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  1. Srixon Z785 "A" Wedge ---SOLD 51 deg/ 8 deg Bounce, Nippon Modus Tour 120 stiff flex. Great Shape with slight normal wear to face and sole Golf Pride MCC Black/White grip in good condition. 35 3/4" playing length $115 + $10 shipping to CONUS only, USPS only, PayPal Graphite Design Tour AD MJ-62 Driver shaft (Black/Yellow) SOLD Callaway shaft adaptor, 44 7/16" total length (End of grip to end of adaptor), Lamkin Crossline grip (new) with 2+ wraps, great shape! $125, Includes free shipping to CONUS only, USPS only, PayPal Graphite Design Tour AD DJ-6S Driver Shaft (Orange) SOLD Callaway Tip, 44 3/8" total length (End of grip to end of adaptor), Golf Pride MCC black/white grp (2+ wraps), Great Shape ! $125, Includes free shipping to CONUS only, USPS only, PayPal Mitsubishi MMT 60 S Driver Shaft (Black) SOLD Golf Pride MCC black/white grip (+2 wraps), 44 1/8" length (End of grip to end of adaptor) Shaft is brand new and came in a Callaway Epic Speed Driver. $110, Includes free shipping to CONUS only, USPS only, PayPal Titleist Aldila RIP Phenon Hybrid shaft HYB 100G 2.4 torque Stiff 39 1/2" (End of grip to end of adaptor), Golf Pride MCC black grip in ok condition, Shaft is in Great Shape! adaptor was for a Titleist hybrid 90. Adaptor is for 910,913 series but not 100% sure so please ask any questions and I'll try to answer $45 and incudes free shipping to CONUS only, USPS only, PayPal
  2. I have Nippon Modus 105 shafts in my Srixon combo irons 565/765. I want to reshaft with UST Recoil 95 shafts. Anyone go thru this swap and what was performance differences? Also how much over club weight loss is there and did it affect SW at all? Any flight changes you've noticed? Anyone else go from NIppon Modus 105 to graphite and what make and model didi you use? My 7 iron is 162 yds with med/high ball flight which i like THX
  3. Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 4WD 16.5 deg loft SOLD Even Flow Riptide stock shaft 6.0 Stiff, 60 gram , 43" playing length Great club with just a few slight scratches. Comes with head cover Golf Pride Tour Velvet ALign grip. std size $175 includes shipping to CONUS only Taylor Made P790/760 Combo Iron Set 4 790 38 3/4" 1 deg up 2 deg weak 5 790 38 1/2" 1 deg up 1.5 deg weak 6 760 38" 1 deg up .5 deg strong 7 760 37 1/2" 1 deg up std loft 8 760 37" 1 deg up std loft 9 760 36 1/2" 1 deg up std loft PW 760 36 1/4" 1 deg up std loft Price Drop $710 $750 includes shipping to CONUS only Dynamic Gold 105 S300 shafts. Shafts were soft stepped once but in my opinion these play closer to normal stiff. Great feel with a penetrating ball flight from the S300 but a nice weight in 105 if it fits your game. Nice combo set of P790/760 irons. Irons were setup from TM with lofts adjusted by them on 4,5, and 6 to blend together with rest of set. Golf Pride MCC grips with 2 extra wraps of tape. Irons are in great shape with minimal wear from couple months play. 7 iron is the only one with a slight nick on sole towards heal. Faces are all in great shape. Any questions please ask or for any specific pictures that i can send.
  4. Don't have any weights in the tips of my steel shafts now. Your probably correct in that you would not lose much SW but overall weight would drop and its just how much would it and would you notice it much? THX
  5. Wanting to try Recoil 95's in my Srixon Z565/765 combo irons. I'd be going from Nippon Modus 105 shafts. Anyone have any idea how much of a swing weight drop there would be in this swap? Thats my only worry?
  6. Up charges with shafts is coming from UK side of things though. It could be a whole different story in US on shaft availability and costs don't you think?
  7. How are any orders being taken for these and from where? There website doesn't even have them posted yet? Looking for info Please? THX
  8. Have seen posts on these irons released in UK Sept 19th but still no word on US release or info on there web site?
  9. The P760 has been erratic and kidn of dead feeling to me also. I have DG 105 shafts and i've lost 5-8 yards compared to my prior set Srixon Z765 which makes no sense. Shaft change or sell set??
  10. I see that the True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 S300 (VSS) shafts are an option from fitting carts and TM. But when you go to True Temper web site they are not there? Was looking for more info on that shaft and couldn't find it on TT web site. Any help appreciated JEFF
  11. Callaway Epic Flash was the hit!!! Now they are following behind i beleive with Mavrik ??
  12. Callaway Epic Flash - Sub Zero 10.5 deg driver head. Has only been hit indoors a few times. Truly can not tell that it has struck a ball and in perfect shape but i do declare that it is not brand new Does not include headcover or wrench Shipping to CONUS only and please ask questions if you have any $220 includes USPS shipping and no trades at this time
  13. Current best way to find golf deals in early March? Work with resort staff to find best golf rates and courses? Golf Now, EZ Links or other sites? Any other suggestions? THX JEFF
  14. Any help on finding the best golf deals in Cabo in early March? Is there a good website, Golf Now, or is it best to have resort staff try to line something up?
  15. Hello Paying Member since 2005 and didn't realize that i still have to have 75 posts to place an ad? When did this change? Where is the link to WRX Admin or help people? THX for help Jeff
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