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  1. 1. Done. 2. Yes, I joined! 3. Traxion Tour, Standard, in White/Red/Black 4. Traxion Tour 2.0, Black/Blue/White
  2. You can test for stiffness by determining cpm of the shafts. It's the only true method to ascertain.
  3. You will not go wrong with any set of Miura's. Welcome to the coveted club!
  4. You're not crazy for playing these Miura wedges. You are just the opposite. One of the best forgings you'll ever play!
  5. Stuart, you are correct. My math skills are awful before my morning coffee. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. I concur the 3 iron length should be 1/2-inch over the length of a 4-iron. Sounds like 40-inches would be the right length. Sorry - it should read 39-inches.
  7. These are the Miura Black Series wedges with conforming scorlines.
  8. Brand new set of PXG Forged 0311T in 4-Pw. These are the Gen 2 model fit with Graphite Mitsubishi Chemical MMT Stiff flex 80 gram shafts and the Lamkin Z5 PXG logo grips in standard gauge. Standard length loft and lie. Shipped in Original PXG Black box. Will ship within 24 hours. [email protected] $995 shipped.
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