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  1. Im headed to work guys. All pm's i havent replied with yet will be answered as soon as i get home from work. thanks again
  2. All prices including shipping. Odyssey Protype #9 in mint condition, 33 inches, standard eveything $150 Cleveland Classic 290, 7.5 degree with fubuki 50 in extra stiff, head is in mint condition, $150 Scotty Cameron Mid Kombi, 43 inches, Standard Everything, Mint Condition, No scratches, $175 AdamsGolf Speedline 9032Ti, 14.5 degrees, Matri Oxikk Code-8, Extra Stiff, 8/10 condition, $80
  3. Ive had these MB2s since (?)November or so. They are nice and soft- and easily workable. Ball flight is perfect with the C-tapers. I would recommend them to anyone who can handle them (sometimes they're too much for me--but they look so good.) [size="1"]Hey B.G.[/size]
  4. [quote name='Scotty414' timestamp='1319606674' post='3719207'] Those are beautiful. Where did you send them and how much did it cost? [/quote] +1
  5. cheap cheapFor sale is an Attas 8s that has been tipped 1/2". The shaft is 40.25", tip has been prepped and is ready for a hybrid head. Moving fast at $75 shipped anywhere in the CONUS.
  6. the "funding new irons" fundI gotta get rid of this against my will. The topline is in great shape as you can see but the face has a few sand scratches and some sort of stain (wine maybe??) that you can clearly see in the pics. The shaft has been tipped 1/2". Ill take $110 $90, shipped anywhere in the CONUS, for the setup. If it doesnt go fast I dont have any objection to seperating the head and shaft. It plays at 41 1/2". Let me know if you have any questions. Oh yeah and headcover is included (cat is not).
  7. as long as A fits B correctly I dont see why not. Ive been thinking of putting a DGX100 in my 3 wood for months now-granted it doesnt require a sleeve but who knows. Theres just nothing like hitting my old Titleist PT15 bore thru with a DG X100 shaft and hitting it pure. Nothing like it.
  8. where would one find one of those adams flat bill hats? I used to want a J Lindeberg belt until I saw Arnies grandson(?) wearing one. Killed that thought.
  9. Id try and tip the shaft you have first (that would be the easiest/cheapest place to start). Then if that doesnt help i'd change the shaft completely.
  10. I have hit on a monitor once in my life about 2 months ago (dont know which brand monitor) and did notice that my spin was high with my current setup. I figure there wont be much difference spin-wise by just changing the shaft (unless I go XX or tip it). Should I try a lower loft? And about the smash factor - I can tell if Im around 1.45 or so and even the good ones dont travel as far as Id like. I realize Im chasing a unicorn but I know with my effort that I dont have the right setup to hit it 375. I guess I just need to hit a bunch of different setups on the monitor - Im sure that'd be
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