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  1. I actually really like the fall release. I'm looking at replacing my 850 forged and I expect my swing should be in its best state come time for a fall fitting. Ian from TXG makes this point on their 919HM review about a fall release. And also keeps Mizuno away from when TM and Callaway dominate the PGA show in January.
  2. I'm basically doing the same thing. I'll try to post a face on view of me but I can definitely do a short stall/flip but not have the band tangle me up. So I'm making sure to check my swings face on.
  3. Mine came in this morning as well. I would say if your swing is pretty solid then you're probably ok. For me, I'm looking for improvement in a little more shallowing but the body rotation resulting in less flipping is what I need most. So I'd be ok to do the work ASAP if I had that schedule.
  4. Any feedback on the Sunfish duraleather headcovers? 50% is tempting enough to get something.
  5. Ordered 12/8, shipped yesterday, arriving Wednesday here in the DMV. This aid is hitting all the big concepts I've been trying to incorporate. There is hope!
  6. Ernie for sure, the ability to generate so much power while making it look so effortless seals the deal.
  7. [quote name='RacineBoxer' timestamp='1340201668' post='5134924'] [sup][quote name='lsf_21' timestamp='1340081150' post='5126296'] I have been really working on my game and I am getting to the point where I want to get a set of irons that arent quite as game improvement. I am currently hitting Nike VR full cavity. So my question is..... Is there a set of Irons that are still somewhat forgiving but not as hard to hit as player irons? [/quote][/sup] [sup]Pretty much every single club manufacturer has a players iron, a super game improvement iron, and at least one offering in-between
  8. kevinho


    Got my 910F in January and have loved it. Off the deck has been the greatest part, I struggle withkk some of the deeper faced 3w's off the deck. I play the AXIVcore Tour Green in my D2 and with the advice of DD, I got the F with the std Kaili. Great combo for me.
  9. Yeah I'll try goo be gone, just weird that there's some type of sticker residue on it. It's smooth like the rest of the putter head so I don't know. I guess if that doesn't work, it becomes a built in excuse to have SC refinish and do some custom paint fills! I'll report if something miraculous happens.
  10. Hey guys, I have been out of town and haven't played in about a month but I had my scotty in the bag with the headcover on as usual. I was looking at it the other day and I saw these spots on the top line. It looks like rust but I can't tell. I tried a wet cloth to wipe it off but nothing. Anyone have any idea what it is and more importantly how do I get it off? Could water have settled in from the last time I played and it rusted out a bit? I'm sure there's some routine care that I need to do that I don't know about and yes it's my first Scotty.
  11. Thanks guys, yeah we both know there are going to be some compromises and I think he'll appreciate the feedback about the smooth feel. The tipped Kai'li is an interesting idea too.
  12. Thanks guys. I'll let him know and ask him about the RIP. We actually saw on titleist's site that the VTS was close on their new 2012 chart with the ad di. DD's had it a little less than the ad di. So that's a consideration too. Anyone else?
  13. Hey guys, a buddy of mine went to a Titleist demo day here in Bangkok and tried out the 910 D2 and really loved the way he hit the 910 with the tour ad di 6s. They didn't use any launch monitors but he did try the RIP, Project X, and a few other shafts as comparison. He got a quote from Discount Dan's and, as I warned him, you'll have to pay a premium on the 910 with the ad di. He's hoping for a lower cost alternative. Doesn't have to be the standard MFT shafts but something that would be substantially less than the ad di. Anyone out there that can compare between the ad di and the MFTs
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