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  1. Impossible to do if you are doing the drill correctly.
  2. Try freebirdgolf.com and check out his swing direction drill. Hopefully this will help. He teaches MDLT.
  3. Hard to believe that a private course would have a pitch and putt and a miniature golf course attached. I believe Stephen Kay designed Architects Golf Course. I know he was involved with Union County on some of their renovations.
  4. Depends on the course I am playing. If it is a difficult hole and high degree I could lose the ball then a used ball. Otherwise, its nice to start a round with a new ball.
  5. Watchung Valley used to be Twin Brooks, if that helps at all.
  6. I signed up for the newsletter through email. Due to age I have lost at least 2 club lengths, maybe this could help me get some of my distance back.
  7. Just found this earlier today https://pingg425.com/
  8. Wear loose fitting layers, stay hydrated and have a ball in your pocket and alternate them each hole.
  9. Curious since I am a couple of years older than you, what method are employing now?
  10. I was under the impression that their plan was to let grass grow to fill in the bunkers. Any indication of that?
  11. Not for me personally. Looks like a design in progress not the final product.
  12. Probably user error, but once I have read through a thread and new posts are added when I go back into that thread I end up at the very beginning. I'm sure its my fault. Please let me know how to correct.
  13. What Size Claw Glove would I want- Cadet Medium My current glove - Master Grip Tech Grip or Footjoy Rain glove How often do I replace my gloves - about 6 rounds What would I want to improve with my current glove - once it gets damp from humidity or light rain it becomes useless. It also cannot be cleaned.
  14. I am sold on the effectiveness and simplicity of the Swing when done properly. Steve H The last three words of your sentence are the key!
  15. I have had success using rain gloves. It was either that or go through 3 or 4 regular gloves a round in the hot humid days.
  16. I have the book, the dvds and even a vhs copy of Manuel's 1986 PGA summit presentation. In my opinion the youtube videos of the 1987 clinic and Brett Freeman's explanations on freebirdgolf.com are head ans shoulders better in detailing Mr. de la Torre's concept than the dvds.
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