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  1. Looking to try a Rogue fairway wood...LMK condition, headcover availability and price including shipping if you would. Thanks.
  2. WTB Ping Alta CB 55 Stiff Shaft for G400 Series Driver with Adapter- Right hand. Stock length of 44.75 uninstalled, 45.75 installed. PM your offers. Thanks Gents.
  3. This goes back more than 5 years, but I have owned the Cally X20's for a long time, and can't find anything better for forgiveness...May not be as long as today's-- but uber forgivness- just my o2
  4. Played there today with my pal. I played MP 15 years ago and thought it was a short, charming little course- thought it was just a peaceful place to play. Today, I was absolutely stunned at the beauty of this place- the natural beauty of the tall pines framing the holes, with native areas, wast bunkers--- just nothing short of spectacular to me. It reminded me a lot of Pinehurst number 2. They look quite similar. Mid Pines greens have a lot false fronts and sides -lots of very tricky ups and downs ----This is in my top 10 all-time. gotta play. it. my friend said this was best designed, m
  5. The shafts I tried were all across the board- low, mid, high launch- heavy, light, etc Ping XStiff Ping Tour Stiff Ping Stiff Ping Reg UST VTS SPX Stiff Prolaunch Blue Reg AD DI 6 SR (Stiff Reg) Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 5- Reg Aldila Rip Phenom Reg Here's why I recommend trying shafts- there is a variation among flexes- one company's stiff, might be a regular elsewhere- I also like to see- to see how they work- how they fly for me-- I don't have the time or luxury of going to a launch monitor- plus, to me, it's just fun to try them all out The shaft / head I ended up with is a P
  6. PM is best way to get me- I'll be in and out today, so I'll get back to inquiries in the order they come in- thanks
  7. Scotty Cameron Futura with headcover. This is a used, but very nice condition Futura. This is not a belly putter that was cut down. It was originally 35" and I had it cut down to play at exactly 34 1/4" The milling on the face is still easy to see- this is a very clean head and the shaft band is intact and in good shape too. I put an oversize (think superstroke) Winn grip on this. I've owned many of these Futura's and it's time to let this one go. The headcover is included, the velcro works well and the cover is in nice condition too. $165 shipped CONUS GRAPHITE DESIGN TOUR AD DI 6 SR PI
  8. I think the G25 series is the best driver for me thusfar. I bought and tried the 8.5, the 9.5 and the 12. I used 5 different shafts and the G25 12* was very much a high spinning head-- I lost a lot of distance with that one. I ended up keeping and playing a 9.5 set at neutral with a Diamana Ahina 70 stiff. This pairing for me gives the best accuracy, distance and forgiveness. I am buying a 10.5 to complete my personal testing, but so far the 9.5 is just ideal for me, so I doubt the 10.5 will beat it. Just my 02
  9. In driver Diamana's: Orginal Blue, original White, then the Kai'li and Ahina...So I love MRC Diamana shafts--- Oddly I tried the new S+ series for a few months, in two diff driver heads and it just felt boardy to me- it felt like an Aldila shaft- that one did. These shafts are so smooth that I even tried a heavy version (for me) of the Ahina in a borderline strong flex, and I love that too. Certainly looks like whatever Diamana does just really suits my swing. The best shaft all-time for me is the Graphite Design Tour AD DI series--- took me a long time to decide to shell out big bucks
  10. I am shocked beyond belief that the USGA would approve such unqualified TV personalities in Fox TV. Yes- many of these personalities are/were good, classy and talented golfers (Inkster, Pavin) but just because you're a wonderful golfer and a standup person, does not mean that you have the skillset to voice your thoughts on this LEVEL of STAGE- worldwide, to millions and millions of people around the globe. The broadcasters are only good at stating the obvious and with the exception of Joe Buck they don’t have attractive voices and they’re not particularly articulate. Again some talented fo
  11. Of all the TEE I've bought and used, I'd say the Trilogy series is most forgiving
  12. [color=#282828]Epoxy gun and spine finder are officially sold [/color]
  13. Epoxy gun and spine finder are sold as a combo, pending payment
  14. My Game’s in the Toilet Sale… AND has been for quite a while now- pretty discouraging frankly. So I’m getting rid of some extra’s and going for MAX Game Improvement stuff, regular flex shafts and all that good stuff- lol. Trade consideration: Gift Card for therapy session(s) with Bob Rotella Golfsmith Epoxy Syringe Gun & 2 Tubes of Epoxy Used and looks like new except for a small bit of epoxy. Certainly won’t hurt anything but this is the only thing that keeps it from being literally new. Used it once or twice. 2 plungers and 2 tubes of new Maximum Strength High Impact epoxy The
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