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  1. Where are you reading that? Everything says it's the soft low launch and spin model. Nothing about that has changed.
  2. This is why I started buying nicer head covers. I wanted something shiny in the bag and while a $75 headcover seems ridiculous, it's much cheaper than a $400 driver and still gives me the same shiny new feeling.
  3. No. Green is part of the adapter. That part is epoxied to the part that is marked with the numbers. There is an inner sleeve and outer sleeve.
  4. You're probably not strong enough to swing a driver. Something that isn't really talked about is that a longer club resists being sped up more than a shorter one. If you give an average person a 45 and 48 inch driver, you would be surprised to see the increase in speed isn't really that much, and may actually be slower because of the resistive force. This is why lighter shafts allow longer club lengths because it allows the average person to over come those forces. In your case if you are already playing an ultra light driver shaft you probably don't have the strength to hit it. If you don't have an ultra light shaft you should go to one.
  5. Pro V1 left dot. You'll get a little less spin in the short clubs, but you get the extra distance with the driver. Good luck finding it.
  6. Increase closes the face, decrease opens on wide sole clubs only (woods, hybrids). The reason the open close happens is because of how the club sits on the ground. With irons the sole is too narrow to force it to sit differently so it becomes just a loft adjustment with the bounce playing a little different.
  7. Disagree. TM did something similar for some of their staffers just because. Tiger, Rory, and DJ all had custom designed irons with their name on them at some point last year. Most of these companies have the ability to mill prototype sets.
  8. Range balls suck, never use them to gauge distance. I would say you normal distances are at 25C. For every 10C down loose a clubs worth of distance (10 yards).
  9. And this is why you remove wood heads when you travel.
  10. Carbon fiber is definitely an impact material. It's been used in baseball bats and hockey sticks for years.
  11. If you want a cheaper version all the new cobra putters have the face technology.
  12. On the bst Facebook group they are selling for about the same as retail. Should be able to pick one up at cost or cheaper if you really want it.
  13. Liked the french fry and Queen Ann covers. Unfortunately neither comes in a mallet cover. So I compromised got a cookie.
  14. This is less a milled vs forged and just a metal difference. Muria is 1020 steel while pxg is 8620. 1020 is a bit softer than than 8620. That's is what you are feeling.
  15. Jc0

    Vokey 55 SM8

    Have you ever owned raw wedges before? You get raw spots like that after like 2-3 rounds. That is how they are supposed to wear.
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