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  1. Asking for a friend who has a G30 and wants to get a G425.
  2. Yup. Well aware of that. But that is just fine by me. Actually, I would be curious to know how much DOGE Robinhood holds. Wonder if one can find that out?
  3. Hmm... it started out as a meme stock. However, it has definitely transitioned from that. It is an inflationary coin, meaning the supply will keep growing. Other coins like BitCoin and Etherium and not inflationary, meaning there is a finite supply that will run out. Now, BTC and ETH have platforms that can be used for executing contracts. Technically so does DOGE, since it is based on the BTC platform. While it started as a joke, Musk (who is rumored to be the biggest DOGE holder), stated yesterday that he will be be actively be working with DOGE devs to improve it. CoinBase... th
  4. If so, want to share some info? I will start Avg Cost: .22 What price will you sell at: Will take out original investment + some money for some new clubs at $1.... will let the rest ride. Worst DOGE DOH! moment: Buying $10K more at 62 cents. Trying to day trade and always selling low and buying high. (why I don't do this for a living).
  5. Thanks. And this is in a TSi2 correct... not 3.
  6. Hi, apologies if this has been answered before, but I can't find a post that states it. Does anyone perhaps know what the stock back weight is for the TSi2 driver? Thanks.
  7. E0... that just can't be right. Are you 6'11" or do you bench 500 Lbs? There is something wrong with that suggestion.
  8. Do you live in a rural area? Do you play any state golf events? I live in Orlando, and play FSGA events... I see them quite often. 1/15 - 1/20 putters. I notice them because I use one. Now granted 1/15 - 1/20 is not that much, but considering there are 25 million golfers in the USA alone, even at odds of 1/30, that is 800,000+ people using center shafted putters. I would hardly call that insignificant.
  9. I get that the market for center shafted putter is rather small, but could not help but notice that Odyssey no longer offers ANY center shafted putters. I know I have seen at least 3 PGA pros use center shafted Odyssey putters, so this leaves me even more puzzled. You can click all the putter lines they have in the link below. You will not find a single center shafted option..... anywhere. How I would LOVE a center shafted white hot OG 2ball. Or a Odyssey ten series center 2 ball, like Adam Scott was seen testing. https://www.odysseygolf.com/families/white-hot-og/
  10. Keith Mitchell is the total opposite to Phil Mickelson.. when it comes to the "calves" game.
  11. Would be great to see him try in a practice round... but he would be a complete idiot if he attempted it in a tournament round. Having played that track a number of times, that green is not designed for a 350 yard approach shot, and neither is the hole. I would take house (course) odds on that one all day long.
  12. Hi All Was wondering if anyone knew what shaft I would need to get as a replacement for this putter? It definitely DOES NOT look like a straight stepless. Here are the options from GolfWorks https://www.golfworks.com/golf-club-shafts/c/2/filter/100000000131eq100000000196and100000000159eq100000000315/
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