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  1. I noticed an email within the last day with one online shop already discounting the RAD lineup a little. So something new must be coming. Usually cobra has a Nov launch but last year went with a Jan launch
  2. Is this the same sole that’s on the new Cleveland Launcher xl irons ?
  3. No I just used acrylic paint from Joann Fabrics. Since the fill was already white I just put this over top. It’s a fluorescent yellow mixed with a dab or two of fluorescent green. I used a toothpick then wiped off the excess after with acetone. so far it’s been holding up pretty well. I did two coats.
  4. Pic of my wedges that I added the neon lime to.
  5. @MtlJeff have you ever tried the i200/210’s ? Was curious if so how they compared to the G410’s for you. also what other G series irons have you tried ? Any major differences in them ? i have always played hybrid type irons (Cleveland Altitude, Cobra T-Rail) but switched to the i200’s this season and like them. Shot my personal best -2 with them. But not playing as much has shown my weaknesses in iron play. Recently took out a G 6i I had in the basement and hit it well. So it had me wondering.
  6. Of the 3, the Xtorsion in Reg always felt firm and lifeless to me. I gamed the Riptide 50g 5.5 flex last year in my Mavrik and liked it a lot. Definitely has a more lively feel to it but not sloppy. Currently playing a g425 with Tensei Orange Av Raw 55g Reg and like it a lot. I would say it’s a hair firmer feeling than the Riptide. Both launch really easily. I usually swing around 89-92 with 128-132 ball speed. Currently my shot scope says I’m hitting my g425 225 on avg with a 255 performance Avg. very deliberate backswing. If that helps.
  7. Just a shame it’s not a dual cog. I like how with the callaway you can add loft and the face doesn’t close as much as a single cog adapter.
  8. I saw UW and thought it was an SGI Gap wedge lol.
  9. I have a buddy who drove a green 310 yd green once to make an eagle yet on the next hole duffs his drive 15 yds. Not Referring to guys like him. im talking about the guy who hits drives consistently 280+ and IN Play for the most part. I can putt with the worst of them but only 3 putt once maybe twice a round and according to shot scope that is the worst part of my game. I play to around 7-8 worse than a 0 cap and about as good as a 25 cap in putting. i only drive the ball 200-240. If I hit it 40 yds further than means less club in. Which means closer to the pin which means easier putting.
  10. I struggle with the same thing. Draw player with low spin and low launch. But not as fast as you swing. I’m more 90mph with driver. I went with Stuart’s recommendation of adding more loft to my setup. I’m now playing a Mavrik driver 12* set to 14* and then go to a 7w set to 23*. A I used to play 20/23/26* hybrids but when I’d get them on a monitor they all 3 carried about 170-175 but the lower lofts would just roll out more. Also they were all -1” in length. So now I just play the 26* at full shaft length and it’s hop and stop. if you are looking for a shaft swap Try a Tensei Red or Diamana Red. Those In a hybrid seem to kick and launch.
  11. Interesting. I measure each 7i using a soft seamstress tape at my local shop. here’s what I came up with when measuring the g400, 410 and 425 7 iron heads. G400 Face 3 1/8” (from the bend in the heel out to the toe. Sole 1” (measured in the middle) Toe height 2 1/8” G410 Face 3” Sole 1” Toe 2” G425 Face 3” Sole 1” Toe 2” So while the 400 is an 1/8” longer blade wide and slightly taller toe, they measure out quite similarly. I think the 425 has a more chamfered topline which makes it looker smaller.
  12. Along with 10-15 caps. I’ll never understand how a guy who hits the ball 280+ off the tee shoots anything worse than 4 or 5 over.
  13. Don’t carry a formal cap but shot scope says I’m 7.3 strokes worse than a 0 cap. I hit the ball about 215-245 off the tee so 90mph ish swing speed. I use a ProV1x cause I’m a low spin, low launching guy and this ball seems to fly higher for me and spin more.
  14. Out of curiosity, what didn’t work ? I gamed the cobra Trails and thought the 3 set wedges were the best in the set. Deadly accurate and consistent. Kinda miss them lol
  15. GBB Epic, they Epic Flash, then Epic Star then Epic Speed. I’m hearing Epic Epic for this one.
  16. 7w set to 23* 5h 26* (std length) 5h 26* (-1") 6i which is 28* The two 5h are essentially the same Tour Edge hybrids (Trilogy and Xrail) but they gap off at 178 and 168 yds for me. Although now I have a Ping G425 6h in to test set to 30*/Flat that is giving me the same yardage 168 but with a steeper descent angle and less tendency to go left. That shorty hybrid is pretty light (swing weight is C6/7) and I tend to yank it left alot. So I might end up sticking the Ping to replace the Xrail.
  17. Normally cobra releases in Nov but the RAd line came out in Jan 2021
  18. I haven’t found anything more consistent than i200’s.
  19. I’ve been playing a Tour Edge Xrail 5h (26*) at -1” (38 3/8”) for a few years now. This year added a tour edge Trilogy 5h essentially the same club but at full length 39 3/8”. Got my only ever Ace last year with the Xrail i can’t elevate a 5i enough with my swing speed. 5h is hit and stop. 165 carry and 175 carry clubs.
  20. Usually when the update goes away, the status has moved to items picked/in assembly. My last order the status disappeared. I called PXG and he’s like I think they are in shipping. Then he checked again and said no they are in the build phase. Nonetheless it showed up again later that day and shipped the next day.
  21. The mMT for me was very mid launch. Much lower than the Elevate
  22. That is one technique I have never gotten used to (using hybrid, fairway wood etc to chip with). I had the Cleveland Altitude irons and Cobra Trail irons which you'd think both would be great at chipping the ball, with but felt with all of them, I would get some that just rocketed off the face and roll right through the green. Much much better chipping with wedges for me. But then again chipping I feel is a strong part of my game. Probably average a hole out about every 3-4 rounds.
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