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  1. Like others are saying you're launching it a little low, and your low point is in front of the ball which obviously means you're hitting down on it. Without seeing your ball flight it's really tough but what it looks like is the ball maybe falling out of the sky with not enough spin. and the only reason I'm making this assumption is because your peak height is so low if you are overspinning it at 110 mph club head speed I would assume we would see a peak height higher with no roll. One thing you could do is try a switch to a different shaft. With your type of launch conditions the graphite des
  2. Maybe it's just me being immature at 36 but I saw this pop up in my email and it made me laugh. Cleveland May want to redo this lol
  3. Make sure your ball setting is on the correct ball setting for the ball you're using, as well as the elevation that the trackman can be set at. If someone messed around and put it at 5,000 ft and you're used to playing at 200 ft there could be a big difference there. I do a lot of stuff on trackman and if you're swinging your 7 iron at 92 mph and hitting it 148 yd there could be some issues there as well. On tour the average 7 iron is about 90 miles an hour and it should result in about 175 yards. Maybe it's not the yardages that are off it's the club head speed.
  4. They use to put a letter designator inside the serial number they don't do that now. You're the best way of knowing if it's a tour issue is if it has full face groves on the m2.
  5. Swing weight will be about 6 sw points lower. Depending on the grip that was previously on the club this also will play an important role on swingweight. Saying a club is standard is wrong because when an oem ships it they have a certain grip on it with a certain shaft that's how they get their swingweight. if the person previously extended the club an inch but then put a fat grip on the wedge it would slightly counter the longer club. if you take an inch off and then put the same heavy grip back on it'll even affect it more. 5 grams of grip weight will change the swing weight by one point. Th
  6. I also recently moved from the San Diego area, I was a member at shadowridge in Vista. I joined the young executive program here in Dallas. It gives you a list of 10 courses that you can play in the area that are decent. the only issue with the young exact program is there are multiple courses that are considered tier 1 and the young executive is considered tier 2. This simply means that Stonebriar, Las colinas country club, timarron, hackberry, and stonebridge ranch the dye course are not on your list and you have to pay the $80 premier feet to play those courses. It would all depend on where
  7. I have one of each. here is a photo of both I don't think it's any deeper.
  8. UST Helium has to be one of the most stable shafts at the sub-60g category. Definitely check it out before making a final pick.
  9. A legit medical card is not legit at all. Since the federal government said its illegal, states don’t have the ability to make it legal. Even if you have a MD give you the green light to use it, your place of employment can still test for it. Almost everyone that has a card knows that in their state they may be ok but you can still be fired or arrested for having it. Matt Every should have known that. I live in California, it’s legal on a recreational level and we still get drug tested.
  10. If your golf ball starts on your intended line you are fine. Most fitters that know what there doing won’t even bring a lie board out. If you start the ball where you want with good contact you will be better off then trying to chase a black mark in the center of lie tape.
  11. This is incorrect. The C-Taper lite is designed for mid launch low spin. The regular C-taper was low, low, still There are defiantly higher launching shafts out there.
  12. Also just a heads up, if the course has two course one is closed Monday and the other is closed Tuesday so I would check on that. I know at Stonebridge the dye is open on Tuesday. Not sure how StoneBriar does it.
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