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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has pulled shafts from any M4 irons? The reason I am asking is because of the hosel, it looks almost crimped. I am replacing with recoils and was wondering how easy it was with the hosel. Thanks.
  2. I was hoping to get some feedback on the c300 forged irons. I am thinking of buying a set as they are on sale here. I am an 11 handicap and am wondering about forgiveness etc. I am getting them shafted with the kbs tour 105’s in reg. Thanks all.
  3. Hello I am thinking of putting a pro launch blue and a ozik matrix shaft into a bio cell 3-4 wood and a bio cell 5-7 wood. They are Reg flex. I am now using senior flex in my woods. They are both at driver length with adapters on them. I will pull the adapters and should I just butt trim to length? And what flex would they be with just butt trimming them? Thanks.
  4. I am wondering if anyone had soft stepped Reg shafts? And what was the difference. I have a set of Kbs tours 110 in Reg that I want to soft step. Thanks.
  5. Can someone please tell me the difference between speedblade irons and the speedblade HL irons. Thanks.
  6. I am building a set of irons using the maltby st I heads. I am looking for a higher launch shaft and am leaning towards FST or FST pro. Please let me know what you think of these shafts and the heads. I have a slow to moderate swing speed. Thanks
  7. Thanks for all your imput guys.
  8. Hi I am looking for any advice on shafts that will work with ping g25 heads 4-uw. I have currently cfs stiffs in them and would prefer something a little softer. I don't have the luxury of testing monitors where I live. I am looking for a high launch shaft. I also would like to get something other than cfs offerings. If anyone has any info please let me know. Also any shafts that are in a lower price range that are a good shaft would be great. Thanks.
  9. I am wondering what the raw shaft lengths are for KBS tour regs tapers 4-uw for G25 heads. Also if anyone has this combo and there comments. Thanks
  10. Hello, I am putting a set of irod graphite shafts into some R9 5-pw heads. They are stiff but I would like them to play more like regu or between S and R. My question is how much should I vary off of the tip trimming instructions I looked up for those shafts? For example if I just trim the tips to half of what is suggested will that work? Then just take off the rest from the butt to get the iron lengths? Thanks.
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