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  1. While it is true that there is a correlation between firmer balls and higher ball speeds, that signal is much stronger for players with higher speeds. For players in your swing speed range, that signal disappears into the background noise of strike variation and other launch condition variables pretty quickly. The good news is that means you can play a softer ball if you prefer its feel and not feel like you're giving up meaningful performance at the long end of your bag. As others have stated, the best/most reliable way to get faster/longer is to dig it out of the mats in the gym.
  2. I know the media embargo lifts on the new ball this Tuesday, but I’ve heard nothing about a new wedge and I’d think I would’ve if it’s coming. Maybe it is, but...
  3. Chrome Soft XLS will be worth giving a test drive when it's out in mid-March.
  4. That's one way to look at it, I suppose. They charge what they charge because enough people are willing to pay those prices. IMHO, the company I do some part-time work for is every bit the equal or superior to Titleist in every category, but by no means does Titleist stink in any of them. Their financial reports speak to that.
  5. All the ‘21 clubs are in play now, so will get some bag pics taken soon. Got my first round in the new Callaway ball that will officially be unveiled this coming Tuesday. Weird round as I was able scrape it around in 71, but could count the number of shots that I was satisfied with on one hand. When I was able to get out of the ball’s way, it was quite impressive. Definitely worth giving a test drive.
  6. Yes, totally get why people who do play Titleist choose to do so. Seriously, what's not to like?
  7. But hey, you can't spell ELITIST without... ... ...amiright?
  8. It's a prototype of the X Forged UT that's also in play for McNealy. My guess is that it's different from the original X Forged UT in a way similar to how the X Forged CB an and Apex TCB differ.
  9. Most events there's a tent set up on the practice range where balls are sorted and bagged by volunteers. Player or caddie can pick up ball of choice at the tent, and after the event the balls usually get donated to an organization like the local First Tee chapter.
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