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  1. I swear the questions from these newbies or people who hardly visit this site are getting stupider and stupider. Thanks Tiktok.
  2. Let's start a thread of WITB of our local greenskeeper while we're at it.
  3. I remember having fond memories when I started playing golf in 2000 and was obsessed watching The Golf Channel 24/7 (when it was good back then) and loved Renton's voice announcing when the European Tour on shown, especially when he was commentating on Tiger's shots when he was dabbling on that tour back then. He will be dearly missed.
  4. I could see the gaps get smaller and less consistent with single length irons as the lofts get lower but not with traditional irons. As long as the lofts have consistent degree spacing and consistent incremental lengths, the distance gaps should be consistent. The irons lofts aren't getting stronger, the OEMs simply renamed them (renaming an 1990s era 8 iron to a present day 9 iron or PW).
  5. Bryson is taking his eccentricity to a whole new level.
  6. Having a negative AOA on the driver is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the best players in the world have a negative AOA with their driver. The average AOA on the PGA Tour is -1.3d. Here is a chart from Ping that will give you your optimal launch angle and spin for a given ball speed and AOA.
  7. Get the Kirkland. They're great wedges that offer a lot of bang for your buck in the hands of a skilled player.
  8. Sorry. It is a bounce discussion. Like Nessism says, technique matters. My chipping has improved a lot this year as I was practicing on hardpan the previous winter with an old '97 Callaway Gold Sand Wedge. It forced me to use proper technique to get crisp contact from such an unforgiving lie. If you can do that, you can chip out of any lie with any wedge.
  9. Probably the only iron that I've seen that is looks likes the closest to the MP29 not made by Mizuno is probably the 2014 TM MB.
  10. I love my 990s too. To me they offer a muscleback feel found only in blades with the durability of a cast iron. Best of both worlds.
  11. If it wasn't for the USGA and R&A's restrictions on clubhead size and COR limits and the unbreakable laws of physics, Golf would be a very expensive game for me. Could you imagine a world where each club gets longer and more forgiving over time?
  12. Absolutely not. In fact, my short game was way better making chipshots using an old wedge with low bounce off carpet against a net in in my basement. Once I got the hang of it, it was stupid easy chipping with higher bounce wedges.
  13. There is a reason why the 962s are so revered till this day...they have v-soles too.
  14. From my experience, the practice bunkers at one of the municipal courses near me isn't really well maintained resulting in bunkers are pretty much devoid of sand with only hardpan remaining. With that said, I usually get a low bounce wedge (a PW in my case) and address it with a closed face so the leading edge can cut through the ground.
  15. Yeah. Back in the day, Rifle shafts for the retail and OEM market mostly offered flexes in .5 increments but in between increments were usually available to tour pros for a more precise flex, like a True Temper Tour Issue.
  16. +1 Last time I checked, you get maximum ball speed when you hit it solid.
  17. No such thing. The closest to a "regular" G410 is the Plus version.
  18. No such thing as the hottest head anymore since driver head sizes were maxed out of their size and COR Limits almost 20 years ago. Now all the major OEMs are manipulating the head's COG for maximum carry or maximum forgiveness.
  19. Have you considered lessons or practicing more? The T300s are very nice irons but are only as good as the person using them (as with most clubs).
  20. I use foot spray on my clubs when I practice, but I also used duct tape.
  21. I couldn't care less where the logo is as long as the shaft isn't bent or cracked.
  22. I have a set of 845s in my basement. That's older than your school.
  23. I guess the OP haven't been playing the game long. There was a time long ago that OEMs made their irons the same lofts regardless of their target market (TM 300 had the same lofts as the 360s). But sometime down the road, the lofts of the GI and SGI irons got stronger and stronger to fool unskilled golfers that their irons are the longest and most forgiving when in actuality they just restamped their clubs 2 clubs stronger (Players's 5 iron now a GI 7 iron or an SGI 8). This persists till this day.
  24. Wrong forum. You've been reported.
  25. Great find! I personally think the 2014 MBs are the prettiest blades made in the last 10 years.
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