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  1. WrightSock is another of the dual-layer type brands. Available at REI and running shops. They work great, too.
  2. Plenty of short loops on SR: 1-3, 17, 18 14-18 11-18 1-4, 11-13 1-4, 15-18 1-11 1-13 As much play as SR is getting, though, it may be difficult to jump into those later holes. And +1 on 2bGood's comment about the flexibility you'll have as a single to switch things up. If your replay round looks crowded or you just want to play another course, any of the course pro shops can tell you the tee sheet status of any of the courses. And make suggestions on where might be a better place to go, short loops on each of the courses, etc. If you're not t
  3. Advice for a first timer: 1. Get there 2. Don't worry about anything else. You'll have a blast, whatever happens.
  4. Heh. We have given each other relief from the streams running down the green more than once. Fairways were fine, tho...
  5. No experience with ski socks, but compression socks help me a lot. Basically, anything that you use to avoid blisters will be helpful. Just changing socks between rounds is usually enough, if you are accustomed to walking your rounds. The RikSha straps are hit & miss, some better than others, but there's always a stack of them at each course, so you can pick one with a good strap. One of these is the hot set up for using the pull carts. If you don't have time to wait for an Amazon delivery, you might be able to find one at a baby supply store. Super helpful for carrying yo
  6. Depending on which historical map you're looking at, several come to mind: A couple good-great courses in the Walla Walla area: Walla Walla Country Club (Tillinghast design) and Wine Valley. The Whitman hotel has an excellent stay/play package for those Elk Ridge in Carson, WA. Really cool layout up on top of a big bluff overlooking the Columbia Gorge Once you get near Oregon City, there's Stone Creek and Langdon Farms. Then you're essentially in the PDX area, so it's a question of how far from the route you're willing to consider.
  7. Sadly, not a surprise. Last weekend for the February rates and the best chance for March weather. That's why the place sells out February after just a few hours on Jan 1 And the resort has figured it out. Rates from 2016 and this year: 2016 2021 Dune Single $120 $150 Resort Round $105 $130 That's basically a 22% jump in five years. I don't think any other month has gone up as much. And clearly more folks are willing to roll the dice on the weather. It would be interesting to lear
  8. No 'bucket-list' courses, and you've already hit the three best public courses in the PDX area. Langdon is at least right off I-5 and is arguably the best draining course in the area and about halfway between Seattle and Bandon. You might want to stop and play Florence Links, but other than that, I'd say just spend more time in Bandon. You are aware that Pronghorn is quite a diversion from heading back to Seattle, right? Easily a 5 hour trip from Bandon to Bend, and you may find some lingering snow going over the mountains, whichever route you take.
  9. Coos county is still in the Extreme Risk category, so doubtful you'd find anywhere that 16 guys can sit down together inside. Your best bet is probably to order a bunch of pizzas and hope for a warm/dry enough evening to find a place outside. There's no must-have restaurants in town, IMO. Bandon is a tiny little fishing town. Here's a news article on the risk level by county and what that means. https://www.kgw.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/oregon-counties-improve-covid-risk-levels/283-518d8a11-44dc-4761-a734-eb295cc2d978
  10. If they add a second full course then it'll be worth the drive up. I think there's a couple decent courses nearby - enough to make a good three day trip, anyway.
  11. Nice writeup, Jack! As for the Inn King vs Lodge single, I stayed in a Forest King on my last solo dash in December, and can attest to the extra peace and quiet from the Lodge. Having said that, the Lodge is pretty quiet these days, what with this covid thing, and the biggest advantages to the Lodge are kinda nullified by the jacuzzi being closed and the restaurants all on a takeout/delivery only program. The Inn Kings are a bit bigger, but not a ton. Once the world is back to some semblance of normal golf resort ops, I'll still prefer the Lodge, because I can quickly stumble ba
  12. I've often pondered playing the tee shot on 14 back up 13 fairway. Then it's just a pitch over the mound to the green.
  13. That rides between the two bars at the top of the RikSha. It is the hot setup if you're using those.
  14. Replay rate is the same, whether you play 18 or just 1
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