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  1. saw the price of the 0211 irons are creeping up... $119/ea now. driver went from $249 to $289. Had both in my cart. Doubtful I’ll buy with the price hike.
  2. How does the rubber part come out? I just took the screw out of mine and the copper piece and then tried to pry out the rubber weight with a plastic tee and it cracked the tee. Do I need to heat it up to get it out?
  3. I played that exact setup 12* with Ventus blue 4t in Reg flex last year. I alternated it with a Cally Flash 12* and Speedzone Xtreme 12*. The tour edge kept up no problem and was the best sounding and feeling of the 3. On a couple holes on my home course I hit my longest with the EXS220. I only hot rid of it because I like to add loft and when I did the face seemed to sit pretty closed.
  4. Anyone know what iron PXG uses at their fittings ? 6i or 7i ?
  5. Out of curiosity with the longer lengths and stronger lofts, Wouldn’t the 0211 2021 7i be almost the same distance and numbers as the old 6i? I had the old 0211 in 6-SW and was thinking about just starting with the 7i on down this time around in the 2021 edition. I’d never be able to launch a 24* 6i and would also struggle with the 38 1/8” shaft length too.
  6. I actually thought given some margin for tolerance that the lofts were pretty close to stated loft. No vanity lofting like we saw 5-10 years ago. Other than like 3 outliers (1-1.5*) (Tour Edge and Cobra) lower than spec most were within 0.1-0.3*. That’s pretty tight if you ask me.
  7. Hello, looking for a nice G400 Max 10.5 head or full driver (if Reg flex shaft). Let me know what you got. PM with pics and price. Thanks Eric
  8. Thought so too. Read other posts where PXG fitters were not getting the 0211 in.
  9. I thought PXG did away with fittings on the 0211 line ? Thought it was a online direct to consumer line only ?
  10. Gotcha. I get scenario 1. I currently play a 26* hybrid at 39 3/8” a 26* hybrid at 38 3/8” and a 27* 6i at 37.75” and they all gap off evenly.
  11. Could have the 0211s bent weak. That would also reduce their offset too.
  12. Cool thanks for the info. Have you ever tried their YS Nano Reloaded ? I had some success with it last year in my SX Xtreme driver
  13. How do you like the G series 60R ? Is it a pretty high launching shaft ? Currently I play the Riptide 50 5.5 in my Flash and Mavrik but have always been curious about the G series. I like the made for Tour Edge version in my Xrail hybrids.
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