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  1. The only way to solve this is to have a measuring device to back the data up in the ball on the other end. I wonder if TM/Foresight have thought about this?
  2. Yes, I tried a friends M. Conditions as firm as we'll be here at the moment so its workable with D grind.
  3. Well done some practice with it and it seems nice off tight lies to get the ball airborne with the heel relieve as expected, out the rough the current bounce helps a bit and ball popped up nicer, weighty feeling of the vokeys give me a bit more confidence than RTX in rough. I could probably do with about 10 bounce on this , the leading edge still sits a bit higher than I thought it would.
  4. Managed to find a 58.12.D on eBay for 90GBP (quotes as being used three times). It was brushed steel so not preferable finish wise but I can stomach that. Looking forward to it arriving.
  5. Ive got Titleist AP2 716, are these stainless? Googling suggest maybe yes.
  6. What stage do you use a deburring wheel on club renovation? I've been experimenting with polishing with my bench grinder so want to try and get better results.
  7. Im still unsure about going 60.12.D, does this level of bounce not feel the same as having this much bounce in an S grind. I've always gone less bounce in the 58 compared to 54 so feels a bit backwards, but wonder if heel being reduced allows me to slide under a little easier than S grind.
  8. Thanks this is what I thought. I've actually had a grind of an old 58 degree RTX wedge with the similar grind to D/M grind and its been interesting to see how it went. Out of tight lies you definitely can tell the difference/benefit of the heel relieve, out of thick rough/spongey lies its like the clubs going straight under. The loft on that is 58 though so d grind in 54 would be probably better to get the pop up. I've got RTX Mid grinds at the moment, I find opening the face not so easy on tight lies so maybe I need to get into this heel relieve type grind. I like the Jaw S grind as it says it has the heel relieve too. God I wish I could get all these wedges....lol
  9. Is S grind like a Cleveland RTX grind? im on these at the moment and it does look it. D grind with 58 is making sense, on S grind "classic" bounce this may had meant going with less bounce on a lob wedge and working the leading edge as carefully as possible, but everything needs to be right. Had a go with my buddies JAWS with C grind, that seems to be the Vokey S grind but with heel relieve like M/D?
  10. Interesting responses, so many comments that are useful. I rarely open the face on either club and prefer to use loft/ball position. Maybe 58 M could be a little unsuited to my soggy conditions October-March and even bunkers reading some of the input. If you want to see my course conditions Crossfield kindly demonstrates on this course VLOG video @ 19 mins. I think if you had endless pots of money you'd buy grinds for both winter/summer here in the UK.
  11. Not sure I could have 14 bounce on tight lies, However I have never tried this so who knows! Thanks for the input, im trying to reduce how many I need test! Vokey has a big selection available now days since I've bought my current and previous wedges, its clear I need to go get testing with some.
  12. Hi, Looking at wedges at the moment. I usually go 54/58 for lofts. 58 I used out of bunkers at the moment. Gound conditions for me are so variable in the UK, my home course fairways for distance wedges are medium and fringes tight and Bunkers are fluffy (luckily). Trouble is I can go to a course somewhere else and find course conditions not so easy with poorer bunkers and un watered hard based fairways. Would 54D12 and 58M08 Grinds give me good variability options or does 58 with a bit more bounce and D work better?
  13. Does 300i now display spin? 300 only does it on mobile.
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