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  1. He lied, it's 5 months for a slap. My doctor said that to and then when I went back for the 3 month check he said wait another 2 even though I felt fine. Your muscles will freak out every once in a while for the first month or two as the surgery site heals. If you have sharp pain that lasts more then 2 days you may have an issue.
  2. Yes. It's all about where the line of the shaft intersects the face. Think of a center shafted putter, the shaft goes the middle of the face and it is more or less face balanced because the cg is inline with the shaft. Move the shaft to the heel it is 90 degree toe hang. On putter that has a shaft bend like the nome, just draw a straight line from the shaft before the bend though the face. The more towards the center it intersects the face (shaft bend further up) the more face balanced the putter is. The lower the bend, more toe hang.
  3. No. The only difference between the shafts is straight length after the bend.
  4. It is determined by the straight portion coming off the head. Longer is straight back, medium is slight arc, and short is big arc. You won't be able to make it for a straight stroke if you have a mid arc shaft. I would just send it back to ping to simplify getting it changed.
  5. Multiple gloves. When I played a lot as a junior I usually had a rotation of 3-4 going. As soon as it feels kind of wet move to the next one. I normally used 2 a day.
  6. So you're saying the pros who play cavity backs are lazy ball strikers? The point of the game is supposed to be the best possible result regardless of the swing. If blades perform worse with the 7 and down then you don't play them.
  7. I think this is a fake as well looking at the bottom. Considering this is supposed to be a milled putter the edges around the lettering and skull should be sharp like on the face of the putter. Because of the light you can see all the edges are soft which would happen on a cast putter. Looks like a cast head with milling on the face.
  8. You can always been it more if you want a bigger gap. The one thing I noticed is that the vokeys seem to have slightly more spin then the standard PW because it's designed to be used for more options than just full swing.
  9. Would suggest get the 46 and loft up. Removing loft adds offset which can look weird on a wedge. In terms of playability you won't notice much at just 1 degree.
  10. The comment there doesn't even make any sense. Tour issue heads aren't held to any tighter tolerances or else the would be exactly on the stamped number or within .1 or .2. They are just measured so you know what the specs actually are. Tolerance are to the intended dimension. So a tour issues loft of 9.6 on a 10.5 still missed the intended loft by .9 which would be bad even by regular standards. They just measured it so they know what it actually is.
  11. Used both but at xstill. They will give similar launch and spin. Evenflow will feel softer/smoother.
  12. How far are you hitting it and have you tried another monitor? I will say you 6 iron speed club head speed and driver speed don't line up which to me means your monitor isn't reading right. PGA tour average driver 113 and 92 6 iron according to trackman. Would be odd for a 105 driver to be 90 iron. I would think you would be more around 85.
  13. How stain resistant are the white air 270? Trying to decide if it worth wearing them in the sloppy conditions.
  14. Bad idea. The point of superspeed is that it is lighter than a regular club. It is over speed training. Overly head heavy clubs can cause swing issues because of the balance and can actually slow you down. If you want to copy superspeed you need a weight on the end of a shaft, no head. I've seen posts about home made ones online.
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