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  1. The creator of the 962s also created the legendary 845s. I have both the 845s and the 990s and the 845s to me are an all around safe choice for the average golfer. The 990s feel slighty better but are more demanding. I can't say for the 962s since I've never hit one.
  2. Yes. That is one of the reasons why they are so talked about till this day. Please correct me if I'm wrong but Titleist have never made another iron with that sole grind till this day. I have a set of 990s (which replaced the 962s) and they don't have that V grind.
  3. Wrong forum. You should know better than that.
  4. From reading the original post the user is trying to see if he can get any faster clubhead speed (thus ball speed) from a different sole design. That is irrelevant BUT the different sole designs are there to help the player deal with the interaction with the turf AFTER the ball is struck. I personally would love to have a V-Sole in my irons to have a more shallower divot.
  5. Last time I checked, you need to intentionally it the ball fat in a bunker and some flop shots. Sole grind does matter in that case.
  6. Sole design is irrelevant. Unless you hit the ball fat the ball has already left the clubface by the time it hits the turf. Here's a close up of Tiger hitting a stinger.
  7. A wedge is as only as good as the player that is using it. Wedge technology has stagnated for decades. You can only do so much to a hunk of metal on a stick into so many shapes.
  8. Worth quite a bit. I've seen used BECU sets like that in its entirety for about $1500 US but with the Pandemic increasing prices on used golf clubs and with their new, unhit condition, it is worth a lot more than that. If this guy want to sell them, now is the time to do so.
  9. Definitely prototypes for sure as I've never seen any retail Nike club look like that. Miura forged? I dunno.
  10. True. The ball will be already launched in the air by the time the iron hits the turf.
  11. I live in Vancouver, BC and that is true when the 70's and 80's, but nowadays its all traditional cartons and 4L and 1L jugs.
  12. Obviously the V-Steels I think are still relevant as they're still talked about in this forum till this day (Band of Brothers thread). TM thinks their tech is still relevant too as their V-Steel soles are incorporated in this year's SIM fairway woods.
  13. Yeah. I was shocked when Bryson was in the deep rough in some hole at the third round and was a bit over 200 yards to the hole and gouged it there when some short iron and made it to the pin. I really think the people who wants to reel the ball back in distance wise are right.
  14. Is it just me but I noticed that newbies ask the most stupidest questions.
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