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  1. One item up for sale: Nippon Modus 120 stiff shafts 4-PW (.355). 4 iron shaft measures 37 1/8" with 1/2" gapping down to 9 iron. 9 iron shaft to PW is 1/4" gap. These have tip weights installed which may or may not meet your weighting specs. Painters tape is on the grip end, happy to remove before shipping if desired. $100 PPTYD. Mizuno CLK 22* hybrid head only with adapter and head cover. In great condition, barely used. $90 PPTYD. If making offers, please indicate where these will be shipped to. Thanks for looking!
  2. How forgiving are those MB2 irons? Those are some of my favorite looking irons of all time. I occasionally run across some sets on eBay, but haven’t pulled the trigger on a set. I’ve gamed the CB1s in the past, and those were probably my favorite irons I’ve ever ownned. Very forgiving, I would say only slightly less than the CB1, but it's a fine line. I have both and won't part with either. If you liked the CB1s, you'll love the MB2s. The slight loss, if any, in forgiveness is worth the feel alone. That being said, I wouldn't put either in a 20 HCP's hands and expect them to find them a good fit.
  3. I just put one (75 stiff) in a 20* Adams 9031 and am really liking the results. Good stable feel and a nice penetrating mid spin flight. I will say that I did not care for it paired with a Mizuno 22* CLK head (the newer version)...but then again only hit it for one range session and may have to revisit. I play the VTS Silver in my driver as well.
  4. I can't speak to using solvent with leather grips but when I first tried to put on a BestGrips version on a driver with air, I had a really difficult time. I was using a small, portable compressor the first few tries and it would get stuck about half way down. When I switched over to my larger compressor, it went right on. I can only attribute this to the larger compressor having enough volume at pressure for the entire install. The smaller one just didn't have enough capacity. The leather grip in question definitely required a lot more air than a standard grip, which go on with ease with the smaller compressor. I just got a set of the Kidd grips (thanks OP!) but haven't had a chance to try and put them on yet. Update: I just tried the Kidd grips (just 1) with the small compressor and while a bit harder than an MCC, not much. By far easier than the experience I had with the BestGrips on a driver. This was on a 7 iron so that may account for some of it, but I was dreading the re-gripping based on my previous experience with leather. I definitely was liberal with the lube though (standard grip solvent). Looking forward to leather and no glove, hope it works out, they are really quality grips. So are the BestGrips I have for the record.
  5. "CB1/Pro Black MB Combo Set 4-GW" I've never seen that combo set, did you put it together or was it an Adams offering? I may be still gaming CB1's if had that combo!
  6. Still rotate a XTD Ti hybrid with a 9031 and just put aside my MB2's, not because they aren't great just wanted to try something newer. I have found nothing better and have hit a few of the newer popular offerings. And still have a few older PNT heads waiting for a rainy day. Agree 100% on the TM purchase.
  7. I can tell you from very recent experience with both in the same set of irons that the 120's didn't work for me. As a few before me said, the 120's were shorter by a club than what I had prior, or with the same iron and the 105's. 120's felt mushy to me and were spinny, the 105's kept the Nippon smoothness but were crisper, and produced a lower ball flight for me. From what I have read on this site, the 120's either work for you or you really don't like them. My previous set had 1050GH's and the 105's feel more akin to those.
  8. for 1 your mizunos have completely different and much heavier shaft..... Almost any muscle back is relatively the same, only thing different is small subtleties preferred by the golfer (why you like one over another)....that can only be answered by the golfer Adam's actually uses a firmer steel than most so if you like that feel I would maybe start looking for blades in 8620 steel....which isnt alot, but Wilson No doubt on the Mizuno's regarding the shaft, definitely a much different animal and not my preferred shaft but I would say from a feel perspective I don't mind it, but it works me. Interesting point on the Adams steel, not something I had picked up on or considered, thanks for that. I read several positive reviews on the Wilson's, may be something to reconsider. The long term verdict on the J15's is TBD, but with the latest shaft change they are what I was hoping they would be. Thanks for the post!
  9. Those Adams Pro Black's were some of the best looking clubs ever.
  10. Just a quick update: 4 rounds under my belt with the J15MB's and I think they will be in the bag for awhile. Love the look, feel great, and are forgiving enough. It's been so long since I played with chromed irons it feels odd looking down at them, but that will dissipate quickly. I had shafted them with Modus 120's but those did not work for me at all - super high and spinny, was way short on everything and my timing felt out of sorts. I found a set of 105's and had my first round today with those installed and everything worked. Distances were back to where they should be and ball flight was right on. The 120's felt a little mushy to me, the 105's still retain that Nippon smooth but feel a bit crisper if that makes sense. So I'm thinking I have found my replacement set and may even like these better. Still want to hit some Srixons though ;-)
  11. You may be the best person to comment if you are typically a low launch player.
  12. Just one item, a set of Project X LZ 5.5 iron shafts, .355 taper, with very good condition GolfPride Tour Wrap grips. Measurements reflected in the pictures below. If going west of the Mississippi please add $5 for shipping. Asking $old
  13. Inbox is full. I'd be interested in the Srixon heads if you are willing to separate, or I can if there is a buyer out there for the shafts.
  14. Any Adams forged iron Agreed. I am having a hard time giving up my CB1's. I'm going to ditch the Mitsu Javln graphites, and go back to good ole X100's. I was ready to sell them and order Ping iE, but then I go out and play the CB1 and change my mind. The CB1 doesn't get much love on this board but it is a great iron, in the league of the MB2 and CMB IMHO.
  15. CB2 is a great head, have the 18* and 21*. Sound, feel, size, and launch are spot on in my mind. The CB3 (have a 16.5*) I find very similar to the CB2. The CB4 and CB5 were a little too spinny for me, may have been the shaft, but they were a bit more forgiving. The XCG of some model I had at one point was super but just a bit too big for my eye. Now gaming an EX9 Tour 15* and am really enjoying it, a bit higher launch than the CB2/CB3 (which helps me), more forgiving, but retains a lot of the qualities I really like in the older CB heads. The other day I took the EX9 Tour 15*, CB2 18*, and an old Mizuno MP Titanium 5 wood I have out to the range for a side by side and it was close. The EX9 Tour was just a bit more forgiving for this imperfect swing but I would gladly bag either and not miss a beat.
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