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  1. 1. Trono 65TX length in pics, cobra adapter, perfect shape. Just a bit too stout for me, $200 NOW $180 shipped 2. Hzrdus RDX 6.5 length in pics, callaway adapter. $100 NOW $85 shipped 3. Limited black T200 4-GW with AMT black S300s, stock black grips. Tried to capture wear in the pics, overall good shape and the grooves are really good. $900 NOW $850 shipped Not really looking for trades but might consider swapping the trono for a 65X with a cobra adapter. Thanks for looking! pin 1/11
  2. Snowing here so might as well sell these, 4-GW set of the limited edition black T200s standard everything. Grooves in great shape, a couple irons with some scratches on the toe I’ve tried to capture in the pics. Please let me know if you’d like any additional. No trades bag is set for 2022. $950 shipped. Can ship today if payment is received
  3. Selling some new TBC mallet covers, a driver cover and hat. These are out of the packaging but have never been gamed. $110 each shipped for the covers, $100 for the driver cover and $50 for the hat. Prices are firm, I have my eye on something, happy to keep these. I'm located and shipping from the US and would like to keep it CONUS only. 1. Canada 2. Tees 3. Rocketship SOLD 4. Cactus Jack mallet 5. Cactus Jack driver cover 6. sun hat SOLD
  4. 1. Two dozen new left dot pro v1 balls. $300 shipped SOLD 2. Tyson Lamb “eclair” divot tool never used $130 SOLD 3. Trono 65TX with cobra tip $200 Open to trades on the trono
  5. Just an update for anyone wondering or who runs into the same issue. There's a self capped screw that holds it in that must have fallen out. I called sun mountain this morning and their customer service was incredibly helpful. He told me I could glue it to keep using it for the time being and took all my info so he could send me a new part to install on the bag. Thanks.
  6. Not sure this is the right place for this but figured I’d post it. My sun mountain bag has a place in the stand assembly where a piece keeps popping out. I can’t tell if it was glued before or if there a piece holding it together that is missing. I’m attaching some pictures, any input on how to fix this would be appreciated. The picture with the circle is where the popping out occurs, the other picture is from the side of it where it looks like there is a hole that is maybe supposed to be plugged? I can reach out to sun mountain if no one knows, any help is appreciated. Thanks
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