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  1. Any pics of the driver? Read on another forum a leaked pic was on the gram
  2. Looking for a new or mint Spider X Chalk Yellow edition. Thanks
  3. I once bought an older TM driver off a used rack that was built to 41”. It never had any weight added back to the head and it was an L flex. It played firmer than any S flex I’ve ever swung. I couldn’t hit it worth a lick so I retuned it. what’s the goal of this build? Fairway finding ? if so get a driver head and put a steel driver shaft in it at 43”.
  4. Gotcha. I misread your first post. I thought you ended up getting the same driver as your sister in law had. What driver was she playing that you tried ?
  5. Easy - Cleveland 588 Altitudes. When I first started gaming then I was shooting 90-100’s. About 5-6 seasons later was shooting in the low 70’s to mid 80’s, with my best round ever of 74 (+3 using them). These made golf fun for me.
  6. I play easy. Then find easier and it’s in my bag. Cobra SZ Xtreme 12* lofted to 13* Callaway Epic Flash 7w and 11w Exotics XRail 5h Cobra T-Rail 6i -SW Cleveland CBX 60* Callaway Sure Out 64*
  7. So what’s the playing length like 41-42” ? even with an 88g shaft that has to be like a C1 swingweight. Did you add a bunch of weight to the head ? sounds like with the longer driver shaft you must have been really slamming the face shut. I’m very shaft sensitive. Too flexy And too firm I over rotate and snap hook both. Somewhere in the middle seems to work best for me. I’ve found 58g, mid launch, mid spin seems to be my sweet spot.
  8. I still struggle with the low ball off the tee. And low lefts when I don’t get my body through. The most success I’ve had this far is with the Epic Flash 12* lofted up +2 and the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme 12* lofted to +1*/D. The cobra even with lofting up and in the draw setting it’s still the most neutral to Open faced driver I’ve ever tried. Today I played a narrow course and gamed the Flash on the front. Normally it’s point and shoot but I kept snap hooking it. Switched to the Xtreme on the back and hit it higher and straighter. another nice launching driver is the Tour E
  9. Cool. What shaft ? and did you have loft or lie adjusted ?
  10. Ordered a set of 0311 SGI irons on 9/2. Order info says an estimated pick and build date to begin on 9/22. Does they seem about right or is it usually longer or shorter to complete the order ?
  11. I’ve been gaming the Sure Out 64* since it came out. I struggled with it at first until I saw a Hank Haney video on Callaways site where he was using it. I noticed he was hinging his wrists immediately in the backswing which I never do. I spent an hour in a bunker several times and ended up with this technique: ball off the front heel Slightly open stance. neutral to slightly open face keep the lower body quiet throughout the swing. take the club back and hinge the wrists Immediately take it up steep. come down across the ball on an out
  12. pulled the trigger. What the heck. Went with the SGI’s with elevate. I’m just not sold yet on graphite. Seem wild with it on the range.
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