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  1. Anyone know what iron PXG uses at their fittings ? 6i or 7i ?
  2. Out of curiosity with the longer lengths and stronger lofts, Wouldn’t the 0211 2021 7i be almost the same distance and numbers as the old 6i? I had the old 0211 in 6-SW and was thinking about just starting with the 7i on down this time around in the 2021 edition. I’d never be able to launch a 24* 6i and would also struggle with the 38 1/8” shaft length too.
  3. I actually thought given some margin for tolerance that the lofts were pretty close to stated loft. No vanity lofting like we saw 5-10 years ago. Other than like 3 outliers (1-1.5*) (Tour Edge and Cobra) lower than spec most were within 0.1-0.3*. That’s pretty tight if you ask me.
  4. Hello, looking for a nice G400 Max 10.5 head or full driver (if Reg flex shaft). Let me know what you got. PM with pics and price. Thanks Eric
  5. Thought so too. Read other posts where PXG fitters were not getting the 0211 in.
  6. I thought PXG did away with fittings on the 0211 line ? Thought it was a online direct to consumer line only ?
  7. Gotcha. I get scenario 1. I currently play a 26* hybrid at 39 3/8” a 26* hybrid at 38 3/8” and a 27* 6i at 37.75” and they all gap off evenly.
  8. Could have the 0211s bent weak. That would also reduce their offset too.
  9. Cool thanks for the info. Have you ever tried their YS Nano Reloaded ? I had some success with it last year in my SX Xtreme driver
  10. How do you like the G series 60R ? Is it a pretty high launching shaft ? Currently I play the Riptide 50 5.5 in my Flash and Mavrik but have always been curious about the G series. I like the made for Tour Edge version in my Xrail hybrids.
  11. Talked to discount dans yesterday. Apparently they are no longer taking 0211 ‘21 orders. PXG wants those to be bought directly through PXG.
  12. Anyone know if there will be an SGI offering in the Gen 4 irons ?
  13. I just price out an 0211 6 hybrid. never mentioned anything about being out of stock.
  14. Saw the Gen2 irons are now sold out too. Wonder if they will restock them or if they are now donezo?
  15. With the TSi2 being such a large profile footprint, is the TSi1 really necessary now?
  16. Love his new term “Power Bat”
  17. Saw they increased the 0211 iron price to $109 now each. The $99 didn’t last long.
  18. Here’s a pic of the turbulence (blue) and turbo lime. It’s a gloss crown not matte
  19. It’s interesting the 0211 hybrid and fairways have more forward weight for low spin. Especially as the 0211 seems like a more GI type line. That’s the only thing holding me back from trying it. I need launch and spin
  20. No I mean in hand pics. Not the website renderings
  21. Saw the 0211 iron price went up from $99 to $109 yesterday.
  22. Can anyone post a pic of the Turbulence / Turbo colored head?
  23. Can you take a side by side of the soles and top line pics ? To get a comparison there. That would be real helpful.
  24. I’m around your speed and hit the MMT 85R in the new Apex DCB today. It felt really good as well. I think the odd numbered MMTs (tapered) play a littler firmer than the even numbered parallel MMT’s like PXG uses from what I’ve read.
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