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  1. Umm.. how much is a can of matte black spray paint these days?
  2. This deal is back on BTW... in case you missed out on it last time
  3. Great price on a really great shoe. Wide sizes too. I have owned a pair of black and and a pair of white for a while. LOVE THEM! Once you use the BOA system... you will NEVER go back to normal lace shoes again. Shipping is free if you buy 2+ pairs... otherwise $7.99 for shipping on 1 pair. No tax (at least there wasn't for me. YMMV). https://www.tgw.com/adidas-mens-cp-traxion-boa-golf-shoes
  4. CGPO is a great place to pick up Japan only putters too. I picked up a center shafted EXO Stroke Lab that was only sold in Japan. On eBay they are $400. I got it for $167... brand new. All sold out now BTW. But I have see other Japan only putters on the site many times... for less than half of what you can buy them on eBay
  5. The best deals were (I say were because they are now all gone) CGPO 50% off on shafts. I picked up 3, all in like new condition, all 45.5" (which means they will pay to 46" in a TaylorMade or Titleist) 1 x Tour AD Di 7X - $128 2 x Tour AD GP 7X - $130 If I could have remembered earlier, I could have got them in S-Flex, but they were all gone. You can still get some on the site, but those left are around $200. Still a good price.
  6. RockBottomGolf BF deals are a joke! I bough a Evenflow Blue from their site last week Paid $55. This week they mark it up to $69.99 and then you get a coupon code that brings it down to... wait for it... $55. They do this every year. What a joke!!!
  7. In South Africa they would say " Hy het die ball f$%kken donerse bliksimse ge p$*s klap". Sorry Can't provide the translation without being suspended from the board, even though the naughty words have been bleeped out. But my SA compatriots will know exactly what it means.
  8. So looking at the new TM TW wedges, I love the leading edge grind. I used to custom order my PING wedges with that grind back in the day. Vokey custom shop charges literally an arm and a leg for their leading edge grind. I was wondering if there are any other brands that offer that grind at a reasonable price? PS: The reason the TM won't work for me is that I need a 54 and 58. I don't want to lose bounce, so while I know I can bend the 56 to 58, that still means I don't have a 54 to match. I don't want to lose 2* of bounce on the 56 bending it to 54. And I also don't want to carry to 56* wedge
  9. So this shaft is now 10 years old. Yet 1) It still has an MSRP of $350. 2) Still being played in numerous tour player's bags. 3) Still has a used eBay value of over $200. These are stats that I cannot recall ANY other shaft on the market having. So.... the question is. How does this shaft compare to today's shafts? Is it's ongoing popularity just due to nostalgia? Has it been eclipsed by current day shafts? Have they changed it over the years... or only changed the paint scheme? I remember hitting one in 2011 and loving it. I got a CGPO
  10. No Ventus option for shaft. That's kinda silly/stupid!
  11. The solution in the video I posted make super flush professional looking turned ferrules. I am really impressed with the way they turned out. I used to just use acetone, but wanted to do this iron set "properly"
  12. I just did a set of irons this way, and they turned (pun intended) out perfectly. I used 100 Medium, then 220 fine. If you wanted to know if the sandpaper damages the finish on the hosel... For me it did not. The irons however are brushed steel. You may want to tape up for shiny chrome hosels. Always test first... don't need anyone saying I ruined their clubs. But for me.. as mentioned. No issue. No marks on the hosel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5dUdkipABY
  13. LOL..... $207!!!! $38 for PX LZ shaft!!!! You can get a custom Vokey Wedgeworks club for less.
  14. Um...Yeah.... you can't currently even order a STOCK 58* from their website, due to the fact that they are out of stock. Maybe they should fix their stock issues first. Also, I ordered a set of 785's from Srixon (same company)... They are arriving today..... more than a month after I placed the order... so be prepared to wait.
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