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  1. I love having my own cart there, and as long as it's not one with the tiny wheels, you are fine. There are a couple places on PD and Trails that are annoying, either from the steepness or the trail conditions, but not really too much of an issue. Having said that, I am able to drive down with all my gear, so it's not any more work to bring my own cart. If I were flying in/shipping things, I'd skip it and use the Riksha. One less thing to have to worry about getting there and back, and the Riksha's are cheap, readily available and roll really nicely on the rough parts of the courses mentioned above. The main knock on the Riksha's are that they don't have any storage at all. I would recommend getting one of these, which would cover your water bottle, rangefinder and assorted balls & tees: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005PK1G76/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  2. It's good, but I didn't find it to be as life-changing as the first time I heard 'Dark Side Of The Moon'.....
  3. Arg, any plans for a West Coast swing?
  4. ......(Mrs Spud3 emphatically scratching Florida off the list of potential retirement locations).....
  5. ......(Spud3 scratching Florida off the list of potential retirement locations).....
  6. spud3

    Bend, OR Trip

    Of those: Juniper and Woodlands
  7. spud3

    Bend, OR Trip

    Consider the other two courses at Sunriver. One is an RTJ Jr. design and the other is a John Fought design. Both solid courses. There's also Quail Run a bit south of Sunriver. And both courses at Black Butte, which would be a little more of a drive, but any of those are still only around a 20 minute drive. As opposed to Seattle, you can actually get somewhere driving for 20 minutes in Central Oregon...
  8. mallrat's course is my home course, and it's widely regarded as the best draining public track in the PDX area. If Langdon is waterlogged, then that tells you a lot. So far, it's been a a lousy golf winter 'round here... Pumpkin in March will likely have very soggy fairways and at least a couple temp greens. Lots depends on how much rain has fallen in the preceding days of your tee time. Langdon and Stone Creek are your best bets.
  9. Tough to beat the sunsets there....
  10. As Edaw notes, you can just go out to the Practice Center and spend as much time out there as you want. There isn't any check-in process or anyone asking to see room keycards. For the food, start at McKee's and work your way out to the other restaurants as you like. Each one has it's own menu/price range and IMO all are pretty decent fare. Also agree that they would likely not be keen on you walking out to the snack shack on PD just for a sunset viewing. It's quite a ways out from the clubhouse and unless you know the service roads well, it can get pretty confusing. And when it get dark out there, it gets DARK (and in January, quite cold). I've been around PD quite a few times, and I wouldn't want to try to find my way back from the snack shack after sunset. While they are very accommodating of tagalong walkers for playing groups, I'm doubtful they'd be allowing someone to just go out and walk around the course. Never hurts to ask, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. Why not just take in the sunset from the PD terrace by the fireplace with a hot beverage? The view there is almost as stunning as from the snack shack.
  11. Make sure your research involves a reading of Dream Golf
  12. The terrace at Pacific also overlooks the Punchbowl (check out the course cams for PD to get a good look). Make a late dinner reservation and hang out with your group on the Punchbowl (with beverages) after round 2 until the sun sets.
  13. If you can fly into Eugene instead of PDX, you'll cut that cost in half. And even with transfers, you'll likely get to the resort quicker. PDX is a great airport, but EUG is much quicker to get in and out of. I think the main players in the shuttle service are Sunshine and the outfit just started by Bryson's ex-caddie Loop Golf Transport
  14. Concur with all the above. You've got a great schedule, there. Only thing I would suggest is stopping at the Practice Center and getting some time in on the range and putting green (and maybe knock it around Shorty's) the afternoon before Day 1. You'll get a look at how the place is laid out and get acquainted with the turf (it's quite different than most anything you've likely played on). +1 on Bandon Inn (it's top tier, for the town of Bandon) and Bandon Coffee Cafe. The resort is only a 10 minute drive back up 101 from town. Sunset is around 9PM in late June, so plan dinner accordingly. The fireplace terrace at the Pacific Grill is the best spot (that isn't on a course) to watch the sunset.
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