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  1. Don't have data but going to say no. I went to left hand low and stayed with the same putters and they worked fine. It probably feels more straight because you have taken your hands more out of the stroke with left hand low. In reality shoulder rotation and ball position play a large part in arc as well so your actual arc may not have changed much.
  2. A scratch golfer would need 20-30 depending on the day, maybe more. If you take a tour course, it's around a 75 rating. Add tour conditions probably 79 rating. To compete the player would need to shoot let's say -3 so 69. Basically a scratch golfer needs to play 10 strokes better than handicap. The hardest part would be making the birdes required. Something that people don't seem to really notice is how many birdes tour pros make. Yes they may shoot -2, but could have 4-6 birdes getting there. The average scratch golfer probably makes 2-3 a round at normal conditions, let alone tou
  3. They just look like standard button head screws. They should carry them at your local hardware store. Could probably just bring you putter the to store and try loose ones until you find one that fits. Based on ebay images it looks like it's coarse threaded so you'll want the lower number threads of the correct size.
  4. All shafts now days are carbon fiber. The term graphite has just held on, like how we call metal headed clubs woods. Would be nice if they actually had some launch characteristics. Sound like they are trying to get the standard golfer who doesn't know any better and convince them any upgrade from a stock shaft is better.
  5. Been in a similar situation. Basically tried the 70g shafts and got an 80g version of the one I liked best. For tipping I would order the shaft standard but over length by and inch. After you try it you can decide if you want to tip it some more. Other thing you can do if you like you current shaft is to use 10g of lead tape at the balance point of the shaft. You'll still have the same shaft but will play 10g heavier.
  6. I would highly suggest working on hitting down more on that ball. You say you have a driver loft of 7.75 and a launch angle of high teens (let's assume 17). That means you probably have an angle of attack of over 5 degrees. Yes you want to hit up on the ball but it's hard to hit up on the ball that much and maintain consistent contact. It also would explain why you can't hit the top side of the face, your club is coming up so fast that that it gets hard to hit the center, let alone top center.
  7. Have you checked your contact on the face and what kind of launch monitors have you been on? At that swing speed with solid contact it would be impossible to get numbers like that. To get numbers like that your contact would need to be low on the face. I would check your contact pattern and tee hight.
  8. I think that is just a generic title they have. There is a branded ping adapter under swing science as well as a tensi blue shaft.
  9. PGA superstore has OEM ones for sale on their website.
  10. For the top players yes. For the average players no. I know at one point they were paying a few thousand per week for tee up money. Half the players each week walk away with nothing. If an average player knows he can walk away with a few thousand to cover fees for the week why not play the ball.
  11. Going to disagree because it ignores the shaft profile as whole. A taper tip shaft is designed for the iron it is going into. If you butt cut the shaft you don't really affect the profile of the shaft. When you hard step you are putting the shaft from the higher lofted club in which is designed to have a lower trajectory along with being stiffer. Even with the lighter head weight that doesn't change the fact the shaft has a higher launching profile than if you were to actually hard step.
  12. Jc0

    Putter marriage?

    The app is a starting point. Use it as a recommendation, not a fact. I think you are fine with a face balanced vs slight toe hang. If you had a face balanced putter and the app recommend a 90 degree toe hang then you may have an issue, but face balance and slight toe hang are close enough that it doesn't matter.
  13. They are not hard stepped. Hard stepping is cause by the shaft mean for a 7 iron going into a 6, which makes the shaft play stiffer than designed. This is independent of length changes. All you did was shorten them, which only slightly increases stiffness. So a PX6.0 that is standard at 6.5 FCM may be a 6.6 in your shorter clubs. Just stay with the same flex and you should be fine.
  14. Checkout river pines. Used to take lessons there as a kid. I think they have done decent junior programs.
  15. Most epoxies have a useable temperature range of about -50 to 200F which is fine in normal situations. If it gets to cold the epoxy crystallizes and becomes brittle, gets to hot the epoxy breaks down. What you have to be careful about is some are only rated to 160 (usually faster set epoxies). During the summer that temperature can be reached just sitting in a car.
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