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  1. Can’t wait for mine to show up! GLWS nice price!
  2. It’s just a weird time in the golf industry. Everyone is so obsessed with distance, we’ve seen the set makeups go from 3-PW to 4/5-GW with the same lofts. An illusion to make it seem like consumers hit the ball further with this set than that set. Distance sells but in reality all that’s changed is the number on the sole. I remember trying to build a set of P7MB/770/790 combo set and just gave up Swore my next set was going to be a players distance/GI set because of how foolproof they are to hit but these STs look sharp!
  3. To get them to match the 0211ST they’d need to be bent 4*. Doubt PXG would even attempt that 3 scenarios I am considering 1. Order 5-7 in 0211 and 7-GW in 0211ST to get the loft gaps to match. I don’t really care what the numbers on the bottom of the club say as. 2. Ordering 7-GW, may just combo with my z785s long irons and save myself some coin 3. Stick with 4-GW of the 0211ST
  4. Im really debating about ordering the 0211ST irons. There aren’t too many LH blade options out there, always loved the Apex MB but these are slightly cheaper here in Canada. I was thinking about comboing the set but the lofts on the 0211 are incredibly strong.
  5. Have that same setup in my sim and one of the better combos I’ve used. GLWS
  6. If i design a tee that looks like a bottle cap and market it as a tee does it count?
  7. I’ll try that today. When you grab the head and twist the shaft by hand you can feel some play and hear the movement. Not sure if there’s anything I can do to fix it. Contacted TM just waiting for a response.
  8. I don’t believe so. Only way to get it tight is to remove then retorque. Retorque alone doesn’t fix it
  9. I thought about epoxying the sleeve in but there’s a square hole inside the hosel that goes into the head. I’ve went as far as pop a sim head on and bang away and test to see if it comes loose and it doesn’t. Only thing I can figure is the m2 hosel has some play/stripping
  10. I currently play z785s. Purchased with c taper lites and replaced with frequency matched FST 120 Pros. I do like my irons but I really miss playing blades. If I were to switch irons it would be for Cobra S3 Pros or Titleist MBs. I’ve yet to ever hit a better iron than the S3 Pro irons including my set of Miuras!
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