thought was right was so wrong. I tried the selector tool and it came back recommending s grind in both the 54 and 60. I think the lower wedge the 54 I with a s grind and in the 60 I may try the vokey d grind. If that flops maybe move to a X grind. I do like having my wedges from the same brand, its my ocd thing that gets in the way. The lob wedge is just such a hard thing to pick as it is so different for so many ppl. I am finding it extremely
  6. Going a different grind may be an solution here. The x grind does look a little like the old c grind. Although it looks like a much bigger c grind if that makes sense.
  7. I agree about the cleveland zip core wedges. When you look at the sole the shape does not have a c grind type appearance. I would say i do more so adjust my swing to suit the different type of shot I am trying to hit. I will check out the titleist d grind as it may just be the solution. Thank you for taking the time and providing me with some great options and thoughts. Much appreciated.
  8. I am busting at the seams to get these bad boys on the course. Sitting in the bag with the plastic still on the heads.
  9. I am looking to update my current Callaway X series MD wedges, yes the 2010 ones. I love them and they have finally reached there end of life and need to be updated. The wedges are 56 loft and 16 degree bounce and 60 degree loft and 13 degree bounce. I believe the X forged series were a version of a a C grind. My issue is the new MD5 wedges are differing bounces and differing grinds and being left handed makes it just a tad harder. I looked at the PM grinds and they just for some reason do not suit me. I like the way the current grind on the x series wedges work. My questions and where i nee
  10. I was not talking about the 2013 x forged. I was talking about the current x forged irons. I would agree the 2013 x forged were good bats and felt great.
  11. Have to agree looks wise. Those 770 just look sharp and the business. It could be a look vs a feel difference then overall considering the mishits were considered similar. Thanks for the fast reply.
  12. I am the same, never had a face cave in. I have had a few grip snaps and shafts break. I swing the big dog at 112 on average but can get it up to 118 when I bust one. Maybe the reason the OP has broken a few is that they hit a lot more balls then say you or I do. Some range balls are real pebbles. This could contribute to more breakages rather than our manliness. I am hoping this is it.
  13. Rumour has it there is a new Callaway utility iron soon to poke its head out. Maybe you would be better served to wait and test the TM, Titleist and Cally one to get the best one for you. Could alaways through in the Cobra one as well.
  14. Would love to how the 921 tours stack up against the 770. Maybe the 7MC would be a closer option to the tours, but noting the similar lofts I think it would make a good comparison or at least and interesting one.
  15. Are the Cbs the x forged replacement irons? I am assuming they are moving away from the x forged name line. To be honest i do not think the x forged line was a real big hit. The X forged utilities were brilliant.
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