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  1. My clubs came in a bit early and I now have 2.5 rounds with them. I am really enjoying them but still getting used to the clubs, especially the distances. They are easy to hit. It has been getting colder here and has been damp/wet so the greens have been soft. The peak height and distance are amazing. I now have more confidence to go after some back pins that are tucked behind our large bunkers. So far they are really holding the greens. But I have not played with them in dry conditions when the greens are very fast. They also feel different than my old clubs.
  2. Really depends if you are a member of a private or semi-private club. But a public course could be good too. The more mixed group activities you can do the better. Take a few clinics if the course offers them. Are there fun tournaments to play in where you can socialize after the round. We have mixed match play. Is there a special after work league. Perhaps join the ladies golf association and meet a lot of members at the 19th hole.
  3. I never wear a jacket in the winter as I refuse to play in the rain. The best piece of gear is a sweater with lining for the wind. I have one by Bobby Jones and another old Mizuno sweater that I use when it gets below 45. The wind is the killer in the winter.
  4. I walk every round at the home club and use a pushcart. We have two and a half walkable courses with reasonable elevation. My feet feel just fine after the round. However, I do place emphasis on buying good shoes and socks. Never get a blister or have any soreness.
  5. Amen Foozle, great answer. They did not have a lot of equipment to move a ton of earth. So they probably focused on building up the green complexes and let the holes emerge from the land. But they also had a pick of the land back then. Now they build golf courses around housing developments and the land is not always the best for a course so they need to move the earth. I will be playing one of my favorite courses this weekend and I love the routing. The only thing I can add to your answer is that the routing really mattered. But they had the entire parcel to work with and could find the
  6. Bonobos is a sponsor of Justin Rose. I wonder if he will exit his contract since he is not happy with his performance? Just like he did with Honma. Bonobos pants are fantastic.
  7. I finished my testing this weekend and purchased the Epon AF-706. Fujikura Pro shafts. Lamkin Sonar grips. Should be ready in two weeks.
  8. They may be expensive but they last a long time. I walk so I place a premium on socks and shoes. And the odor control is amazing!
  9. Will add one thing to look for. I play at a club with two courses same architect; 1) built in 1938 with some holes added/modified after that principally due to a road being constructed many decades ago, and 2) a course built in 1950 with a sympathetic restoration back to mostly the original design/routing but modernized. The older course has tighter tree lined fairways, mid sized to smaller greens, reasonable bunkers, and only 3 tee box options with little length difference between them, total of 6,200 yards. The modernized course stretches to over 7,200, has 5 sets of tees and then add in
  10. Is there a reason the fitter does not have the 921 forged head? Is he expecting to get the head in soon? If the fitter has the 919 head I would expect that they would have the new one in time. If it is timing then wait until he gets the head. I just had a fitting and tried 7 iron heads. I am a 14 handicap, irons are a little weak for me and hit 21% of GIR. Anyway, to the point. My fitter did not have the Epon AF-706 head in but had the old AF-705. He said at the beginning that if I liked the old head he would get in the new one. Lo and behold it was the best head along with
  11. Kentwool are the best! Wool that breathes and is nice and soft. The only socks I use on the course and I am a walker.
  12. Tanner I feel your pain. I just had a iron fitting and Second Swing was not allowing in-store demos due to Covid. So I tried 7 different iron heads and a few shafts in one hour during a fitting. Got it down to two and the fitter wants me to go back and try one more before I decide. But I did have limited success trying some clubs out at my course. XXIO has a demo program they will ship you a club or an iron set for a small fee. I did this and tried it out on the course. Good equipment, just not for me so returned. If you buy it the fee goes towards the purchase. Tour edge h
  13. Finally got to a fitter to replace my old set of irons. I had the Epon AF-706 on the list. Tried a ton of clubs; Miura IC-601, Honma TW X, Taylormade P790, Taylormade P790 TI, Titliest T400, Srixon 585, Mizuno 921 Hot Metal, and the Epon AF-705. The fitter did not have the 706 head but if I liked the 705 he said he would get it in. Best clubs for me; 1) the EPON AF-705 and 2) Taylormade P790 TI. I had my best shot of the day as far as the statistics were concerned with the AF-705. The club was not as long as the P790 TI which was really good except the spin was a little lower
  14. Have played the course three times and a fan of the architect Alfred Tull. Classic course with great routing. Every time I have played it the conditioning has been very good.
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