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  1. Mav Pro hybrid sold, thanks. Glad to entertain reasonable offers on the 3W and putter.
  2. PayPal only, ConUS shipping only. Prefer to sell, but if you have something Gucci of similar value I’ll consider a trade. First to send funds at asking price gets item if there are multiple prospective buyers. Not looking to rip anybody off, but not running a charity here either; I'm a reasonable man so glad to listen to reasonable offers. 1. Mavrik 15* 3 wood with Tour AD DI-7X at 43.5"/MCC Align std. grip with 6 wraps. Not NIP, but pretty much spotless and HC included. Asking $325 OBRO. 2. Mavrik Pro 18* 2 hybrid with Tour AD DI-85X/MCC Align std grip with 6 wraps. Aga
  3. @blakeismore I don't use GolfNow, no. I play most of my golf at Eglin AFB's course since I work as a contractor there, but it's not open to the public or I'd recommend playing there once as well (very atypical FL golf as it has lots of elevation changes and currently in fine shape). One critique of the resort courses along the beach (Kelly, Regatta, Sandestin, etc.) is that they're all so similar in character. For that reason, going off the beaten path to place like Windswept and Blackstone (see below) can break up the sameness. One more that I didn't mentio
  4. Spin differences are perhaps the most difficult to predict and most player dependent, but I doubt you'd see a difference between the two emerge that would overcome the signal to noise ratio. Does that make sense?
  5. So I got more or less the full run-down on what will be coming in the early parts of 2021, but we were asked not to further divulge meaningful details on any of what we saw and I'll honor that request. I know... The in-house testing done in Carlsbad showed some pretty nice gains over previous company product and that of competitors, but then that's what you'd expect from anybody's indigenous testing. There was one surprise in the presentation that I hadn't heard anything about yet, but I don't think it will be something that appeals to most of the WRX crowd anyway. Should be get
  6. I see a new challenger has entered the ring attempting to bump the '15 GBB driver from Kisner's bag.
  7. All else equal, the Left Dash will be higher trajectory and likely longer than the V1. How much longer will depend on what kind of speed you have, but Left Dash seems to have a gear at the long end of the bag that nothing else on the market can match. That comes with the trade-off of firm feel, of course, but if that's not a deal breaker then "Bob's your Uncle."
  8. Nothing cosmic to getting on any of the courses I'll list below (other than it being more crowded down here than usual at this time of year): 1. Kelly Plantation 1a. Regatta Bay 2. Windswept Dunes (a bit of a drive from Destin, but great fun) 3. Raven at Sandestin 4. Rocky Bayou CC in Niceville (officially private, but some tee times made available to public daily) 5. Indian Bayou 6. Baytowne Course Sandestin 7. Emerald Bay (heard some rumblings about conditioning issues here, but can't verify) Best course in the area is Camp Creek in
  9. I can appreciate that, but I think this line is a nod to the fact that most of Odyssey's more tech-ish inserts never caught on with good players and most Odyssey putters in use by pro players were using one form of the basic urethane insert or another even when newer head designs were in use (O Works heads retro-fitted with WHP inserts, for example). Coming to that realization is what lead me to go find and modify the putter I have in use now to what it currently is. Nothing cosmic about it, just does the work.
  10. While there is some overlap, Toulon offers some head shapes (Atlanta, Memphis, Vegas) and neck designs (more flow necks) that are just different enough. It's when you're offering pretty much the same shapes in the same finishes without red dots all over it (no matter how good the quality of materials and construction methods) and without silly headcovers that you can go down a blind alley.
  11. They've done that in the not too distant past and those lines of putters simply didn't sell well. Such was/is Cameron's strangle hold on that segment of the market.
  12. To my eye, the Speed looked smaller and taller but we’ll see.
  13. I’ll have to get back to you on that after I get the full product tutorial on Tuesday.
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