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  1. Great condition Scotty Cameron Studio Select Squareback 1. 34” and IoMiC grip with headcover. $240 SeeMore mFGPP Deep Flange in carbon steel. 34.5 and SS Pistol GT Tour with headcover $225
  2. Order FB 5.5 as well.
  3. Trying to ID this cover. 2015 Hula Girl, but all I have seen are black.
  4. My appreciation for classic old Putters. Don’t think this Pal 2 BeCu was ever used.
  5. Misc1600

    Ping O Blade

    Picked of these one and love it. When were these made? Also, did older Pings come with fluted shafts?
  6. Just added this. Love the finish and size, feels way smaller from heel to toe. The SeeMore team are great guys and all are top notch.
  7. Scotty Studio Stainless Newport 2.5. 35”. Gamer condition. $200
  8. How do you like the SeeMore?
  9. Pics of it? What is the grip? Website says a pistol grip
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