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  1. Golfworks sells a grip bore cleaner designed for this purpose, but I have no idea if it actually works.
  2. I remember reading something about these types of balls cracking driver faces because they have to be rock hard to protect the light source in the core. Maybe these are different but I don't know if I would use a club I like to hit these.
  3. Its currently 6.99 a month or 69.99 a year for just espn+
  4. ESPN+ as a standalone service is cheaper than pga tour live, about half the price. And it has more than just golf on it.
  5. Not sure if a shaft puller is going to help in this case. I had to heat each hosel for quite a while, put the head on the ground and step on it, and twist the grip end of the shaft with all my might. I used a reamer from golfworks. It's really easy as you are only removing a tiny amount of material and a reamer is designed to enlarge the opening to a specific size without making the opening any deeper. This is prevented because the reamer has a flat tip and it cant "drill" any deeper, as opposed to a drill bit which is pointy. The directions that come with it are better than I could explain here, but this should be done without power tools and take your time. Its a simple process that is pretty hard to screw up if you follow the directions.
  6. Mine were .355 but compression fit, meaning the OD of the shaft and the ID of the hosel were practically the same and the shafts were really jammed in there to make them fit. It was a pretty horrible experience taking them apart. Even with the hosel cleaned, I couldn't get a standard .355T to fit all the way, so I reamed mine to make the .355 shafts fit correctly.
  7. If you have legit wide feet, Ecco and True just aren't wide enough. I wear 4E (sometimes 6E depending on the style of shoe) and I've had good luck with Skechers in wide and some of the footjoy's, especially the stratos.
  8. Prices include shipping. 1. Srixon i701 / i701 tour combo 5-pw. 5-6 are i701. 7-pw are i701 tour. Aldila rip tour 115 shafts. 5-8 regular, 9-pw stiff. If you're not familiar, these shafts are definitely stiff to flex. Best grips microperf 6-pw, grip master on the 5. They play off a 38" 5 iron. Excellent shape overall. Very little chatter and the grooves look awesome. The grips have many seasons left in them. Comes with unshafted 5+6 i701 tour heads. Asking $200. Heads only $140. 2. Ping I25 hybrid. 22 degree. Recoil 95 f4 shaft. Bestgrips microperf grip. 38.5". Face has some marks but nice shape overall. Asking $70. 3. Ping Rapture 3w. 14 degree. Aldila vs proto 85s. Bestgrips microperf grip. 42.75". Basically a mini driver you can still hit off the deck. Signs of use including a faint skymark on the toe, but still looks good at address. Asking $70.
  9. I believe the range where they make half/miss half is about 8 feet, so those stats seem right to me.
  10. Up for sale is a cobra LTD black driver head. Comes with the original wrench, spaceport tool and bag for those two things. Also comes with a beat up but functional shaft adapter. Will ship with a non original head cover. Asking $100 shipped.
  11. Golfmechanix was the cheapest way I could find to get everything you need to measure and bend irons. I spent about $330 shipped last year. It can be tedious measuring, clamping, bending, measuring again, etc, but it gets the job done and its accurate. Grab a few beers before you start and it takes no time at all.
  12. Because op's stock shaft in the picture isn't 43", not even to the end of the grip cap. It's somewhere between 42.5 and 42.75, which in a club head would be awfully close to 43.75 playing length.
  13. Up for sale is a set of 2004 Taylormade RAC cb, 3-pw. Heads only. Cb on hosel and satin finish. Consensus seems to be that this indicates they are a Miura forging. Unsure of loft or lie. They show signs of use, but there is no browning, grooves are decent in short irons and pretty nice in the long irons. There is a mark in the sole of the pw, but it's not a gouge. Discoloration on the backs of some clubs is lead tape adhesive. $150 shipped.
  14. Bridgestone J33P with a fubuki alpha. Never seen that ball flight before or since. Gets up, carries flat, runs. I'm a little more consistent with modern stuff but distance has certainly not improved.
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