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  1. No idea for boa but I would try the nike Janoski golf shoes or truelinks wear. Truelinks won't have a lot of padding.
  2. It's not conservation of momentum, it's conservation of energy, and it's important to realize that difference. Momentum has a linear relationship with velocity. Energy has a squared relationship. This is why a small increase in velocity can have significant distance gains while an increase in mass does not. Kinetic Energy=(momentum)^2/2m, you can derive to the base kinetic energy equation mv^2/2. So for example if let's say you have m=10 v=10, so KE=500. If you we to increase m by 1 KE=550, but if you increase V by 1 KE=605, an almost double increase in energy. If you want a diffe
  3. The sun makes all the difference. If it's sunny it's not to bad, cloudy is a little much. The thing I started doing recently which made things 10x better is wearing wind proof mittens. You don't realize how much your hands being cold take away from the fun. I actually felt warm with mittens and a light jacket walking in the mid 30's.
  4. It does exist, it's called the pro V1 left dash. The problem is that ball doesn't fit 99% of golfers so there really isn't a market for it. I'm sure we'll see a similar ball from bridgestone specifically for him next year. The real question will be if that ball ever reaches retail. At his club head speed every normal tour ball becomes high spinning with a full swing.
  5. For those who have this bag do you use it when riding our use another bag?
  6. AP2 718 4-PW, 8/10 shape. $650 Project x 6.0 shaft 3 up lie. +1.5 length extended Tour Velvet plus 4 grips
  7. Have you had your hands evaluated by a doctor or physical therapist? You be surprised how far the right strengthening exercises can go. Aside from that a softer ball, soft grips grips are probably you friend. If you stay steel there are dampening inserts you can get.
  8. Why are the tee times so early today? Doesn't look like there is any weather. It's not dark out until about 6 but they are going to be done around 2.
  9. Where are you looking? Multiple online vendors have it. I was at PGA superstore the other day looking at bags and they had multiple.
  10. Any hybrid cover should work. I have been using a seamus hybrid on a 718tmb even though it doesn't need it.
  11. That is what I mean by top pocket. They reduced the size dramatically compared to the 2019 version. I was able to compare both in store.
  12. For those who have the +2.5 where to you put your range finder? I usually keep mine in the top pocket but the one on the new +2.5 seemed to small. I also have bigger hands which meant my hand was scraping on the zipper when I reached in.
  13. Any opinions between the 2.5+, Titleist Carbon 4, and nike sports light (at steep discount). I really just need light but would like it to last a bit and have seen durability issues in reviews for all 3. Also saw the nike is slightly heavier. Currently use a hoofer 2018 (not trying to do a ping bag this time around).
  14. How do you like the bag? I can get one for a deal but the reviews I have seen are up and down.
  15. I had the same issue with the ZIT because the mud just cakes in the large spikes. Additionally I grew an inch while walking because of the mid build up.
  16. They already exist. It's called top golf swing suite.
  17. Tennis rackets are just as defined as golf clubs are. High level tennis players play control oriented low power rackets, high level golfers use high control, low power irons. In both situations by playing the control option they give up some forgiveness to be more precise. You are a 20 handicap. I'm not sure your swing would be good enough to tell the difference between the two irons at this point. This is coming from someone who is around scratch and had a tennis rating of 4.5 when I was playing.
  18. How much did you extend by and have you hit it? If extensions get to long you run the risk of breaking it. For the shaft you kind of threw everything out the window here. PXi are tapper tip shafts so a seven iron shaft is designed to work in a seven iron. It will be stiffer and launch lower than a normal hybrid shaft but by how much I don't think you can know with out hitting it.
  19. I don't think I have seen a single pair of 270s on tour? Who have you seen wearing them? Even by spikeless standards the pattern doesn't look that grippy. That being said I have played these in both cold and wet and been fine.
  20. Golf is hot but there is no guarantee it continues when the pandemic is over. Top golf is currently not because of pandemic rules, but was expanding during regular times. My assumption here is that callaway picked up top golf at a discount because of everything that is going on and sees it as a safe source of income and marketing into the future. I don't think there is anything else in golf that would have the same type of safety on investment as top golf.
  21. Found a good deal on some TP5s and TP5 Pix balls. I may be using them for tournaments so I was wondering in terms of USGA play and one ball rule are the they considered the same ball? I feel like they would be since the pix logo is just a marking and does not affect performance (such as different color ball) but I wanted to check.
  22. It should just be a normal white board. Here is the club it came from. https://www.golfonline.co.uk/cobra-special-edition-orange-amp-driver
  23. It won't really hold you back but it will help for certain clubs. For driver to 4 iron you want the most forgiving things you are comfortable with, 5-8 blend of forgiveness and control, and 9-lw all control. If you want to think about it in tennis terms you will feel at some point that the clubs are getting in the way of the shot you are trying to play, such as how beginner tennis racket doesn't really have a lot of spin which makes adding topspin difficult. When you start to notice this then it is probably time to move to more players clubs.
  24. Having played yesterday in 35 degrees weather I feel like a hoodie is a better option when it's a little warmer. Probably best around 50-60 when it's to warm to wear a beanie but you still get the cold blast every once in a while.
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