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  1. There's a thing called the "Stagecoach Practice Club" under development in Chapel Hill, NC. Not crazy but probably works best as a private club. https://www.golf-architecture.com/in-progress
  2. I actually think there is some insight there. That rankings reflect the values system of the publication and raters...which might be different from your own. "Their" Top 100 is theirs...but it might not align at all with what you love about golf. And nobody's Top 100 is "wrong"...we all just have different preferences.
  3. Sure. Drop shot Par 3 with a green divided into really three zones. Wind is the overwhelming design element. A lot of people's "stock" 100 yard shot is a towering wedge that spins. You have to decide if that is the right shot - if the wind is in your face, you need a lot more club than that. If the wind is right-to-left you need to aim basically into the ocean. Or do you hit a different shot that might not eat so much wind? The combination of the wind and the front right bunker placement give you a whole bunch of choices about what the best shot is going to be...and choices are the
  4. First, I agree with you, that the shortcomings of Pasa do exist at some other great courses. Every course has a blemish. The problem is that Pasa has at least these three, plus some others (for example, it's a difficult course to walk). You can't gloss over weaknesses when other courses don't have them. Pasatiempo's best holes put it in great company...but unfortunately, there are some issues with the course overall. There are other courses that have fewer great holes...but also have fewer downsides. To address your argument however, it's ludicrous to say that Pebble has "about the
  5. For the "Pasatiempo is top 50" crowd...there are sort of 3 issues that I have with the course: (1) The amount of housing / OB that comes into play. If Pasa were on an isolated piece of property, and the houses / OB didn't exist...it would be a much better course. (2) The tightness of 6/7/8. Overall, I think the property is cramped, and that's most obvious in the 6/7/8 stretch. (3) Finishing on a par 3. Call it quirk. Sure. But all things considered, I don't think finishing on a Par 3 is ideal.
  6. To be clear, every course that fits the description "on Long Island, private, and hosted numerous majors" is in the Top 25. Pasa is fine but it's not inappropriately rated at ~100.
  7. FTFY "Customers" when everything's going great..."Owners" when the bills come due...
  8. I would say that probably half of the "complaints" at our club are about the 'intimidating' GM and PGA Pro. It's a common rhetorical question to wonder if they own the club or if we do.
  9. [Equity] clubs encourage members to think like 'owners' because...they are. At our club, there is non-stop banter that some might view as 'complaint', but it's really all in the service of making the club better. There is no 'better' club that any of us could join; we're just trying to make the club be the best that it can be. To address another sidethread...none of these complaints would ever go to the staff. Ever. The club is run by member committee and you can only get anything done through these committees.
  10. This is just not possible or your buddy doesn't understand the system. CV uses the "Chelsea System" to allocate member tee times in the summer and times are allocated to people based on how little they play. Somebody who 'wasn't able' to get a tee time in a given week would be first in line the next week. The only way your buddy *could* get hosed is if his three playing partners play a lot so he's always getting lumped into a high-point group, despite not having any points himself. I had zero issues getting out last year...but I tend to not play at prime times.
  11. The other thing is that nobody sticks greens with a long iron. Never did. If you look at the Trackman stats, a PGA Tour player hits a 3 iron (basically what a one iron used to be) with half the spin and 10% less landing angle than a 9 iron. On a fast and firm course...that's not 'sticking' on the green.
  12. As others have noted, I still carry and hit a club that's the same loft and length as an old 1 iron. It has a 3 stamped on the bottom.
  13. Traditionally, “national” clubs are made up of members who are not local to the club - they travel in and stay in lodging on-site. But I agree with @Tim_Gavrich - Augusta is the reason that this became a popular naming convention.
  14. The underlying premise here is that the ratings aren’t influenced by the owners of these new resorts rolling out the red carpet for raters on all-expenses-paid raters trips. There isn’t nearly as much pressure (or upside) for new private clubs to get into the rankings...so they don’t.
  15. Whitinsville is a private club - it’s not impossible to get on, but it is not open to the public.
  16. On the "this is for five, I assume it's good", the question itself belies the motivation of the player. If the other player is in for 4, and the opponent is putting for 5...good etiquette would dictate that they pick up the ball and move to the next hole unless they can win the hole. If you're out of the hole, you move on. If I guy is standing over a putt...he's not out of the hole.
  17. Crumpin Fox is, in my view, a course in the "test of golf" category. Penal? Sure. The modern minimalist school of golf is more free flowing - shoot your shot, have "options", take your next shot. Hit a bad shot? You can recover with a good shot! Crumpin Fox is like: there are two viable shots here. One is easier, one is harder. The harder one puts birdie in play, the easier one will get you to par if you do it well. Choose which one you want to take. Fail at either and expect a penalty of 0.5 - 1 stroke. Very different styles, but both can be fun.
  18. In the COVID era, our first available time is 8:00 (7:30 on weekends). Pre-COVID was 7:00, but the grounds crew is smaller this year and needs more time.
  19. Playing for a cash prize causes you to lose amateur status. Most member-guest tournaments that have money on the line do it in two ways: first, a prize voucher worth up to $750 - usually pro shop credit; and second as versions of gambling, which is permitted with certain restrictions.
  20. We all have different perspectives here - but this one is borderline insanity to me. I'm a member of a club in the same category as mentioned by the OP. If I invite a 26 year old guy to play, I have zero expectation that he will pay for anything. Zero. It's not charity. It's my club, and what it costs to host a guest is between me and my fellow members. The guest has nothing to do with the equation. The idea that a "slight offense" could "blackball" a kid is ludicrous. I guarantee you that said kid is probably going to commit some faux pas at the club (OMG, he changed his shoes in
  21. How is it the "same shot" if it's from 80 yards closer to the hole?
  22. Also I would strongly recommend that you hold off on your decision until next season. The COVID shut down is going to force a reckoning on all clubs' budgets this fall, and there may be some 2010 style deals out there come Springtime.
  23. I heard a rumor somewhere that Marriott was interested in taking it over as a resort property. But total rumor.
  24. I fully understand that the no-tee-time model doesn't work everywhere. Ironically, I think it especially doesn't work well at the kinds of clubs that golfwrxer's dream about - clubs that are no-frills, all golf, have members who love golf and play competitive rounds. That's a recipe for half the club wanting to tee off at 8:00am on Saturday. Clubs have different cultures, and that's OK.
  25. Our club has not been especially forthcoming about the financial picture, but it’s clearly suffering. We’re sort of boxed out of an assessment because we did a significant one in Q1 to upgrade some clubhouse facilities and the membership will revolt if they did a second. I think the underlying hope is that construction costs come in much lower than planned (there was a 25% escalator contingency) and the Q1 assessment can cover the losses.
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