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  1. i picked up a 5-P "like new" set of black Apex 19's a month ago. $750 and they showed up with heads wrapped in plastic. Not sure why they are "like" new. They look mint. Took them to my local shop and the specs were right on as well. Last week - SIM max 5 wood for $150. This one has a little wear but i dont care for that price. I hate CPO because it takes all my money.
  2. Using his back up putter for the slow greens out here. They run fast when dry but it’s been really foggy in the mornings with a ton of dew on the ground. The grass has been really sticky in the mornings so the greens will be slow for the early rounds.
  3. just picked up a set of Apex 19s and couldn’t believe how good they feel. This is coming from a 14 HC who is a bad ball striker. Thin shots didn’t lose much distance and don’t leave my fingers numb. I‘m upgrading from a set of old TM Rocketbladez. Even if you don’t go with the Apex irons, at least give them a try.
  4. I have been comparing the TR’s and qstar tour and they play pretty much the same. I have been playing rounds where I carry one of each in my pocket and just reach in and blindly pull one of them to play on each hole. I really can’t tell the difference. The only thing that pushed me towards the qstar tour is the price. 3 dozen for $65 versus 1 dozen for $35 is a no brainer for me.
  5. i found one of these and had it in my bag during a charity tournament. On one hole they had a setup where they had a trackman on the tee and it gave you all the stats on your tee shot. I used my regular ball first and got my normal numbers. We had extra time and I teed off again with the MG senior and the guy running it made a comment that the trackman must have malfunctioned because the ballspeed it was showing was too high for my swing speed. I didnt tell him that i was using a different ball. I didnt see how much faster it was or what the difference in overall distance was but maybe they do go a little farther. That being said, it might have been a 1 yard gain or something after all is said and done.
  6. I ordered a pair of PrimeBlues off the adidas site yesterday. Got the womens pair with the discount they are currently offering and got them for $90. I couldnt try on any given the current state of the world but the toe box looks a bit small. Do these run narrow? For some reason I fit Nike ok but Adidas seem to run narrow for me.
  7. nothing yet. still open ground. Not sure the last time you were up there but they built houses at the end of the range and all along the first fairway. Not sure why anyone would buy those houses. I already put a few balls in their backyard.
  8. Mine does the same thing. Originally had a Mavrik head that didn't make the click. Traded it in for a Mavrik max head that does make the click. Same shaft that i just swapped into the new head. I just like to think of it as the ticking of the countdown to me having to buy a new shaft/driver/both.
  9. The commute to Stonebrae will be a killer on weekdays. Im a member there and the course is great and the range is excellent. That being said, I live 5 minutes from the club. San Mateo you are looking at at least 45 minutes to get there. Not ideal when you just want a range session.
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