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  1. Sorry. The white chalk version of the spider x
  2. Anyone rolled the single bend vs the center shaft versions? Does the center shaft come with the same headcover? Does it fit correctly?
  3. Why is the 2020 Spider Tour Black much cheaper? Steel shaft vs the black one?
  4. Anyone with experience with a Scotty Catalina? How much bigger it’s the head vs a standard NP?
  5. Game it. No reason to restore it. Nice bottle of Whisky and $300 is what I would offer. Given that it’s a original Napa, I would not send it to the CS
  6. Nike Origin B1-01. 35” with headcover. Great overall condition. $160
  7. I have seen a Odyssey O Works 2-ball, but with the White Hot Pro insert. Anyone have info? I’m assuming it’s probably an one off
  8. Couple carbon steel putters. All prices included usps priority and shipped. Bettinardi Mizuno black carbon. 343 gram head. Great condition for its age. 34”. $140 SeeMore mFGP. CS 11L17 carbon steel. 34” and 340 gram head. $100
  9. Old school. Feel and roll are top notch. Local company during their time as well.
  10. Love it. Must be the giveaway to get this alive again. My favorite SeeMore
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