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  1. I'll never forget that interview. I was just 2-3 months of starting golf and watched The Golf Channel 24/7 back in those days (when it was very watchable back then). Kessler was borderline berating him on National TV for endorsing the Callaway ERC Driver (which was deemed illegal back then (and still is)). Never bite the hand that feeds you.
  2. Great interviewer but I prefer Peter Kessler back in the day since Kessler doesn't try to make a fool out of himself for a cheap laugh from us. Too bad Arnold fired him.
  3. I didn't know Taylormade sold Ashworth to some company that collects clothing brands and tries to turn them around, such as J. Lindeberg. https://newsroom.taylormadegolf.com/en-US/182089-ygm-group-acquires-ashworth-brand-from-taylormade-golf My guess is that brand will be reduced from Golf Specialty stores and green grass accounts to be readily available at your local Walmart or Target.
  4. That's fine. You're entitled to your opinion but most people should not keep their clubs in their vehicles all the time not only because of the extreme temperatures they are subject to but I've heard one too many a story of cars broken in to and their clubs stolen.
  5. That explains everything. You should keep your graphite shafted clubs in a controlled environment (preferably at room temperature) as such extreme heat and cold in the truck of your car will degrade the epoxy between the layers of graphite on those shafts which will cause shaft breakage. It is not the fault of Ping but yourself.
  6. I'm sure Tiger will put in a good word to Phil Knight to sign him up. He probably did that for Jason Day and I'm pretty sure he did that for Rory.
  7. JT is a very marketable guy in terms of on course performance and off course behavior. A lot of people swear when they make bad putts. He'll get snatched up by other apparel company in no time. It is RL's loss. My bet is with Adidas or Nike. Under Armor is a good fit too but can't afford him at this time.
  8. Let's face it, most people love hitting the big stick. That being said I think the G425 will be one most people will get this year.
  9. These days it's either Ping in retro lofts or and older set of used GI or SGI irons made in the 2000s or earlier.
  10. I swear the marketing departments of the major OEMs must be the most creative bunch of people in the world. I tip my hat to those who can repackage the wheel every year and convince people that it's cutting edge technology on putters, wedges, and drivers.
  11. Yeah. If it was putters he will have problems in the financial sense.
  12. Unless the USGA & R&A increases the COR and head driver head size and/or the laws of physics change no driver will be longer than the other (unless you go full DeChambeau).
  13. Welcome to the forum and you are in good company. There's a lot of hoes here spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year getting the latest and greatest. I don't have a problem with that, it's their money. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. I suggest you pick a wedge that you like in terms of feel and looks and just fool around it and learn the basics of chipping, pitching, and eventually, flop shots. To me, wedge design hasn't really changed in decades and a 30 year old $10 Wilson Staff Dynapower found at your local Goodwill will perform just as well as a
  14. There is nothing wrong playing with old irons as iron tech for blades and player's CB has stagnated for decades. The only thing knocking against them is their grooves may not be USGA compliant. Unless you are in a USGA or R&A tournament one shouldn't worry about that.
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