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  1. Yes. Rogue White 60 TX Accra TZ6. 58 gr Gonna sell the TZ6. It's a great shaft just not better than the Rogue White for me.
  2. I am looking forward to winter and not playing. Need to figure out if I'm going to continue to play. Neck and elbow injuries are making it difficult. I love project X but playing more than every so often isn't an option. Tried Steelfiber and lost 2 clubs distance. I don't have enough room in my bag to compensate for that. So, after some rest and time away I'll start searching and trying different graphite shafts to see if I continue is this game.
  3. Billy Mayfair had the Worst stroke I've ever seen and Still won.
  4. I would guess a majority play wedges on the flat side compared to the rest of the set. Easier to hit a variety of shots with a flatter lie.
  5. There aren't any "Idiotic" decisions in golf. Just some work. Some don't. All are fun!!!
  6. So much stuff is on backorder. Ordered a Titleist carbon fiber bag in February. Still waiting. I'll hold off on new irons until next year. My plan is to go to Manchester for a fitting. Hopefully the shortages will be over with.
  7. The Euros hero Seve would never do something like...I don't know maybe rattle tees or change in his pocket when someone is getting ready to hit.... Match play always has gamesmanship. Win you don't notice. Lose and you complain.... Whenever I hear any competitor complain about not giving short putts or other types of "gamesmanship" I think it's a bad look. Just play. I've never been upset if my opponent didn't give me a putt.
  8. I'll be " that" guy and mention something totally different. The Accra TZ6 is mid and Low spin. Just to make your decision more difficult...
  9. I just recently joined a club again. I was a member at a different club for 20 years. Left because of family obligations. It's still a stretch for us but our reasoning is. Can play whenever I want. ( Public courses in my area are slammed and most get $70-100 weekdays. ) I'm off weekdays Soni get up and go to the course. I can hit balls anytime it want I can play in 3.5- 4 insteadof 5-6 hours. Pool. We take grandkids or my wife goes while I play. Social. Also, we don't take vacations. So, our club is our vacation. It's a 5 minute drive so it's very convenient.
  10. Mizuno 921 Tours 5-PW Steelfiber i110 CW. S flex 1/4 long Standard lie 1° strong Tour velvet .600 roundp $975+ shipping Now $840 More pictures available. Rogue White 130 60TX tipped 3/4 Taylormade TP tip Playing length 45" This is the tour shaft. Stiffer and more "exotic" materials. $225 Now $190
  11. Can't help except to say I love the TZ6. It's not a Low launching shaft in my opinion. I would say mid ish ..
  12. Like others have said. Him liking those tweets, then deleting them, is why he wasn't picked. He will have a hard time playing on Ryder or Pres cup unless he qualifies. You can be a turd so many times before everyone gets tired of smelling you. Hope this ends that stupid Capt America stuff too. ( That didn't go to his head too much, did it?)
  13. I gotta admit. I will be following this shaft. Even though I just kicked my Rogue White TX out in favor of the Accra TZ6. Which is a great shaft. The 59gr shaft with the said design is up my alley.
  14. Gotta love Elk. Still the worst at wearing anything remotely goes together.... But what a swing.
  15. I like it because to me his picks say. F It. Let's get some new and different picks with more rooks. Go play and see what happens. Picking established players with losing records just because they have experience has not been working. Maybe these boring non expressive players won't get rattled and pull it out. Worth a try.
  16. Yes. I didn't want to come off as a rules "Guy" .....
  17. If you played solo they might not be postable scores. Fyi ....
  18. Two that made me laugh so hard I pe** myself. Friend hit his tee shot on first hole , first day of a trip. Pulls it a bit. Goes out about 15 yards and hits a rock. Hits it and goes behind us about 10 years!!! Thankfully he laughed as well. Playing a money game at my old club. Guy gets up proceeds to hit his tee ball about 3" forward and straight INTO the ground. Buried it about 4-5" underground.
  19. I believe this is false. The rules can Never be ignored. A player choosing to ignore the rules are breaking the rules. ( If my memory serves me correctly on the rules)
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