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  1. Bridgestone Tour B X or XS. So good for me, I have stocked up on the XS for the rest of the season. You may like as well..
  2. Thats awesome. I would post a picture of any ball that I still had after 50+ holes....Lol.
  3. I have been playing the 2020 B X ball for the past several weeks. Absolutely awesome ball. However, in my constant state of tinkering, I bought a box of the 2020 B XS balls and used them for my round yesterday. Wow, that is now going to take over as my ball this year. no loss of distance compared to the BX (may be even gained some yards) and the feel and performance aroung the greens was better for me. The capper was off the putter, loved it. Both awesome (X and XS). Bridgestone!
  4. Thanks. I was just showing him the 2020 ball on the right for comparison.
  5. Font and logos. The one on the left may even be 2 generations back. The one on the right is 2020 ball.
  6. I have had pretty good luck with the new Bridgestone Tour B X so far.
  7. Nice! I am sure it will be a great day!! I too will be hitting the B X tomorrow on the Montery Peninsula.
  8. 47 3 & 4 PING G410 - I doubt they will ever leave the bag. Awesome hybrids.
  9. Bridgestome Tour B X. Finally got to play them this weekend and I really liked everything about the ball. I felt like it was about a half a club or more on irons and wedges. Off the driver was very impressive.
  10. Also check ebay. I see there is a place that is selling the 2-ball trial packs
  11. Bridgestone 2020 TOUR B XS Golf Balls – 3 Pack
  12. I have been really happy with the G400 5 wood. Like you, no danger of being replaced, which is rare in my fairway woods fleet. Put the Fujikura Pro 2.0 shaft in it, dialed down 1 degree and it is now the go to. Could also go up a degree if you like from 17.5. Might be worth a look.
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