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  1. You can probably find a replacement at home Depot or McMastercarr. They're standard screws.
  2. Jc0


    Kolsch and Monday. They look cute. In reality they are chaos, but also cute.
  3. I didn't really notice that much of a difference of the tee. Around the greens I preferred the left dots because it doesn't overspin on full shots. The left dash still spun to much for me on wedge shots. Compared to the 2021 pro V1 everything seemed about the same except a little bit less grab. The 2021 ball also seemed to be easier to flight down.
  4. I think the still will because you still get funky results like the current tp5. The general rules are higher compression=faster ball speed and lower compression=less spin with iron. Unless you design a ball to be in the extremes (like the left dash) all balls seem to follow this and the data is showing that. I think it may start being more beneficial to do things like wind tunnel testing, because if all the balls give similar ball speed/spin, the aerodynamics and how much the ball is affected by wind become the next big thing.
  5. They are also hitting off a tee which can reduce spin numbers which would increase carry. The spin numbers seem low across all balls. Trackman has the the average pga tour pro at 87 mph (matching the high speed robot) and 7900 rpms of spin on their 8 iron. The highest spinning ball in the test was the range ball at 7500. That tells me the dynamics of the robot setup just produce lower spin, and therefore more distance with the irons at the same swing speed.
  6. Feel like people here have way to high expectations of who are playing these events. Not everyone is a pro or collegent player or even ex-collegent player. You also have to register for these things way in advanced and you don't know what's going to happen in life unless your life revolves around golf. Played the IL mid am qualifier and made it to the main tournament. Threw my back out the day before doing other activities, but still manger to shoot ok. Some people will look at my scores and say I could do that. Then signed up for the IL Am but due to life I think I hit balls once in the month leading up and played poorly because of it. The point of qualifiers is to thin the field to the best at that point in time. Handicaps take your last 20 rounds into account. Some one could have a scratch handicap but still shoot 85 their previous 3 rounds before a tournament and still be in the tournament.
  7. Not intentional but need to cut about .75" off my current set but got lazy and just have been playing them over length all season. Haven't really noticed any issues. The biggest thing I have run into is remembering to choke up a consistent amount. I think the one difference I notice is it feels like there is a little more weight in the hands when you choke up for normal length, kind of like counterbalancing. Probably why you needed to add lead tape to the head to get the feel right.
  8. This is a common practice for compsite sports equipment. If you wantch tennis or hockey the equipment is painted to match the current Gen, but 80% of the time it is actually older models.
  9. Yes. When I did it on my putter I used a tooth pick to transfer the paint until I felt it was filled the right amount.
  10. I played similar specs at one point (+2, 6 up). There are plenty of light weight steel shaft options out there you can use. I would shoot for around the 100g mark. Don't over think swing weight. It's a guide for tuning things, correct length is much more important. For heads you want forged if you do end up going more than 3 up. It's not that you can't been bend cast, they are just more prone to breaking as you bend them more. Also a suggestion is if you are using components build one or two clubs first before building the rest of the set to try. You may want to make some tweaks based on how things feel when you hit them. Especially do this if you get fit on mats.
  11. This is true, a spinning object will resisit being tilted (if you have ever tried the spinning bike tire physics lesson this shows this), but when you hit a golf ball the spin axis isn't being tilted, it's starting off diagonal to begin with. The resistance to twisting is if an additional force is applied which isn't really happening with a golf ball. The tilted axis causes a low pressure zone on one side of the ball which make the ball move that direction. The higher the ball speed, the larger the low pressure zone, and the more the ball curves. The spin axis never really changes over the course of the ball flight.
  12. It should be about how the ball is reacting when it lands. If the ball goes 5 yards father that doesn't matter if it releases 20ft vs a club that goes 5 yards shorter and stops where it lands. With the irons you want the ball to stop where you are expecting, then play the longest thing that stops where you are expecting.
  13. Golf isn't a game of how good your shot is, it's about how bad was your miss. Even at the highest levels pros rarely hit what they consider a perfect shot. Difference is their miss may be equivalent to a high handicaps perfect.
  14. I would do it and then if any feel to heavy just switch them back. To me people just aren't used to having a transition point in shafts in the middle of the bag.
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