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  1. I had never heard that about the pre 1970. Interesting. Thanks for sharing that.
  2. Sorry can't help. I only remember the tour being heavier the the non tour. Don't recall the difference.
  3. Clubs. They have to look good to me first. Then flight, spin sole design. If the performance I need isn't there I move on. Then feel. I gravitate towards Mizuno and Titleist feel. I know they are different but I like both. Driver, 3 wood , hybrids and driving irons I use the same basic premise. Maybe feel not as much and more on CG location to help maximize distances. Balls. How they spin with all clubs. Less with driver and a little more as I go down, or up. I like a slightly firm feel so I play the ProV1x left dash. Gives me performance I look for across the board.
  4. The guys at Golf Galaxy in Columbia, or Jessup, do good work and reasonable.
  5. Some of these clubs have zero interest in hosting a professional tournament. Some courses do it for the notarity and to some extent extra revenue. Some of the courses on your list do not need or want that. Especially Pine Valley and Cypress.
  6. I am really digging the drone views of Augusta. I have never been and it's cool to see how close some of the holes on the back are to the front. I also didn't realize how many cabins were on property. I miss the "roars" but really like the new sights.
  7. Hope you sprayed some cologne!!! Nothing worse than having the night before all over your clothes. That was in the days of smoke filled bars too. I've done similar before. Why? Stupidity. Walking to the first tee. Feeling like a**. Trying to pull tees and balls out of my back nearly falling over and throwing up. Then trying to get that dang ball on that tee! Overnight my golf balls were now triangles I guess. I've played some great rounds in that situation. Neve threw up on the course. Worse for me and the guys in my group. We were on a golf trip. I closed the town down beca
  8. My old course we had a green severely sloped back to front especially the back left. Sometimes when the pin was back there and I was just about hole high right of the pin I would chip it. Chip it high and let the spin kill and trickle down. If I was too close to putt I would Pitt and pray. No way I was gonna make it or get it really close putting. A putt had to be hit hard to get there, slightly uphill so when you missed it went way down. Also, not hit hard enough it went way down. Just a brutal pin. Had to short and left.
  9. If I had zero physical limitations I would go. Golf buddies realize, understand and accept the talent of all in their group. However, if I were physically unable to play I would most likely drop out to allow someone else to play. It would absolutely kill me!! And I'd probably be drunk for a month.
  10. Seems I'm wired really backwards. I don't mind the 5th green. In my opinion PB Dye is not a course that's boring. Every shot takes attention. No easy shot where you can just hit it except maybe the tee shot on funny enough #12. That fairway is so wide it's hard to miss. Somehow I have missed it ..
  11. I agree PB has really good greens. Especially when they are as fast and firm as they were Monday. A lot of chips will funnel to the hole. I just don't like the 12th green.
  12. Played PB Dye today. It's in nice shape and the greens are as fast and firm as I've ever seen them. Everything was running out. Weather today couldn't have been better I don't think. I still wish they would redo the green on 12. Just makes no sense to me.
  13. In season on a weekend. Course was in horrible shape. Pace was really slow. They had twosomes out on a Sunday. Won't be going back. MD National I liked much better and I live less than 10min from WM. No need to go back there thankfully.
  14. Even with the drive I would gladly pay $99 for Bullet Rock then the $108 I overpaid for Musket Ridge.
  15. Agree that there is no way to make every course perfect for all. Especially WM. There are no holes where you can be off with any part of your game. Bad ball strikers have their work cut out for them.
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