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  1. Tidewater or The Dunes are my two favorites. You’re right on about the temps in August unless you’re used to it.
  2. R11S V3 is actually 390cc I believe and I’ve got a mint 9* that goes in the bag from time to time. It really should go to Continental for a color change as I never cared for the white.
  3. Just ordered a 34” small slant copper with white and a Lamkin deep etched grip to throw on it, should be here tomorrow.
  4. Might want to give Heritage a look, I always considered it to be a more affordable version of Caledonia.
  5. You should consider Banff Alberta in Canada. Not quite as out there as some of the other suggestions but great golf, beautiful and and our US dollar goes a long way up there. You would likely want to wait until June at the earliest to go though.
  6. Still one of my favorites “Long Cool Woman†https://g.co/kgs/Vhc7M7
  7. Seen them in 77 open for Kiss on the Love Gun tour at the Aud in Kitchener, awesome memories!
  8. I just went through this and honestly until I started streaming I didn’t realize any providers still had data caps. Anyhow I dumped AT&T and went with Spectrums Gig plan and the difference in picture quality is quite noticeable and no worries about data caps.
  9. I’m at 16 pairs in the rotation with 2 more sitting in my cart on NDC. My feeling is they last and look better if you rotate them instead of wearing the crap out of a couple pairs. All Nike btw.
  10. How do the impact 3 fit compared to LCV2, wearing a 10 with the V2s am I good going with a 10 in the impacts? Btw those who have the impacts are y’all liking them?
  11. I still wear my 09s, 10s, 11s, the 12s see limited action as I never really cared for them. Hoping the 19s will come out and resemble the 11s.
  12. Two items for sale today. Prices include shipping via USPS Priority and PP fees, please add $10 West of Mississippi. Not interested in trades and low ball offers will be ignored. First to pay get the item, thanks for looking. 1 Scotty Cameron inspired by Sergio Garcia Del Mar 3.5 Pro Platinum, plays at 35" all original and lightly gamed. Head cover included. Couple very light nicks on back flange but not really noticeable and obviously doesn't affect play. $310 $290 2 Oban Kiyoshi Purple 65 04 flex. Has a Titleist tip and Played at 45" in my 910. Has black/White NDMC Grip in pr
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