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  1. We're off BD #10 at 5:40. Loving the fact that we get BT done early, after what I'm going to think of as a warm-up 9, then do OM and SR before finishing with an easy front 9 on BD. Heading down tomorrow morning, lunch at Tony's and spend the afternoon dinking around at the Practice Center before the shindig at PD. Looking forward to meeting a few of y'all. Weather looks perfect. Bring it!
  2. Hoping for the best for you, but 4:40 tee time is pretty tight. Assuming you land on time, a lot depends on how quickly you can pick up your bags, get to your rental (the car rental place is about a 10 minute shuttle ride from the terminal) and the traffic situation on I-205 from PDX southbound. If you get to Eugene (reliably 2.5 hrs from the resort) later than 2, call the course and let them know you might be a bit late. The good news is that since you're starting fairly late, if you have to push your tee time a little later, there probably won't be a problem doing that. There's
  3. Agree with Jimmy and Lefty. You've got a sh*t-ton of golf planned for the week. I think your challenge will be pacing yourself so you're not feeling like you're on a death march by day 5.
  4. For me, OM is at the bottom of the Bandon List for a couple reasons: 1. It's the only course there that I don't have at least one really good score on 2. That's mainly due to putting issues (not the course's fault) 3. The middle section is kind of meh, compared to all the other courses Having said that, there's still only a couple other non-Bandon courses in my 'courses played' list that I would rather play than OM. It's not a bad course, and I have no problem stating when I don't like a course that has generally rave reviews (Pumpkin Ridge comes to mind).
  5. If you have the opportunity to play each course more than once, you should. All five are of the nature that they do not reveal their subtleties with just one round. OM is at the bottom of my list, personally, but that's probably because I haven't really figured it out yet...
  6. +1 on 2bgood's comment. I love playing a course in the morning, stopping for a bite to eat and a bit of a break, then heading right back out on the same one. Takes care of that little gnawing feeling of "man, I wish I had another shot at that one hole..." You can also mix it up and play from a different set of tees.
  7. Tough to beat a sunset on BD 16 green....
  8. Curious what everyone entered for their estimated round pace. I think we put ourselves in the 3-3:30; we'll be aiming more toward the 3 hr side, but we were thinking we should give ourselves a bit of leeway. We did one of our training rounds in 3 and that was a totally comfortable pace.
  9. Same here. Just too much remaining uncertainty for the July timeframe. In the process of rescheduling (again) for 2022. Sadly won't be able to play N. Berwick, as they have an event the week that I'll be there. Also hoping that TOC has removed most of the structures from the Open by the first week of August. Anyone have any info on how long that normally takes? Assuming that they won't have a Singles Lottery again for 2022, so queuing up early in the morning is the only likely option.
  10. Agreed on all the above. SR is definitely the easiest of the full courses, Trails the hardest. Though depending on where your tee shots end up, any of them can be a lot of small ups and downs added to the trek. Check out the Solstice 2021 thread in the NW forum. There's a post in there with the Map My Walk diagrams for all the courses.
  11. Assuming that everyone got their welcome email today. Really getting pumped for the event. Packing has already started... Would love to meet up with other WRX'ers at the reception. Maybe 4:30 at the PD starter shack? I'll be wearing a yellow PD hat and looking like I want to get in a few holes before sundown...
  12. Good list of John's courses here: http://johnfought.golfservers.net/portfolio/original-designs-portfolio.html
  13. The standard public courses for the PDX area: Langdon Farms Pumpkin Ridge Heron Lakes (2 courses) The Reserve (2 courses, only one available for public play, alternates every two weeks) Stone Creek Quail Valley OGA All but Heron Lakes are out a ways from Portland proper, but worth the drive. Heron is a muni, so while the layouts are great (both by RTJ II), the maintenance is not. Langdon and Stone Creek are the best draining, which means a lot of you're playing anytime other than June-September. Pumpkin is the most expensive and gets the most m
  14. Played at Langdon this morning. Course is in spectacular shape. Reseeded tee boxes are back in use, fairways are running nicely and greens are quick and velvety. It's prime time, folks...
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