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  1. Just in case anyone else has a search for this, my experience has been that 14 grams caused the face to stay open more than expected and I hit solid baby fades all day with this. If Id had stiffer shafts for this purpose I think it would have worked out really well. Love that head-heavy feel.
  2. Thanks for the pics weavej1! Do you have any opinion on the sizing? Some grips seem to be thinner or thicker than expected.
  3. Apologies if this topic has been discussed and I failed to locate it with my poor search skills. So the first time I saw these I thought WTH would someone need these for? But, I was looking at my irons the other day I started thinking about how much more control I have with my irons when I choke down on them and that the only reason I don't play them as short as I would like is because I have complications getting to the D4-D5 swingweight range that I can time and feel my swing best at. When I see and feel the playing length I like most, the clubs always feel light and I very eas
  4. You don't know that for sure.
  5. You only live once Steve. I say let those Lyle Lovette iron heads tie the knot with those Julia Roberts shafts and see which marriage lasts longer?
  6. Has there been a better sounding and feeling driver series for a longer period of time than Titleist? And yes my signature is correct, I have had an Epic SZ in the bag for about a year now. And I am also looking for other Titleist drivers to kick it out.
  7. If we are presuming you can play around with the driver length and swing weight and still have predictable strike patters on the heel, there really is no logical next step than to presume it's a delivery issue of course. That said, if you are already using Jailbreak tech (which has been really nice for use who can strike it low on the face) and are just looking to mitigate the issue another cheaper option could be the Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 which was measured to have really high ball speed retention on heel-side impacts compared to the other drivers of the same year (older now, lik
  8. Cant disagree with the advice above of course, but considering this is a replacement you also have the option to drill out the bottom 1.5 to 1.75" of the Speeder tip from underneath and heat for removal the same way you would any other graphite shaft. This will effectively tip the pull shaft a lot, but unless you are trying to put that pull back into another Titleist bore-through head you were going to be left with a bunch of un-painted prepped tip area on that Speeder pull anyway.
  9. Clearly all of your moves are working together. One might say your swing is...indestructable?
  10. You should try emailing them on their website. Most vendors do a nice job of responding these days. Good luck.
  11. If I had the money I'd buy everything new. The work isn't as tedious in the middle of winter when there's no golf anyway.
  12. I had a RIP 90 iron shaft in a 712u that was so sweet. I moved to a bigger hybrid instead but should have kept that shaft. Haven't tried the Alpha 105 hybrid, but the RIP 115 iron shaft was great too. They are older shafts now but should be cheap on the bay.
  13. I love a smooth feeling iron shaft and generally play stiff flex. My favorites are the old Rifle FCM, Nippons of all flavors, and am pleasantly surprised with the DG XP's which seem livelier but still smooth.
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