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  1. A little too late now don't you think.. since I have already waited almost 2 weeks. What I will do is call and find out how much longer.
  2. Well.. maybe they should have stated on their site that there is a 3+ week waiting period for anything other than the current gen. I would not have ordered had I known that.
  3. They seem to be struggling with their ship times. They say in the TV adds: "Most orders shipped in 5 days". I ordered September 1... it is now September 13.. and still no shipping notification.
  4. https://shop.sunmountain.com/2022-metro-stand-bag-detail Anyone have one of these, and can provide feedback?
  5. OK Order placed. Now we wait. Right Hand 5-PW Shaft : PROJECT X LZ 6.5 5 - Soft Step 2X 6-PW - Soft Step 1X Length: STANDARD Lie Angle : STANDARD Lofts: 5 - 24 (1* Strong) 6 - 28 7 - 32 (1* Weak) 8 - 36 (1* Weak) 9 - 41 (2* Weak) PW - 46 (3* Weak)
  6. Interesting. Looks like he is wearing the blue light blocking glasses. He is not even wearing the golf ones. Unless they made it custom for him.
  7. Would love a Vessel... BUT I read a review that stated the bag is designed for walking and if you use it on a cart, it will damage the material. User stated it happened after the first round used on a cart, and had to fight for months with Vessel to return the bag. I don't want a $400 bag with that poor durability, especially since I ride 95% if the time
  8. Hmmm... that one has my interest https://www.jonessportsco.com/collections/utility-trouper/products/utility-trouper-2-0-black?variant=12679076806709
  9. So every now and then I will make this post.. hoping that someone has found the "magic" stand bag. I am looking for a stand bag that has the LEAST amount of club grabbing/tangling when you insert/pull out a club. My requirements are: 1) NO 14 way dividers. 4/5/6 way preferred. 2) Plain colors. No gaudy/busy color schemes (plain black is my color of choice). Thanks.
  10. PS: And if you know of a GolfTown that still has them in stock, please let me know... because I would like to buy another set.... ESPECIALLY at $399 CDN... that's like $10 USD right?
  11. Not going to buy that... they still sell them. You don't make enough sets in 2012 to STILL have stock 9 years later. Sorry.. they are not that stupid.
  12. So... before you shake your head at this question. I bought a set of these irons when the first came out. I played them for 5 years. I would dabble with other irons, but always went back to them. Eventually I bought an exact replacement set since the original had worn out. I played them for another 2 years. Then I bought a set of Srixon z785's. I have played them for the last year. Recently my game has been shocking. I am just not scoring the way I used to. Out of frustration, I pulled out the old RBladez and played a round with them. It was night and day difference. Dispersion improved and distance control was back. They feel great and are so forgiving. The 785's are going to eBay and I am going to buy another backup set. So.. back to the comment of are they "The best TaylorMade irons ever" Let me present my evidence. TaylorMade released 3 more versions of the exact same iron. The HP (high polish version The HL (high launch) version The 2.0 version (which is literally the same as the original.. but with green paint fill) PS: Speaking of paintfill.. I never liked the yellow... so changed it to white and scraped off the tiny little R on the back. Looks A LOT better. Not only that, but if you go to other countries (like South Africa)... they still sell the 2.0 version with NEW MODEL PRICING!!!! So.... anyone else still use them? I have 36 holes coming up tomorrow. Can't wait!
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