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  1. I've started working with @iteachgolf. So far he has me working on more foundational stuff. I think we will get to it after we address some of these root causes. In addition I've been working with the Planemate and watching some AMG videos and have come to realize this "passive hands though impact" is either this fake news that everyone is talking about, or its just a horrible feel for me. After 14 years of playing golf I have just learned that handle forward opens the club face, and that without more release through the hitting zone all I'm going to do is slice it more
  2. If it's feel, the Srixon irons are fantastic forgings and go through turf like magic.
  3. I too love the V-sole more than your wife. She's probably a nice person, but the V-sole is that good.
  4. 1. Bothell, WA 2. 6.7 3. ZX7 with ZX5 4i 3. Yes 4. Z565 4i, Z765 5-G in modus 125x... I sometimes add a Z765 2u and 3u I put in depending on the condtions. 5. The soles of the original Z series with the more mass around the parameter. The nice blending of the ZX5 and 7. The blade size of the Z865. The two piece technology on the ZX5. Really nice evolution of the series in general. 6. Yes. I have a high grade camera and I have a launch monitor I can get numbers with too.
  5. Dang it guys, I'm trying to get better at golf. Can you guys DM each other into oblivion?
  6. Interesting article it; makes sense off a tee. I'm not sure how to apply it to turf v mats though. To launch higher than a tee, wouldn't the rebound vector need to be more down than normal? How would the mat facilitate that, or do I have something backwards?
  7. I found it here: https://blog.trackmangolf.com/mats-vs-grass-whats-difference/ I'm hitting off a TrueStrike mat which is supposed to give truer spin numbers. Clearly it isn't. My theory is that even with ball first contact, the ball deforms into the mat, and the mat pushes back launching the ball higher with less spin. Also, since the mat is pushing back on the club, it can't hit through the ball as much lowering the spin additionally. At my 8 iron swing speed I'm guessing the ball is on the face for an inch or so. If the club stopped and rebounded by that
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