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  1. I use foot spray on my clubs when I practice, but I also used duct tape.
  2. I couldn't care less where the logo is as long as the shaft isn't bent or cracked.
  3. I have a set of 845s in my basement. That's older than your school.
  4. I guess the OP haven't been playing the game long. There was a time long ago that OEMs made their irons the same lofts regardless of their target market (TM 300 had the same lofts as the 360s). But sometime down the road, the lofts of the GI and SGI irons got stronger and stronger to fool unskilled golfers that their irons are the longest and most forgiving when in actuality they just restamped their clubs 2 clubs stronger (Players's 5 iron now a GI 7 iron or an SGI 8). This persists till this day.
  5. Wrong forum. You've been reported.
  6. Great find! I personally think the 2014 MBs are the prettiest blades made in the last 10 years.
  7. For me yes. Right now I play often enough so I can be able to hit my 990s on the button but if I can't play because of personal reasons or bad weather for an extended period of time I'll go to my stash in my basement an dig out a more forgiving set of clubs.
  8. Nice. But I bet you can't beat my deal. I got a set 2-E '99 Apex Blades from a former Hogan staffer for $90...CDN.
  9. Very true. Long story short, 5 years ago I bought an SLDR for $100 CDN. No big deal but it had a real deal Oban Kiyoshi White shaft. So last year I came across a "Ladies" Black R1 for $60 CDN. I bought it and mated the R1 head with the Oban shaft and sold the SLDR with the Ladies shaft from the R1 for $60. So right now I got my own TaylorMade R1 Black Super TP Driver for $100 CDN.
  10. Prices for new golf clubs are so expensive these days. Seeing $300+ for fairway woods and $200+ for hybrids are unreal. When I started golf in 2000, getting an aftermarket shaft didn't cost more than $100 (including installation) as most driver shafts back in the day cost like $60 at most. Now most shafts are at least $200 (plus installation). Because of that, there is a huge incentive to buy stuff used, even with the elevated prices because of this pandemic as golf technology as plateaued for years and the shaft profiles have been the same for just as long (now made with more exotic and expensive materials).
  11. Petty much all TM woods and driver released in 2013 and onward uses the current hosel adapters. Any TM woods before that (R9 series, R11 and R11s and original RBZ) uses the old ones.
  12. Nothing wrong with that. If you love the 714 CBs then so be it. To each their own.
  13. The earliest you can see new TM Drivers coming out is when the USGA announces that their 2022 drivers are USGA legal in the months to come. The OEMs have to submit it to them months before their official retail date.
  14. I was never driven away since I never gamed a Vokey in the first place 20 years ago. They are good wedges, but overpriced. Wedge design hasn't changed in decades so in the hands of a skilled player, a Kirkland wedge will perform just as well as a $500+ custom stamped piece of art hand ground by Mr. Vokey himself.
  15. I've seen my share of crappy shots and they're too many to mention but I only remember the remarkable ones that I shot myself. About 10 years ago or so I hit my tee shot on a short par 4. Tee shot was good and had about 130 yards on my 2nd. There are overhead electrical wires going across on the fairway and my approach shot hit the wires and bounced back and landed exactly in the same spot.
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