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  1. Just wanted to throw my experience into the mix. I'm 74 and I've always had a very low s/s but I play frequently and, pre surgery/chemo, averaged 3 over from the senior tees and 7 over from the whites; in recovery I've lost about a club's worth of distance in my irons and now hit a 7 iron 130 (120 carry, 10 roll) with low trajectory. Then, and now I've tried, demo'ed or bought numerous sets in graphite and steel but nothing outperformed my Adams CB2 irons - 7 iron is 33* loft, 37.00 length, regular flex steel shaft. I've recently been demo'ing (3 times so far, I'm hard to convince) a 2019 Big
  2. Tom Watson's final drive in the 2009 British Open Championship... it was perfect, leaving him just 9 iron and two putts away from the title and, at 59, he would have been the tournament's oldest winner.
  3. Two quick tips if you want to check that your shoulders are square to your intended path - at address either switch to a left-hand-low grip or bend forward & down as if you were using a 30-inch putter... any misalignment will become fairly obvious Great tip from Jack Nicklaus on putting distance control, especially for mid- and long putts - 'I always putt the ball one-third of the distance to the hole and let it roll the rest of the way.' I take that to mean that 1/3rd of the way to the hole he has imparted enough energy for the ball to complete it's the journey; even given the unknown (to
  4. If one of Scotty's Rat putters mistakenly had "SEWER RAT" stamped on it you might get $20K on the international market.
  5. When I first got my 64* I had to train myself to swing as if I wanted to make contact a few inches past the ball to avoid sliding under/spinning right on full shots, then no problem.
  6. It's always ok to move up... experience relaxed concentration off the tee, new lines of play, more reliance on scoring clubs, different challenges, going low; it's almost like playing a new course.
  7. The question becomes does a technology work for you, are there tradeoffs and, if you need to adapt to either, do you have the time to do so. YES! putter's 'C-grooves' were angled 20* up to lift the ball out of the micro-impression it sits in due to it's weight; it imparted a tighter, faster roll but reduced my distance control; OTOH, Jim Furek won the 2010 Tour Championship with a used, $40 YES! Sophia. The same question applies to Techniques which are like technology minus the hardware... Guerin Rife favors using multiple techniques, depending on length of putt (ie, overcoming pressure on
  8. You can look up 'stats per handicap' to compare your GIRs with the sample population but 31 putts is about average for a 10 h/c and while I can't take issue with the observation that developing any other aspect of your game will improve scores faster than working on average putting, there are benefits to being exceptional in any phase of the game.
  9. Yeah, either '90 or '91. I bought an '89 Acura Legend early in 1990 and an invite to the track came within six months. It was just the sort of car that would wrack up a bunch of tickets, wreck my marriage (see "Gold-digger" videos on YouTube) and then kill me.
  10. Actually I thought general interest had waned but the OP might still be interested, but I've been away since the format change so I'd probably have forgotten the next time - thank you for the heads-up. BTW, when Acura first introduced the NSX they brought 10 of them to Pocono Raceway and hired Bondurant drivers to show guests (as passengers) what the cars could do, how we could do it and then switched places so we could take curves at speed, accelerate on straightaways and drift through the chicanes like adrenalized puff adders.
  11. I’ve had the same drive since I took up golf, 170 carry plus 20 - 40 yards roll depending on conditions. 10 years into the game and halfway through a bucket a I hit two consecutive drives into the middle of the driving range net 220 yards out, I’m thinking 240 – 250 full carry. No gradual increases prior to this miracle, no gradual decreases after and no idea what I did differently; that’s my experience with a golf gods joke. I’ve seen two examples that somewhat mirror your experience. I play a lot with a buddy who got back into golf after a long absence; he used TM Burners (2007/2008 model),
  12. If you wonder what to expect from a thorough fitting experience, check out one of Tom Wishon's books on the subject, go to his website or read some of his numerous articles on this site. He explains how/why each of maybe 12 fitting aspects affects performance. Some fittings are not as comprehensive as his but with Wishon's info you can zone in on what aspects matter most and find a fitter that covers them; you'll also get a sense of the improvements you can expect.
  13. Even with 200-yard drives I have many kinds of egos to choose from - play the tips and score 100+, play the middle tees with friends and try to beat them, regardless of score (usually 85) or play it forward and try to break par. The first holds no value for me and I choose between the other two based on Par 3 distances.
  14. I never do, but now I'm realizing they all play at better courses than I do. I'm slated to play Champions in a month or so with a co-worker and I believe I'm about to have my eyes opened. I think a boring course equals a boring performance, in that it doesn't require that much from highly skilled players... they just get the job done. Like watching a highly-skilled swordsman warming up vs seeing him slice a 100mph baseball in half. I watched the best player at my muni shoot a boring 66 and he couldn't hold a candle to a top-5 high school player who routinely hit 300-yard lasers with his 3 w
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