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  1. I think if memory serves correct. DJ hit a shot while his playing competitors shot was still in the air. If they all did that rounds would definitely speed up.
  2. One thing that is probably for sure. He was most likely speeding and distracted in someway. This is a serious look accident. Holy cow.
  3. Well, I can only base this off some high level AM events I've played in. 7-200 yards. Fast greens, not tour speed but pretty fast and some tough pins. If a pro would shoot 4-7 under everyday. I would need 15-18 and still play my best for four rounds. I'm currently a 2. It would be da*m fun to try this...
  4. Nice. We had sister calicos until 3 months ago when one has to be put down very unexpectedly. Now one cat and two dogs.
  5. Thanks. The MMT's have been on my radar. I was holding out hope to keep costs down and go modus. But ....
  6. Cool thanks. I'll do some reseat on those shafts.
  7. First. Thanks so much. You have a ton of knowledge and I appreciate it. Are the SPB low spin? I don't know much about that shaft. For that price I may try.
  8. Lighter, no. I would like to stay in the 120 neighborhood. Goal. No more elbow issues and keep the flight and spin characteristics of the PX. I looked at Steelfiber i110. I don't know much of anything about that shaft. Will it theroretically spin same as PX? ( Which to me means a few hundred less than x100). Wow the steelfiber looks identical. I've hit Modus 130 and liked it. It was X flex which was great on full swings but anything else was too difficult. I also hit recoil 125 proto f5 a few times. I liked those also.
  9. I knew the 130 was more a PX that's why I asked. Wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks to you both.
  10. I've been asking a lot of questions lately about different shafts. I currently play PX 6.5 SS1. I love everything about them. Except. I had surgery on my left elbow due to severe tendonitis several years ago and it has coml back with the PX. The reason I went with PX was for the lower spin compared to x100. So, my PGA pro friend said Mizuno would cut me some help to re shaft. 919 tours. Love em. They are recommending Modus 120 or KBS Tour V. Even with their help the tour V's are a little pricey to re shaft old heads. I know graphite is the answer but I'm not gonna put
  11. He's playing some nice cuts and his irons are spot on right now. It seems as though when he hits draw with driver he isn't going at it as hard. So it draws instead of hook. Just an arm chair golf instructors opinion. It's fun to watch. Love to see him take down Bryson at the Masters on his way to a win.
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