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  1. After experiencing with a Ping i25 7-wood as I was never able to hit any kind of hybrid and I tried many, I bought a 90€ Inesis Hybrid 500 with a stiff Recoil shaft with 24 degrees of loft. For those in Europe, take a look at it and do not be a snob, the hybrid is great, crisp feeling, rather smallish head, workable and goes high. For that price I may even buy the 20 degree one and replace my 5 wood. I am decent at hitting a four iron and the 7 wood may go longer but this is a good club at a good price.
  2. Yesterday first time in 30 years I was level par (36 strokes) through 9 holes (demanding course), then wind picked up and all my drives on the back nine were horrible, shot a nice 51 with no pars….but you know what it did not matter, I played so nicely for 9 holes. Now I have to practice hitting my damn driver again. LOL
  3. I bought 24 yellow 2020 XVs as I was surprised when I found one 3 weeks ago and really liked it. I never thought I would like the high compression balls, after playing mostly soft balls for a while. So far my impressions are: Better feel and confidence with the putter, seems to give me better roll Much better control and consistency with wedges Better distance dispersion with irons but about 5-10 yds shorter Better dispersion and about 5-10yds longer with woods and driver Stays in the bag for now.
  4. See my avatar. Seve brought a certain flair to the game, a true man (not always a gentleman though), men wanted to be like him, women wanted to be with him Coming from a modest background, having inner demons. He made golf sexy like Arnie did before him in a different era though. I was really heartbroken when I heard of his death. What a golfer, what a man!
  5. Two full rounds with the ST 190 under my belt. I like it, it sounds and feels much better than my old Cobra 6+, and it is surprisingly forgiving especially when hit in the heel it still goes long and has a nice fade. There seems to be a slight hotspot when hitting toe shots. Overall quite pleased. Got it with a Tensei blue 60g stiff shaft and set it to 8 degrees. Stays in the bag for now
  6. In the end bought a used Mizuno ST 190 with a 60g Tensei Blue shaft, nice solid driver, not much longer than my old Cobra 6+, but it sounds and feels better, seems to be more forgiving as well, hit several drives today from the heel, toe and middle and the the results were quite good, all but one, pretty long and in play. Of course I goofed around with all lofts and ended up with 8 degrees. I really need new wedges though…and a new putter and ….
  7. I just bought a used ST 190 today, and also switched from V1 type balls to soft balls last week, too bad that the weather here in Germany does not allow me to test all of it. I will report after the weekend.
  8. Yes that is correct, more of a demo. We did switch a couple of shafts etc. BUT finding a proper fitter in Germany is hard, plus the good ones are really expensive and booked solid for months these days (Golf has also become really popular in Germany in the last year). Guy at the store was very nice but less technical. I will save more money and book a proper fitter, OR I will do the golfwrx thing, buy more used drivers and tinker with them
  9. I would agree with the previous responses you got, get a decent driver that is 2-4 yrs old (Cobra F9, Callaway Rogue, TM M2-5 or so), keep the rest, get decent balls that fit you (depends on your preferences and swingspeed) and do not forget new grips (should be cheap to replace), as your grips are most likely too dry and slippery. Plus get comfortable new golf shoes. After that just practice and enjoy the game, after a while you can look at new wedges (grooves) and can upgrade the rest later. I always thought the Callaway x16 were among the most easy irons to hit.
  10. Hey guys, had a driver fitting today, had 350€ (Germany) store credit and wanted to look at the newest main stream drivers (no where near the number of models as in the UK or US). I am currently gaming an old Cobra F6+ set to 9.5 Draw with stiff shaft and was looking for more forgiveness and a little bit more distance (hit it about 230 yds carry with around 100 mpg swingspeed). Sim 2, Sim2 Max, Ping G425 Max, Cobra Radspeed, Tileist TSi3 and Cobra SZ all in 9 degrees and their stock stiff shafts in 60g. Hit 5-10 balls for each driver. Guess which driver won? The longest drive I hit was with the Titleist (240 yds) but the best dispersion in terms of distance and accuracy was with my old driver. I was puzzled as was the fitter. He told me that I could spend 600€ (yep that expensive in Germany) for 2 yds more max distance or keep my old driver and look at something else in the store. I looked at a Scotty Newport but did not want to rush, so I left with a a new trolley and box of new Titleist balls. How many times has this happend to you guys? Wanting to spend a lot of money for a new driver but then the old one was still the best although it is 5-6 years old (fitter and I agreed that I fitted my driver to an optimum). I am a bit disillusioned I must say.
  11. My home course starts with a really easy 120 yds Par 3, but is followed with the most difficult and longest Par 5 hole that even the longest hitters do not dare to attack in 2, as the fairway is narrow, there is water all the way and the green is also well protected by water. Take your medicine, hit an iron off the tee and lay up. Quite a contrast.
  12. 1. Macgregor VIP Foil CM 1025 2. Ben Hogan Apex II Both gorgeous to look at and superb feeling, of course for the Hogans you need to be Bernhard Langer to play them as they have no forgiveness. The Macgregors actually have decent forgiveness for blades.
  13. As most already stated, you may leave something by using an older driver, but irons and putters have not made big improvements. I played Ping S58, replaced them with Mizuno EZ Forged, gained some distance due to stronger lofts and more feel and this year returned to the old Ping again, as I feel they are more accurate and consistent for me. Just make sure to have the loft and lie checked every now and then. I went to a club fitter and all the lofts and lies were slightly off, now they are more consistent again and my gaps are tighter again. Plus grips of course, I exchange mine every 2 years. My favorite irons are even older, MacGregor VIP V-Foil 1025 CM with Project x 6.0 shafts, but I am not good enough for them anymore, the Pings are far more forgiving. I would put your R7 TP in a similar category as my Ping S58, look like player irons but have way more forgiveness.
  14. I think junkfry is pretty spot on, drives will be shorter, chips will not check up but it feels nice off the putter. I played my 2 best rounds in recent years with the SuperSofts as my winter ball. They are very forgiving and hold distance and line quite well on slightly mishit iron shots. As I hit very high shots, less spin is not much of an issue for me. Of course most of us are very much in love with driver distance so usually I also play ProV Ix to hit longer drives. Perhaps I should reconsider though and just play the SuperSofts all year long.
  15. I was also looking for a soft winter ball. Tried the Wilson DX2 Soft in orange and the Callaway Supersoft. Well long story short, I played so well with the Supersoft that I am thinking to switching to the ball full time. My driver is a little shorter than with premium balls (about 15 yards) but it is much straighter. Feel on irons is very nice and chipping is also ok. Putting is very good. I have tried other balls in the meantime, ChromeSoft, Bridgestone e6, etc. but as soon as I return to the Suzpersoft, my drives are almost always in play and distance is more than adequate. Also the durability is remarkable. I played one full round with one ball and then used the same ball for about 16 holes on a pitch and putt course, and the ball is still ok. Obviously I will not use it for a normal round anymore but it is still good enough for short game practice etc. Let's wait for spring and summer, sometimes I have the urge to get more distance, but being in play so often is really fantastic and good for my score. You have to get used to the mushy feeling but it is the most durable and most forgiving ball I have ever played.
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