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  1. As someone that has entered every year for the last 12+ years (when ever they started the online lottery system), and has never won a chance to purchase tickets, this makes me very happy. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/georgia-man-gets-prison-masters-tournament-ticket-scheme
  2. Was just curious what the typical swing weight would be for a long drive driver. Even though I bought a counter balanced shaft and decreased the back weight of my sim driver to a 4g weight from 12g. It still comes out to E0 at 47.5”. This is just an experiment to see what happens. However E0 seems like it would be a sledge hammer. Haven’t hit it yet. Hope to today.
  3. You say you wear a Rain Glove. Is that a FootJoy Rain Glove? As some who has lived in Orlando fro 20 years, there is NO better solution for humidity than the FootJoy Rain glove. The black one specifically. I alternate between 2 of them. You can wash them and they last forever. I have had the same two now for over a year.
  4. Are they THAT far backed up where an order for a set of Z785 irons has a 2 month lead time?
  5. golfnhack

    Reed SIM

    The TM staffers may want to check their bags.. especially the ones from Georgia.
  6. Old thread.. but anyone know of any active codes? Specifically free or cheaper shipping. All the ones I googled seem expired.
  7. One thing that I like about the P790's is that they don't ding. Anyone know if that is the case with the P770? I am assuming it is NOT the case with the other 2, but wondering about the P770 specifically.
  8. Price $999 shipped to CONUS via FedEx home. PRICE IS FIRM, and I am not interested in any trades thanks. FS: A NEW custom set of TaylorMade P790 Forged irons, 5-PW, with Nippon Modus 3 120 X-Flex shafts. This is a custom order DIRECTLY from TaylorMade. The grips are the TaylorMade Tour Velvet standard size grips. The clubs are standard length. These irons were used for 1 range session. No club has hit more than 10 balls. Some have hit fewer than 5. The shafts have NOT been soft or hard-stepped. You can see TaylorMade shipped these out to me on July 31st. I received them Friday the 7th Augus
  9. Thank you very much Valtiel. It confirms my 2 shaft choices. I tend to hit soft tip, softer middle, stiff butt shafts the best. I currently play LZ 6.0's. It looks like Modus 120 is a good alternative. I have just never used that shaft. Will have to do research on feedback people that have used both. BTW: Is there any chance you can post the EI for C-Taper Tour 120? The mizuno shaft optimizer suggested this one. I did not like the flight, but I am curious about the EI profile.
  10. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could view the EI charts for PX LZ 6.0, 6.5 and Modus 120 and 130 S and X shafts? Ideally all on one chart. Thanks.
  11. I currently have PX LZ 6.0's although I have also had the 6.5's and hit them well. Will check out the S2S reds. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.
  12. I have hit the Modus 110, 120, and 130... Of the 3, the best by far was the 120. Not sure what the profile is on the 120 though.
  13. Was wondering if someone could provide a list of both iron and woods shafts that meet this criteria. E.g. because Fujikura post flex numbers I know that the Ventus Red 7X and Speeder Platinum 757 S fall in this category. Turns out this is a very good fit for my swing, which is a late release with a ton of lag and slightly steep. Also, I am wondering if for iron shafts, the PX LZ falls into this category and if anyone can comment on this. Thanks
  14. Clearly you have a lot of money... or you are just really bad with money. My guess is... single.. no children... not many expenses. Good for you!
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