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  1. I recently had a driver fitting and tried a bunch of shafts. I ended up with a VA Composites Slay. The AD TP was second along with the Rogue 110.
  2. I play a TS2 and have hit the G410 a few times. The only issue I have with the G410 is it launches a few degrees higher and spins more than the TS2. All the Ping stock shafts had me launching above 15*. I broke my HZRDUS Smoke shaft and did a fitting last weekend. Tried a bunch of shafts in the TS2 and also hit the TS3 and G410 LST. I ended up with a VA Composites Slay shaft for the TS2. We tried that shaft in the G410 LST and the numbers and dispersion were a little better with the G410 LST. Fitter recommended the G410 LST Slay combo, but the TS2 was close enough to not make the total switch
  3. I haven’t hit the 2019, but had the 2016 version. It was very close to the Adams Pro.
  4. I did this last year. Got fit for Srixon Z585 with Nippon 950GH. I’m a club longer, but the head/shaft combo launches high with enough spin. Actually, my ball barely leaves the divot where it lands on greens.
  5. I may go back to PGA Superstore and do a driver fitting. They have pretty much every head and shaft available. My favorite and most consistent club in the bag is a Adams Pro 20* hybrid with a Aldila VS Proto stiff.
  6. I was fit into the driver and T2 fairway at a Titleist Thursday event at the end of 2018. When I first got the clubs they performed well, but I noticed this past year they’ve been inconsistent. Recently, I thought the club felt light and got it checked out. It was DO and had tape put on it to get it to D3, but still had an inconsistent day again on the course yesterday. I went and hit some clubs at PGA Superstore. Tried the G410 Plus 10.5 Tour stiff, Mavrik Rogue White and Riptide, TS3 HZRDUS yellow and Evenflow White. Mavrik - Both shafts felt loose and were all over the place. TS3- Numbers
  7. I been playing Titleist TS 2 9.5 HZRDUS Smoke 60 S for the past year and a half. The past 8-10 rounds have been really bad wi the driver. I’ve been having really inconsistent misses (both ways) and many low pulls. I’m getting older and have lost some club head sped and ball speed. Last year at this time I was around 103-105 mph CS and around 155-154 mph BS. I went to PGA Superstore to try some different clubs/shafts. All clubs were similar in carry and total distance, but nothing really stood out. Trying to figure out if I should move to a Mid/Mid From the Low/Low I’ve always played. Here are
  8. I hit a few drivers today at PGA Superstore. I brought my TS2 Smoke to get a good idea. I ended up hitting the EPIC Flash, Cobra SZ and G410 Plus. I tried the SIM last week and it was not working, so they didn’t even try it today. Tried Smoke, Rogue White , HZRDUS Yellow. Eventually, put a Smoke 60 in the all the clubs. Got good results with all clubs, but if I had to rank them I would go. G410 Plus Cobra SZ Epic Flash/Titleist TS2
  9. I hit the EPIC Flash today because they didn’t have the MAVRIK or SZ heads. I launched the Rogue White at around 16/17 degrees and could not get it under 3,300 rpms. I really wanted to hit that shaft. After about 5 swings I didn’t try again. I got much better numbers from the Smoke. I actually have a Smoke in a Titleist T2.
  10. I did, and got much better results. I only hit it with the Rogue 110.
  11. I hit the SIM and SZ today and got better results from the SZ. Nothing better than my TS2, so I will probably look to get a different shaft for the TS2.
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