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  1. This might not apply as my swing speed is only 109-112. Every time I tried to hit up on the ball my spin would greatly increase. Also my dispersion would be horrible. For me I would tee the ball a little lower keeping my club through impact more level. I hit it longer and straighter. Might be worth a try messing with tee night ....
  2. Atmos Black and the Fuji Tour spec hybrid shaft are two really underrated.
  3. Just my guess. They don't spin enough. I played them when they fort came out , thinking my spin was too high, it wasn't. The C Tapers just fell out of the sky and went nowhere. I'm guessing pros like a bit of spin to really work the ball. Again, a total guess by me.
  4. I played the same course over a long period of time. My handicap did not travel great consistently. I would have my moments but majority were many strokes higher. It would be nice if some how a handicap calculation could take playing the same course into consideration.
  5. Just 18. Tee off one #1. Then cross the creek. After #17. Cross the creek and play #18. They are pretty close together.
  6. Hmmm. I can't remember. But definitely not a par 3. It doesn't come back. It's way out from the clubhouse. I can't think of how they could change it.
  7. Yeah. This course probably can't change. The land near the club house is very tight. Then it goes on the other side of a creek if memory serves me. Then it opens up a bit.
  8. Played a course that stared and ended in 3 pars. Very interesting.
  9. There isn't anything as too much revenue though.
  10. They are increasing because they can. You said they almost doubled their membership in three years or so. They know they have a product people want and will pay for. If you don't they don't care in a sense. They next guy will pay. Check your contract and see if it mentions anything about dues increases and if or how they are supposed to notify. Is this a member owned club? Or corporate owned? My old club was corporate owned and they only had to notify us in our January statement. Dues increases suck but nature of the beast.
  11. Second Swing. If you have one close. I have only read about second swing. I would take him there. They will fit him and find used clubs to fit those specs. They have a huge selection of used equipment.
  12. About 20 couple years ago. I was in the Palm Springs area. We played 36 this day. First course we had a par 3 about 185. Hit driver. Short. This was pre Pro V. The afternoon round was PGA West Nicklaus tournament. #10 I drove the tenth green. Not normally a drivable hole by any means.
  13. Throw some inserts in his current set maybe? If he is just reluctant to buy something new or newer. I can't remember the name I've seen mentioned her. Pro soft? I've also read where some guys buy something Depot or Lowe's that works as well. Maybe someone with more info will chime in.
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