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  1. Just received my Player III and am considering returning it. I use a push cart and will carry an umbrella from time to time. When I loaded the bag up with the umbrella it did not really fit on either my caddytek or the wife's nitron cart. The umbrella holder is on the back of the large side pocket and close to the legs. It interfered with the top cart strap and closure. Any one else have this problem? I guess the search continues.
  2. Congratulations! An ace is an ace. Best part of the story is how cheap the ace was. Mine may rival yours as far as cheapness is concerned. Memorial day week of 2020 the son and I took a golf trip to Colorado. We are paired with two solo players, one who's non playing wife is riding in a cart. Anyway the feat happens so I have five witnesses plus the landscapers servicing a home just off the tee box. Head to the bar, ready to spend some money. One of the players needs to leave immediately. But the one player and his wife join me and the son. We are informed the bar is close
  3. Carts do get expensive, even if you have a cart pass. Why not walk if it is a walkable course? Buy a nice push cart for around $200 and save the money and get more exercise. Golf was designed to be a walking game. Cannot answer getting bored with one course since we have two and a half at our club. Maybe ask about reciprocity play in the area or when you travel. This will cost money but gives you other private clubs to play.
  4. Makes sense to ask the membership director all of your questions. I would also ask for the rules or bylaws and the pricing sheet. The pricing sheet will show you the charges for each of the services. For example if there is a cost for a locker or a cart it should appear there. Second is the rules or bylaws. This will show you things like how the tee times are offered/tee time restrictions, guest rules and restrictions, and etc. Ask for a round of golf and a tour. This will answer some of your questions and give you the flavor of the club. Consider taking that tour during the
  5. Insurance and customer service, you have to be kidding me. My insurance company increased my homeowners about 25% one year. Sent me the invoice ahead of time without explanation, just the bill. Went out and found a better rate than the original and dropped that company. I do the same with auto insurance every couple of years, shop around. I assume a fair amount of people are lazy and never shop around. Club is not telling you they do not want junior members anymore. They are telling you that they do not want members paying less than x. Covid has had a major impact on golf and
  6. Can you play any of the private clubs with the National card? Or is a discount card to the resort and public courses?
  7. I have some ideas based on what I see at our club with four sims available for members plus lessons. I should say not my ideas but what seems to work at our club. We have a full bar setup plus a light menu including appetizers, salads and sandwiches. We also have some tables. The bar and the social aspect drives attendance. Even if you do not have a set up like this perhaps an honor bar and some basic snacks works. Think TopGolf and you can let non-golfers and kids know there are those TopGolf like games in the sim. Have the pro give a few introduction sessions to explain the
  8. Two questions: Anybody have any idea when the benefit finder will be back up and running? Need to do some travel research. Appreciate that they need to update if for these major changes. But I thought that would have been done in a sandbox version first, piloted, tested, then moved over to the production version. Therefore, it should only be down for a limited time. Does anyone have any evidence that the Play Away Select program will change from what it is. Play Away Select is formerly the Travel Program or those without a home Clubcorp owned or affiliated club. Seems like a
  9. I think this is a great question, especially for courses that get a lot of 9 hole rounds. I would think this would help with maintenance or evening out the wear and tear on the course. We have two courses and the one switched nines permanently last year. Had to do with the new range and managing the flow of traffic, at least that was the excuse. Both 9s have great finishing holes. And I prefer the new first hole as it is a little easier to start the round.
  10. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1796556-massive-cost-increase-from-last-year-to-this-year/?do=findComment&comment=23447854 Here is a link to another ClubCorp thread dealing with price increases. This is my analysis and opinion only. They do want you by the way, but please contribute more to the bottom line.
  11. Thanks for the info. I wonder if these changes will also make there way down to the Play Away program. We already had massive changes last year. Some of the courses on the list, especially the top tier, we can no longer play. Perhaps they add some of them back for a fee? Would be nice as long as they do not start charging for the current cart fee only courses. I would also like a discount for the city club dining.
  12. The original question posed now may be moot with regards to Miura. Miura recently issued a true cavity back iron in the PI-401. It was designed for every skill level, according to the website.
  13. I see. The Benefits Finder is not working now so it seems like they are making significant changes. My guess is that they are going to add a tier system to the clubs. So if you are a member of say a top tier club you have access to all clubs. If you are in a low tier then you have access to only low tier clubs. Seems like they already did this with the Play Away program but more changes may happen.
  14. How does devaluing the ONE membership impact the Playaway program?
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