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  1. They are definitely setting the elevation and temperature high.
  2. How did those work out for you? The white plastic in my BBFs discolored.
  3. That's what college is for, making regrettable decisions.
  4. Has anyone had a chance to try the ZCs vs the T22 wedges?
  5. Guy I play with got the exact setup. With PXG heads no less.
  6. Except when it’s completely fabricated. Lando and Sainz were never at odds at McLaren…. But DTS is an entertainment product, not a documentary.
  7. Wow. I can’t imagine that golf epoxy could ever be stiffer than thick walled composite cured in an autoclave.
  8. Ick. I don’t mind it on woods because they’re covered by head covers. The bag has to look good. Look good feel good. Feel good play good.
  9. I finally found some ZX7 heads that weigh close to my old build. Worst head needs grams… Do you use the tungsten like shafting beads and just push some excess epoxy/tungsten mix up the shaft?
  10. The nearby range sells beat balls a few times a year. OP might ask.
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