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  1. Any baseballers play the Easton Stealth carbon bats? Those things got more pop as they were used more… I wonder if these will have more trampoline effect as they wear as well?
  2. Are there any Odyssey's with: Anser style Square bumpers White Hot inserts Topline marks
  3. Whatever you hit, it’s going to have to be higher launch, lower spin. For a normal launch to have that level of ball speed with the level of spin would balloon off the planet…. The guys on tour that are doing that I’ve seen are typically hitting the ball way up high with a 3 wood and not a ton of spin… I’m assuming you know your numbers if you have that kind of speed. Play with the Foresight ball optimizer, put in your speed numbers, and play with the launch/spin until you get the decent angle you’re looking for.
  4. Funny. I ordered the GC3 and my invoice looks like this: 5 and 2 vs 3 and 4.
  5. Probably GC3. My daughter is left handed, so if FSK was in the realm of indoor accuracy and space requirements I'd go FSK... but it doesn't look like it will be.
  6. I was in on the pre-order. Just bought the GC3 instead. Glad to hear the refunds are easy.
  7. I'm in on the pre order. I've been waiting for something like this for awhile.
  8. I have left handed friends. Hopefully GC3 can switch sides as easy as GC4.
  9. It usually has a lot of rookies and guys on the bubble of losing their card for the season. Kinda fun that way.
  10. Yes, the ol Thirst Bucket Thomas dilemma.
  11. The Shotgunners know that Thirstbucket Thomas making a PIP play... Looking for Bones/JT conversions on the broadcast.
  12. It seemed like there were spotters calling the distances in. Everyone was using a different color ball, and the distances would change sometimes.
  13. More like Mark Mcguire playing baseball and participating in the homerun derby.
  14. Dak also has normal legs. Tiger had the legs of a flamingo.
  15. This has been a year of highs and lows for Bryson. This weekend seemed like a turning point. Will he able to keep the vibe going with the fans, or will he blow it all in another shirtless bacon cooking video within a month?
  16. You and the misses are up to 4 times a year? Tell us your secrets!
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