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  1. Don't adjust your swing. You'll play better if your swing is comfortable.
  2. Don't. Play what's comfortable. I have played everything from +.5 to +2 due to back issue. As the clubs get longer it gets harder to knock them down just due to the extra length. With long clubs it takes even more delofting of the face to get the same amount as a shorter club due to the extra length (I can explain this if not clear). For example I played with someone else clubs last week who had standard length clubs with softer than my normal shafts and could easily knock everything down. Went out today with my clubs at +1.5 (choked down to +1) and with the exact same swing the ball just shot
  3. I would go to soft stepped X100. Sounds like I have a similar swing/specs to you and I struggled heavily with S400. The ball just did not want to stay low and would always shoot up. Going to X100 solved in for me.
  4. I just clean the lie up of anything major. Unless your playing for something serious or a tournament there is no reason to risk equipment.
  5. All a shotgun does is get all the groups on the course at the same time. You can still have groups on course if you plan it right which it sounds like what they were trying to do. If you are the first tee time at 720 and take 2 hours to play 9, in theory the 9am shotgun should not interfere with you as you shouldn't reach 10 until 920. So everyone one on the back is shotgun, everyone on the front is a standard tee time, but if you play faster than 2 hours you run into the middle of it. Pro shop still should have warned you.
  6. Then your looking at it the wrong way. You train for the sport you play, not for looks. Everyone seems to think golfers should be training to look like football players but that kind of build isn't good for golf. Golf is an endurance sport at the end of the day. Pros play 4 hours a day 5-6 days a week at an average tournament. The point of the training they do is that the first tee shot they hit on Tuesday is the same as the last one they hit on Sunday.
  7. It depends on what clubs you play. By nature hollow body irons have a cg higher than game improvement irons because of the extra material needed at the top of the head. If you use players irons hollow body will probably launch equal to a little higher at equal loft. If you use game improvement irons they will normally launch lower because GI irons have more mass low, hence a lower cg. Playing i210 I would say you would see similar ball flight with hollow body irons but it would be more forgiving.
  8. Apparently he tested positive for both an a and b sample so the odds of a false positive are tiny.
  9. You need to remember that there is shaft droop in longer clubs which makes a club play flatter. So at impact the toe will be even more down and may be too flat.
  10. Check eBay. Not a ton but a few sets are out there. Search "irons 1 inch" and you get a decent amount of results that are actually extended.
  11. Your swing numbers seem good so you just need to get the club dialed in. Would consider tipping your shaft (will get you a little reduction) and try to get a head so the loft is in the 6-7 range. It seems low but since you have a positive angle of attack you should end up with a launch around 11-13.
  12. This is incorrect. Most balls are tracked on the USGA conformance page by their base alignment marking marking. You can add stuff to it but you can change the base design. If the marking doesn't line up with the ball design the ball is technically illegal to play.
  13. Because you can charge extra for it even if they aren't going to use it. I try to sell the full club to get more value. No one buys shafts unless they are aftermarket and I don't want to be stuck with the loss on it if I can avoid it.
  14. Have you tried the pistol 2.0? It's quite a bit bigger than the 1.0. I was having a similar issue with the 1.0 and the 2.0 solved it.
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