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  1. Tony's Crab Shack is our go-to for lunches and early dinner (they close around 6, if memory serves). Edgewater is good, too. On the way down, Sharkbite Cafe' in Coos Bay is stellar, and the only reason to stop in that town (sorry rooski!)
  2. Kindly suggest trip reports get their own thread. That way others don't have to slog through 66 pages of this one to find yours.
  3. spud3

    Bend, OR Trip

    That is the perfect time to go there. I'm with mallrat - Sunriver 10/10 times. And the other two courses at Sunriver are quite decent, IMO. If your group is looking for a challenge, take a day and play Tetherow.
  4. +1000 I get to play most every week on the course where @mallrat works, and can attest firsthand to the superb quality of playing conditions these guys achieve on a regular basis. Many thanks!
  5. The list of bunkers that are not an automatic shot (or more) penalty is definitely much shorter than the ones that are. And I would include virtually every fairway cross-bunker on the entire property in that latter set.
  6. The bunkers that come to mind for me are the ones where you either have no shot out of at all (like Edaw mentions) or the greenside ones where you have no possible play toward the flag, like BD 15, PD 6, OM 14. Bottom line is that most of the bunkers at the resort are at least a one stroke penalty. Truly "hazards"...
  7. Another vote for spikeless. Only my Adidas monsoon boots have spikes. I've never had slippage problems with the vast array of spikeless shoes I've worn there, even when it's raining. As has been said above, cushioning is far more important.
  8. Geaux get 'em, Tiger....
  9. Sunriver stay n play would be perfect, as would a similar plan at Black Butte or even Eagle Crest. Both of those have two full 18's, and EC has a great executive course as well. Both are within 20 minutes or less of Juniper and Aspen Lakes, if you don't want to double up on the resort courses. And both have lots of lodging options (houses, condos, single rooms). Sunriver has the most dining options, three 18's (incl. Crosswater, which is a former stop on the Senior tour) and a par 3. But it sounds like you're looking for more fun than challenge, so take a look at the others. Agree that Tetherow is likely outside the intensity level that you're looking for.
  10. +1 on Seamus' comments. Stay in Bandon, 10/10 times.
  11. pretty sure it's one and done, but I've never tried more than one round in a day there
  12. Preserve is always full price, as it's a fund-raising effort for the Rivers Alliance in the area. Unless it's your third round, then it's free. There is, however, a question about whether playing the Preserve as your first round of the day merits a half-price round on one of the big courses immediately following. There are those on this board who say they have gotten that allowance, others who say they have been refused. Haven't tried it myself, though our next trip in March will allow us the chance to ask, as we're playing the Preserve in the morning before OM on our second day. Personally, I'd be surprised if that is true, but I don't discount that others may have been able to pull that off.
  13. Hmm. Interesting thought on the waterproof socks. The issue at Bandon is that the wind often blows the rain into the gap between pants and shoes, which gets your socks wet and the water seeps down into the shoe. Might give these a try. Anyone try the waterproof gloves? Keeping the hands warm during a cold rain shower is my one remaining big issue. Rain gloves work for grip, but do nothing to keep my hands warm.
  14. +1 on buzlin's comments. They let large groups go out together, so if you get behind one of those, you could be in for a long session. I've made it around there solo in a little under 1.5 hrs, so that should give you some idea of what you could do. Mornings are better if you want some serenity, evenings can get frat-party-like. Similar to the Punchbowl. Some of the holes are kinda close to each other, so if you get near one of those big groups and there is alcohol involved, keep your wits about you; balls can easily come flying your way. They usually have a couple marshals out there on the busy evenings, and they will sometimes suggest you skip around. Best to take their recommendations.
  15. Check out the Northwest sub forum. There's lots of threads on Bandon caddie recs.
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