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  1. Looking for a set of Mizzy 921 forged 5-GW modus 105 X, only looking for 921s. Thx
  2. Taylormade MySpider X - custom all red with no channel or alignment aid. White iomic grip with lots of life left. No cover. Some nicks here and there that I’ve tried to photo, nothing distracting at address. 34 inches by my measurement. $225 shipped. spider covers maple leaf - well used, the Velcro sticks but isn’t as strong as when it was new. $SOLD shipped flamingo cover - new out of packaging $95 shipped tyson lamb divot tool new $200 shipped TBC Tiffany fairway cover new $150 TBC Tiffany mallet cover new $SOLD shipped nike ros
  3. When I ordered on May 7th my custom didn't ship until May 28th. I think you can plan on 14 business days min
  4. I didn’t get the cobra deal, custom ordered this on May 7th and just got it, wanted to love it but not sure it’s for me. F9 9 degree white head with a factory installed graphite design tour AD TP 6X. New NDMC grip. Hit only a handful of balls, standard cobra length. Comes with headcover and wrench, will ship in the box it came in. $head sold shaft only $175 OBO trades considered new pro v1 balls, tour ad VR or XC shafts in 6X driver length with TM tip. Pin 6/3
  5. As someone who placed a custom order on May 7th and is still waiting for it to ship (though cobra has told me I'm at the front of the line and it will ship this week) it will absolutely be 10-14 BUSINESS days for all you custom guys.
  6. Have a great condition sim 10.5 head only, comes with head cover. $Sold shipped for head only. Accra TZ6 55 M5 with G410 tip, length in pics. $160 shipped Tour AD MT 6X with TM tip that is scratched up a little, ferrule looks aftermarket. Length in pics, $130 shipped Bridgestone Tour B forged XW-1 black 60 (6 bounce) and silver 56 (14 bounce) new wedge set. Dg spinner and NDMC grips. $130 shipped for the pair Cobra King F8 junior driver, hit a couple times, grip in plastic. Comes with headcover. Length in pics, $175 shipped Pin 5/5
  7. I think the MG Golf Dynagrip Elite glove is the best value in gloves. $6.99 each, soft, fits well and lasts. Its all I've used for the past 2+ years.
  8. Just a couple of shafts for sale. Ventus black 6x TM adapter 44inches tip to grip untipped. Ordered from cobra and while I was waiting fell in love with the SIM. Had my local store swap the tip for a TM tip and used it for one 9 hole round. Not for me. $SOLD shipped Graphite Design Tour AD MT 6x - just under 44 inches tip to grip, new Z5 grip. Used but plenty of life in this, $130 shipped thanks!
  9. I owned this putter once upon a time. If I wasn't a mallet guy I would be buying it back. Great putter.
  10. Selling a very clean 9 degree M6 head. Pics tell the story, will ship usps priority anywhere in the US. $210 shipped.
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