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  1. This season I went from Z765 with Modus 125X to i210 with Modus 120X, and recently put in MMT 125 TX soft stepped... I've dropped 2.3 strokes and shot my first round par this year... I loved my Srixons; I had them since they launched. They feel better than the Pings and have better turf interaction. I was actually lined up to pre-order the ZX7s, but got quoted long lead times. The i210s are crazy consistent with distances, especially short irons. I can't wait to hit the i210 wedge and gap. They're so good.
  2. They don't make linebackers like they used to.
  3. Trackman average iron club speed ranges from 83 with PW to 98 with 3i. Bryson is playing single length irons, so I'd imagine all his iron speeds are close to the same. It has to be difficult to "take some off" shorter irons; both from a club design, and from a swing perspective.
  4. Who is going to do this? Does this mean I can pay to volunteer, get an oversized ugly polo, and be a rent-a-cop?
  5. Om right there with you, but it was the very first thing I noticed when I held them in-hand myself....
  6. I saw the same thing looking at the demo club at the course this weekend. The grooves and sand blasted face area didn’t go out as far on the toe as I expected. The pictures one here seem to be different from what I saw. maybe it was an illusion or maybe the demo was different. I remember looking at my i210 and liking the shape/grooves/face sand blasting much better.
  7. It's pretty noticeable that the face pattern doesn't go all the way to the toe. If I had to guess, they didn't the COG in the middle of the face and this is a bandaid. If I was to replace my i210s with something smaller, od put the t100s over the i59s.
  8. Overall, par 3s have a higher scoring average than par 4s and par 5s. Par 3s are what separate the best iron players at any level. Count me in the pro par 3 camp.
  9. Is that just a .355 slug that takes up room at the bottom of the hosel? When I reshafted my i210 with MMTs, I was a little freaked out the the top of the ping hosel didn't contact the shaft to make room for the indented ferrule. If even less hosel was contacting the shaft I wouldn't like it.
  10. Wow. One of my biggest regrets was selling my endo forge pro combos.
  11. @RacineBoxer The hosel weights are just shaft tip weights. There is very little room in a graphite shaft to add a lot of weight.
  12. My builder told me the i210 weights are in the cavity under the elastomer insert.
  13. "Inside, the AlumiCore technology allows us to increase the MOI by moving the weight to the perimeter using toe and shaft tip weights." Oooof. They didn't really think through this for graphite shaft users.
  14. People are too busy questioning lofts and talking about how fast they used to swing before surgery to talk golf balls. In the ball test thread. In the golf ball forum.
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