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  1. For me it was a combination of things. But mostly I got to hit the sweet spot of my clubs more often as my swing got better and better over the years and slowed down buying clubs. Golf tech has been stagnant for YEARS. I only buy clubs that are used that have really good feel and have to be at a bargain which are few and far in between since used club prices have gone up in general because of the pandemic.
  2. Not yet...pretty soon in a couple of months though.
  3. Some guy named Tiger is still not in the HOF yet Phil was admitted 10 years ago. Go figure.
  4. All the best for Duval. I really hope he gets competitive on the Champions tour. I've just started golfing when his career started to decline. So I only saw a glimpse of him when he played at his best (aside from the 2009 US Open).
  5. Absolutely true. I still remember when I started golfing in 2000, the 975D was probably the most used driver on tour and in the early 2001 people were selling a not yet released 975J for easily over $1k on Ebay.
  6. For me, the Ping I25s and i200s are NOT old school. You said you game the 785s. If you want to go old school, try the 845s.
  7. Exactly. I remember when I first started golfing in 2000, the most expensive driver from a major OEM sold at that time was the Mizuno 300s (same model that Vijay Singh used to win the 2000 Masters) was for like $1K CDN and I remember vividly in 2007 at my local Golftown a First Edition R7 Superquad TP in a display case for $700. Both of those drivers I have in my basement for a lot less than their retail price.
  8. Craigslist (my usual go to for used clubs), Kijiji, BST here....
  9. No. The driver's performance mostly stems from the head and the COG of each head differs.
  10. Matt leaving TXG reminds me A LOT of the time when Eben Britton left Mike Tyson's Youtube Channel. When Eben was with him, the synergy between them was very similar to Matt and Ian. Both had something to offer in an entertaining way. He left in early 2021. Now a year later, Tyson's channel hasn't been the same, in fact, he hasn't posted a new video in 3 months. Don't think it will happen to TXG that fast but it will be a slow decline I think, especially if Ian's sidekick Mike is co-hosting. He is hard to watch and listen to.
  11. It is pretty useless and foolish for a high handicapper to get a $500 shaft with a $400 head that was fitted at their local club champion if he/she hits it all over the face. It's like 16 year old learning to drive in the same car that Paul Walker died in (a car that intimates even Formula 1 drivers). The numbers generated at the time of fitting will change as time goes on, especially as his/her swing gets better. I suggest sticking to what you have and getting lessons and practice and working on accuracy and the solidity of shots. Once you get more consistent and hit it on the button more often, then you can get a pro-level fitting to squeeze out a few more extra yards.
  12. For me, I usually take full swings with my PW so I prefer to have the PW match the rest of my irons for consistent feel and distance gapping.
  13. https://peterfieldgolf.co.uk/understanding-gear-effect/
  14. Unless you play in USGA sanctioned tournaments, then your irons aren't old. You can only pound or cast a hunk of metal into so many shapes to make a blade or a Player's CB.
  15. Had no idea he died and died with Alzheimer’s. I don't watch The Golf Channel as much as I like too but I think the last time I watched him was a few months ago and he looked fine and healthy.
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