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  1. Never saw a fight but I was playing with a friend who was a former pro boxer; a twosome had hit into us for the third time in nine holes and the boxer picked up their ball and threw it back towards them, then waited at the halfway house to 'discuss' the matter, which amounted to him telling off the offender in a profanity-laced tirade. My friend is 5'6 and the offender was over 6' and must have thought his height and bulk were intimidating; he advanced toward the boxer as if talk was over and he meant to shove or punch him. The boxer didn't back away or raise his arms, he just looked up and said "If I put my hands on you you'll feel it" in a time-to-go-back-to-work tone that gave the golfer second thoughts; he stopped his advance, mumbled some apology and backed off. The rest of the round was without incident.
  2. Lifelong 200-yard drives got me one birdie every three rounds, but one glorious day back in 2010 I had a round with four birdies and overcame major nerves to break par by a stroke. A month of goofy afterglow, then a decade-long drought. Last week I birdied holes 2, 5, 6 and 7 and made the turn at one under par; my group started acting like it was Sunday at The Masters and I felt special. I bogied the 10th but birdied 15 and made a 12-foot par putt on the demanding 16th to remain one under. It was 2010 all over again! Hole 17 is short, an easy par 4 if you avoid the stream down the left side which should never come into play; that stupid stream is really more a decoration than a challenge, only takes 100 yards to clear it unless you hook your tee shot, which I never do. Took a quadruple bogie eight, then another quad on the final hole to ruin any recap... "How'd you hit 'em?" "5 birdies" "What'd you score?" "7 over"
  3. Went through dozens of putters looking for something that would correct an overactive right hand and poor distance control. Found the Futura and it started helping right away which gave me incentive to practice and within a year my putts per round dropped from mid-30s to 28. Between the onset shaft placement and having 75% of the weight in that rear horseshoe, it provided a unique experience and I played it from 2003 to 2006. I forget the exact head weight (which was different, depending on whether the putter length was 34" or 35" ) but the head felt light and sat open and I disliked the sound of the aluminum head and the overall look of it but I'd still be playing it except I came across Tom Slighter's very limited run of 25 Needle mallets which was a similar but more effective design and had one made to my specs, then got two more at different weights as backups.
  4. Nick Bradley's "hidden power joint" Anyone any idea what or even where it is? I'd start your research with "The Secret Life of Cart Girls" (Golf Digest, March 1, 2015)
  5. Putting instruction. Forget expensive lessons, boring books and custom putters too; just hit the ball harder or softer and more to the left or right
  6. As it relates to scoring, distance is necessary while accuracy is contributory.
  7. It only lacks a unifying theme... graphically render those two circles into phillips head screws and Home Depot would buy thousands, put them in aisle 7 and plumbers would snap them up as on-course advertising.
  8. Putts/round or putts/GIR are linked to other aspects of your game; if you are looking for a number or percentage that isolates a putting skill you need to develop your own metrics, and it's not that hard. Since you mentioned problems with downhill putts, set a minimum length for such putts and a desired outcome, such as having a missed putt finish no more than 12" past the hole and keep track of your performance.
  9. I'm 74 and returning to golf after several years off; swing speed is now sub-80 and my steel-shafted, 26* Adams CB2 5 iron travels 153 yards on a low trajectory. I demo'ed the Callaway Mavrik 7 iron, graphite shaft and 27 degrees of loft and was hitting it 158 to 163 with a high trajectory and ball striking was effortless.
  10. Talk with, rather than to him; if you want him to share your values you'll need discover what underpins his values and talk it out. You may learn he isn't honest in other things and it's now a character trait, or generalized moral disengagement in which case the issue goes beyond 'respect the game' and moves into self respect. Then, if you aren't getting through to him go ahead and impose consequences as an extension of your values and in the hope he'll reevaluate his.
  11. Got this from PLAYBETTER website " Thank you for your question. The two main differences between the Nikon COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED and the updated PROII are the upgrades in design and the dual confirmation of their DUAL LOCKED ON ECHO technology, where you get an audible chirp confirmation along with a visual. The Pro had visual confirmation only. As with any next-generation product from a top brand like Nikon with excellent research and development, it’s safe to assume that between the Pro and Pro II, any bugs or user-requested fixes in the technology have been addressed and updated. Nikon is continually updating their firmware and software. " Also, answering a different question " We spoke with Nikon and confirmed that a magnet actually interferes with the stabilization mechanism. " I've seen reviews with complaints about the previous version locking onto "anything" so I'll spend the extra bucks. Had a top of the line Bushnell that failed after 18 months; they fixed the problem, but the same failure reappeared less than a year later but it was past warranty date. They offered 15% off new model but I don't have confidence in their support.
  12. Exact head weight is 451, shaft is 107 and grip 84 so 642g total weight
  13. I've used a 450g custom mallet from Tom Slighter since 2006. It wasn't an accidental acquisition; I still have most of the dozens of putters I went through... Tad Moores, Gauge Designs, Burns, Byrons, Bettinardi, Machines, and a few others; some I want to game on looks alone, but extreme head weight elevates my performance... I average just under 28 putts/round while the rest of my game pales in comparison. Weight isn't for everyone but I'm easily adrenalized and during a round 450g feels like 350g might to a more temperate golfer; also, I play on average greens stimped 7 to 9; any higher and I'd need to use something lighter to differentiate between more subtle applications of force. I'd also add that high head weight helps me stay committed to line and speed.
  14. Jack Nicklaus shared a remarkable insight for distance control... he'd putt his ball 1/3 of the way to the hole and let it roll the rest of the way there.
  15. Oddly enough I also use a modified paint/saw grip and have a WINN AVS midsize pistol grip installed on one of my putters , except it's set 90* left of normal... the flat side (normally the top side) faces the hole and is a good fit for my left hand and the tapered side (normally the bottom) takes up the space between thumb and index finger... just turn your putter 90* left, take your grip and evaluate.
  16. I went from Titleist DCIs (1997) ~ 124g shafts to TM's Burner Plus ~60g shafts for more height and distance, which they delivered but with their oversized heads I started sweeping the ball and overswinging the light shafts and accuracy suffered a bit. Nonetheless, my game was improving (15 handicap down to 10 over 15 years) and I wanted more control and moved to used Adams CB2 which I think came out in 2010 and re-shafted them with 95g shafts. That made a big difference and I went from a 10 h/c to a 6 over three years. I can tell you if you like the Burner Plus irons, it's likely you'll love the Callaway Mavrik irons... much stronger lofts (27* 7 iron) but they reengineered the center of gravity; I had much higher ball flight and gained a club and a half in distance... essentially my 5 iron results but easy to hit and a higher trajectory.
  17. This is a great opportunity to study and try to reproduce his technique, grip, stance etc and would even write to the pro asking for suggestions/tips... could be a wonderful project.
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