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  1. Is there a way to buy and download his videos like the old ones (D4D, UTB)? I’m flying this afternoon and want to watch on the plane.
  2. When it takes you $150 buying 2 sleeves of each premium ball and 3 months to pick the ball you're playing that year.
  3. They should be called Chrome Soft X Less Spin. They still spin plenty. I played a round by myself on vacation in Palm Springs yesterday, playing the CSX-LS, ProV1X, and TP5X. Lucky enough the wind kicked up quite a bit. I was very surprised that the ProV1X and TP5X did as well as well or better in the wind. The most consistently longer ball on the driver was TP5X, the most consistently penetrating ball off irons was ProV1X. Obviously this is a sample size of one, but going in I thought the CSX-LS would walk away with it.
  4. Is there a YouTube video you recommend? I'd really like to learn to do this right.
  5. I have an alternative hypothesis. Fairways only matter to average and less hitters. If Bryson misses a fairway, he still has short iron in and has the speed to stop the ball with decent angle instead of spin. If an average hitter misses a fairway, he has to hit a long/mid iron in without the height to stop the ball. Unless you're behind a tree, missing a fairway is binary. To make it make it a more linear risk/reward you'd want a continuously thicker rough as you moved out from the fairway center a d close to the hole.
  6. LOL, right up there with "This putt is a combination of line and speed"
  7. Sometimes you have to put them on notice so they behave. Hell, I even buy new clubs and tell my old ones "you have until FedEx gets here to get your act together"
  8. I'm 3 rounds into mine and feel it's a definite improvement over the Spider X Chalk.
  9. All depends on speed. To get to Alfa Centauri, 4.4 light years away: At half the speed of light, it would take 17.5 earth years, and 15.13 years for those on the craft. At 99.9% the speed of light it would take 4.5 earth years, and a little over 2 weeks for those on the craft. Obviously, that would take a lot of juice.
  10. I'm super interested in the UFO videos, but I have no real desire to entertain larger aliens on earth machinations. What really stands out is that gimble and tic tac have very different configurations At the macro level, I think life in the universe is extremely common, but I don't know if intelligent is... If humans can survive for another 10,000 years it seems very probable that we would have probes with AI on their way to every star system with a goldilocks zone planet... if humans were still around, or even recognizable by the time the return signal ever made it home would be
  11. It's so awesome. I like this one that shows the different wavelengths of light.
  12. Pro V1X LD and Chrome Soft X LS are the straightest in my experience.
  13. It seems that the mainstream media is slow walking into UFOs. How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously - New Yorker Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program - NYT I saw that 60 Minutes is having a segment on UFOs this weekend. The Navy videos seem pretty crazy. 2020/2021 is the craziest timeline.
  14. LOL, if you're feet aren't conditioned for that, you're not doing more than 20 a day.
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