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  1. I went from KBS Tour 120’s to UST Recoil 110’s a couple of years ago because of tendinitis in my elbow. Found the switch to be seamless for me. I was concerned the Recoils would launch too high, but this hasn’t been an issue at all. Dispersion has been the same as steel. I would encourage anyone with these issues to see a fitter and try the different graphite options available (there are many).
  2. Course was covered all day Saturday. Wouldn’t be Memorial Day weekend in Big Sky without it!
  3. Sugarloaf Social Club pimento cheese sandwich
  4. https://www.hotmelt.com/products/golf-club-weighting-kit
  5. I'm currently trying Recoil 110's w/Cobra Fly-Z Plus. I also own a set of Fly-Z Plus w/KBS Tour 120's. So far, I really like the Recoils. I've had no issue flighting the ball and can tell where impact is on the club face. I did need to add a little bit of lead tape to the cavities to get the swing weight where it is is with the steel shafts. If I decide to stay with Recoils, I'll probably reshaft my other set and and have them blueprinted properly.
  6. I bought a pack, and I don’t even wear a glove!
  7. Regarding Corica Park, played there today and also enjoyed the round. Greens are excellent.
  8. Playred TPC Harding Park yesterday and totally enjoyed the experience.
  9. Mizuno MST w/ Exsar Gold shaft TaylorMade 300 Tour TaylorMade r510tp
  10. 44.75” installed in a 915D Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  11. 915 D2 is a great choice. Not the longest out there but nothing has been straighter for me.
  12. Looking to make some room in my man cave....... I've tried to get good photos to accurately show condition. Please let me know if you need more/different shots. Not interested in trades at this time. I have to many clubs..... 2014 TaylorMade TP mc-TP cb combo set $190 shipped 6-pw TP mc KBS Tour 120 stiff. The 8-pw also have Prosoft inserts. 5-7 iron TP cb KBS FST stiff w/Prosoft inserts 4 iron TP cb KBS Tour 120 stiff ​Tour Issue Taylormade r7 425TP 9.5 Degree w/Diamana Blueboard 63S $100 shipped Mizuno JPX 850 Driver Stock Fujikura Tour Spec stiff shaft $85 shi
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