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  1. No chance I would ever do that. If I am going to play more and come home much later than usual I will call and say. I'm going back out be home later. That just being respectful of her. I'm not asking permission just letting her know. I'm lucky I don't have to do that because she knows when I play I could be gone all day. Sometimes when I come home she will say. Done already? If we had plans then I will be home honor that. I could not be with someone that made me feel guilty or gave me a hard time for playing. I will say I laughed at the what you had to do to stay out
  2. Could be. I know most current balls are similar. But... When you're used to looking at a certain ball for years it can tough to change. I know I'm my case I tried to switch to the TP5X. When I putted the dimples looked different enough it affected my putting. That's how finniky this game is. And I'm not anywhere close to an elite golfer. ( Except in my mind!!)
  3. I just listened to Butch on some Sirius show, Breed maybe? I liked what he said. He said Jordan would get the club too far inside then Lift at impact and not complete the turn. If you watch his swing that's exactly what he was doing. Maybe Jordan can get back a little of his mojo ..
  4. What I'm wondering is. Who was the last pro playing at a peak or high level that switched balls and had no issues? Besides Tiger. I'm sure there are some I can't think of any. That's what happens when your on the other side of fity.
  5. Eh. I didn't miss the point. It's my opinion this was too fast of a decision. I get what you said about their industry. This possible could have been used as a learning and enlightenment campaign. Bring awareness or something. Either way it already has started dialogue about it. That can be a good thing in the end. JT will learn from it and both side will go one.
  6. Twitter. Golf Week re tweeted it. It was from Alan Shupak
  7. Read that Brooks was testing Srixon golf balls. If true wondering if it is pay for play?
  8. I think it was way too quick of a decision. This was a mistake. Can we not have those anymore? There isn't anyone walking this Earth that won't or hasn't made a mistake. One time is a mistake more than one is a habit. He deserved a second chance in my opinion. He'll recover get a new clothing sponsor, maybe not this year.
  9. What performance did he achieve going the route as opposed to using one of the OEM's? Or was it purely visual?
  10. I could be way off but I was under the impression the PX and LZ are somewhat different profiles? Could be the two heads in your hands produce different launch conditions? 921 you may need the lower spin and launch of the PX. T100 you need mid launch and spin characteristics. I would say if they had same or really similar numbers choose the one you like best. I currently have the 919T but could easily game the T100. Have fun.
  11. That shaft is too hot right now. When the AD DI was hot it was $350. But.... I agree. Bring that down a little.
  12. He may go the Brooks route. Mizuno Irons, TM woods and fill out with he wants. It could be a blessing for him. Seems to me we are seeing the clothing contract taking the place of big equipment contacts. I know they've always had them but seems different now.
  13. Put a Red Tie in your 3 wood. I have the 70 in my 3 wood and love it. To me it's perfect.
  14. While I do not know anyone personally here I enjoy reading the ball busting and trying to cypher the coded exchanges. Hearing of someone pass at a young always brings me sadness. Condolences to Tom's family and friends.
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