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  1. Can you still get the Gen 2 at DD’s ? I noticed the SGI can only be ordered in 5-GW. But I’m wanting a Combo SGI 6 and 7 iron with XF 8-UW set. Wonder if DD can make that happen.
  2. Like in launcher UHX or Launcher Turbo ?
  3. Grips4less is also a good legit source for Iomic grips.
  4. I find it interesting they went forward weight with these. With a hybrid wouldn’t one want more spin and a higher descent angle ?
  5. The average golfer on YouTube said it was shorter heel to toe than the old Gen. for what it’s worth.
  6. He definitely seemed to have the snap hook working off the tee in the 2nd rd
  7. Curious what the "CHIPR" could be in the trademark. Saw where the trademark CHIPPO expired in 2019 but the CHIPR is still live in 2020. Maybe Ping is going to take a shot at the informercial clubs.
  8. Trendsetter - Nickent 4Dx Evolver driver. First adjustable hosel no?
  9. No pro is going to play the new 0211 iron anyway. It’s pretty much a smaller sized GI iron. He’ll game his Mizzy blades instead.
  10. The 'Average Golfer' mentioned the new 0211 iron is shorter from heel to toe than the old model . That is kind of a bummer to hear. I was hoping these would be a larger profile to fit more of the golfer bell curve. I thought the og 0211 was closer in size to an i210 which for me is getting on the smaller side of what I prefer to play.
  11. The online reviews mentioned the Lime colored one has both gloss and matte finishes. But how do you know which finish comes with which model? For example is the RAD Speed Gloss/Lime the RAD XB Matte/Lime and Rad XD Matte/Lime, etc?
  12. Where are you guys ordering these from. Cobras site has no RAD stuff available to order today.
  13. From what I read on the PXG site it mentioned progressive offset and progressive bounce. It mentions nothing about the sole width and from the pics on the site the sole width looks consistent across the irons.
  14. Are the new 0211 irons similar in size to the old 0211 irons or closer to the Gen 2 XF irons ?
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