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  1. Just get leather and be done with it. They get stickier the more humid it gets. No tricks or tips, no extra towels, no extra gloves. They just work. A little pricey, but I haven't purchased one single glove since I switched to leather, so the cost does offset. The usual suspects (bestgrips, gripmaster) both make fine products, with the bestgrips microperf being my favorite.
  2. Its not really different than it was before. A lead in strokes is not different than a lead in points. Its just easier to digest. The top 5 always had the advantage and would all have to choke for someone 6-30 to win it. At least now the winner is the winner.
  3. Up for sale is a set of Hogan Apex Grind 3-E. Apex 4 shafts. Not sure of lofts/lies. Lengths not including grip caps: 3 - 38.5 4 - 38 5 - 37.5 6 - 37 7 - 36.75 8 - 36.25 9 - 35.75 E - 35.5 Very nice shape overall for their age. Numbers match and original ferrules. New grips. Some scratching in the faces but the the grooves are good with no browning. Soles and backs are pretty clean. Not so beat up that you couldn't display them but not so perfect that you would feel bad about playing them. Asking $120 shipped.
  4. Up for sale is a set of srixon z765 irons 5-pw. Dynamic Gold s300 shafts. Standard length. Unsure of loft/lie but seems standard as well. Excellent shape overall. If I had to guess these have 10-15 rounds of use. Grooves are near perfect and clubheads have minimal chatter. New grips. 6 iron has a small ding in the sole out near the toe. Set comes with two Cleveland wedges that show more use than the irons but still have plenty of life left. Wedges are 54 and 58, low bounce and play 35.5 inches. Dynamic Gold and dg115 shafts. Asking $300 shipped.
  5. He made almost 450 feet of putts last week and you are asking about distance?
  6. I had an NX7. Like you said, all the "pulse" is doing is telling you its ready to give you a reading because it locked onto something, but maybe not your target. If any other brand can tell the difference between the flag and and a tree branch near the flag, I would be surprised.
  7. I have the same set and I'm not convinced it's actually a pin. I think it's an indent painted black and it's purely cosmetic. I think pins go through both sides of the hosel, which this doesn't, but I could be wrong
  8. I reshafted a set of these and they are .355 taper, but compression fit, which means the hosel is essentially the same exact diameter as the shaft so you have to drive the shafts in to make them fit. I ended up using a .355 reamer so a taper shaft would fit easier. Since you have graphite you can just sand the tips a tiny bit if they won't fit all the way down the hosel.
  9. I meant you're saving the $20 per club you would pay someone else to do the work, but I think you knew that.
  10. Buying new wedges with recoils will probably cost you $170ish/club minimum id say. Updating your current wedges with the shaft you want is probably $70-$80 per club all in. Do the work yourself and that price drops $20. Id reshaft if the wedges are in good shape.
  11. Maybe just calling them pre owned so when they sell them way under MSRP the manufacturer can't freeze their account, assuming they are an authorized retailer.
  12. Does it hold the upper cord for the umbrella holder? Had a bag with a similar hook and it kept the little plastic cam from dangling
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