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  1. Golf isn't a game of how good your shot is, it's about how bad was your miss. Even at the highest levels pros rarely hit what they consider a perfect shot. Difference is their miss may be equivalent to a high handicaps perfect.
  2. I would do it and then if any feel to heavy just switch them back. To me people just aren't used to having a transition point in shafts in the middle of the bag.
  3. Kind of want to try a new milled answer style putter but don't really want to break the bank. Was wondering what are some good options that may be a few years only that would be under $200. Things that came to mind were redwoods or odyssey black series but wanted to see if there were any other recommendations. Doesn't have to be one piece but no non metal inserts.
  4. That looks very sketch. Most sights like that try to stall you out beyond the PayPal refund window and keep your money.
  5. Your gamer should live in fear of your benched putters.
  6. For golf shafts it's the other way around. 95% of the time you butt cut and the tip stays the same. A way to think about it in general terms is most shafts are about 10-15 cpms between flexes (higher is stiffer). When you cut .5" of the butt, it adds about 3cpm. When you cut .5" of the tip it adds about 9 cpm. This is a generalization and it varies shaft to shaft, but it shows how you get much great effect on shaft flex from triming the tip than butt. Additionally there are two type of irons shafts, taper tip and parallel. Tapper tip shafts are not designed to be cut at the tip at
  7. Have you looked into back stretchers? I have one like in the link below. I like it because is stretches out everything that is pulling you forward while also stretching out the muscles in your back. I workout 5 days a week with a decent amount of core work and using this is the only way I can truly get my back to calm down. https://www.walmart.com/ip/WALFRONT-Multi-level-Back-Supporter-Lumbar-Stretcher-Back-Spine-Massage-Waist-Pain-Relief-Relax-Pain-Relief-Back-Stretcher/905441793
  8. Kind of. The butt of the golf shaft is very stiff and doesn't really flex during use. Because of this when you shorten the shaft on the butt side it doesn't really change the flex. The main driver of the shaft profile in steel shafts is the taper over the course of the shaft from butt to tip diameter.
  9. Shafts come long and are cut to length during a normal build. They are not installed with the exact correct length.
  10. After putting with my wedge some and seeing the "success" some players have had using a wedge for a few holes I was thinking of bending one of my spare putters to a similar lie of my wedges and seeing how it does on course. This will probably be 3-4 degrees flat and the putter is 303 stainless (nike method 003). Is the hosel good to handle this?
  11. This is still off. It's important to remember kinetic energy is independent of force. The goal of a golf swing is to have the high highest energy transfer at impact, which is related to velocity not acceleration. The longer a force can act on an object the higher its velocity will be (longer acceleration time) and the higher its kinetic energy. Your body acts like a rigid object that forces the club into a circular path while continuously applying a force that increases the velocity of the club head. The energy going away from your body is not lost because your body provides and equal and oppo
  12. No, this is not how physics works. What loads the shaft is the fact the force applied at your hands during the swing is not parallel to the shaft, that's it. Where the club is in the swing does not matter.
  13. It's not for the spectators. They are letting 32000 spectators a day in for the Open but putting all these extra restrictions on the players. It doesn't really make sense.
  14. No. Each separate piece of the head is manufactured and then welded, glued, or fastened together. The tolerance stack up from all the various components and tooling variation will determine the final loft. The materials used in a wood head are very rigid and can't really be bent without breaking. Tour heads now days are just standard heads the have checked the specs on.
  15. Look to increase the length or tweak swing weight. I know I have issues getting to the ground with the shorter clubs so I have a little extra length in them. How much of a difference is it? You could also look to increase the swing weight of the 9/PW with lead tape to see if that helps.
  16. The other golf website did some decent research into this in 2013 (rhymes with golf fly, not allowed to link). It seems like the tolerance are more -1/+2 on the actual loft based on their findings. Basically OEM prefer to miss high because the average player needs more, not less loft. I thought there was another study more recently that showed drivers had gotten a little better but couldn't find it.
  17. How far are you willing to drive? There are some decent courses 30 min away. For nicer courses ($100+) probably looking at more like an hour drive.
  18. Jc0

    2 ball ten

    Had anyone taken the counter weight out and used it? Finally admitting to myself that I can't putt with extra weight at the hands. I like the head shape but the weight in my hands makes me do funky things with my stroke of the greens are slower.
  19. You lightened the overall weight by 40g-60g depending on the size of the grips you have. That is a large change in overall weight and your clubs are probably to light for you now which is why your not getting down to the ball. You probably need to add 5-15g weight to the head or get some heavier shafts if you want to get back to a similar feel.
  20. It used to be but it was like $500. You're really paying for the software access.
  21. You need to follow baseball a little harder They use trackman to tweak their swings for better launch angles for more homeruns and bat makers have special trees specifically for bats that are harder for better ball speed. Just because it looks the same doesn't mean it is. Golf does need to be careful to not turn into what baseball is becoming with only power bats. Golf has a decent mix of length with all being able to win. The concern is in 10 years everyone is a bomber and control of the tee is basically dead so there is no variety to the game. Also many older courses are becomin
  22. If you want to get close go Thursday Friday and avoid big names. There will be good golf all over the course but the crowds will follow the bigger names. Don't go on a practice day because you don't know who will actually be playing. Finally go to the range and watch players warm up. Its pretty impressive to watch everyone and you can get a good view of what they are doing.
  23. Your probably looking at a few hundred per head to do this. It's not to hard to do from a CAD modeling perspective but probably at least $100 an hour or more and CNC time, 2-4 hours per head, and this doesn't include any custom tooling you may need in order to fully machine it. I would assume +$3000 to do this. I work a mechanical engineer in aerospace and fully machine parts are shockingly expensive. For material forged vs cast it really doesn't matter. All that matters are the specs the material is supposed to meet.
  24. What iron are you hitting? If you are hitting a 6 or 7 iron then x stiff is probably the way to go. That spin number is probably not accurate though.
  25. Play what fits you right, don't worry about standard. The general move is to play you wedges a little flatter than your irons. My suggestion would be to bend and iron or two to what you want and try them at the range (suggest 5 and 9 iron). If it seems good do the whole set. If not bend then back.
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