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  1. Correct. I ordered the 7. Here is the grip
  2. Scotty Cameron Laguna 2 Odyssey 4ht Bettinardi BB5
  3. Awesome. Hope the experience was worth it.
  4. Rossie is not naked. Was hoping, but the only difference is the grip. They have the black DFX vs the line green one
  5. Misc1600

    Odyssey 6m

    Just trying to find info about this. The insert does not feel at all like the White Hot. Drilled weight ports? @RollinsonPutters
  6. Asian Scotty Cameron Circa 34/350. Measures just below 34” with SS Pistol GT 1.0. Great condition for its age. Blue gun still intact, minus some missing on sole. $old Odyssey Black series 8. 35/330 head. With headcover. Great condition. $old
  7. Scotty Cameron Special Select NP2. Mint, 34” and headcover. $350 pending Mint Piretti Teramo. Carbon with oil can finish. 34” with headcover. $old Kia Ma Monaco. 34” with headcover. $190 No trades
  8. Ageee. The Titleist in the cavity vs the cherry dots on a real IBR
  9. Leaning towards real with the welded neck, but fakes are so good.
  10. Old school Kia Ma - great condition for its age.
  11. Rare Odyssey RSX #2. 35” with headcover. There is a long trend in the putter forums for more info. $175 shipped
  12. What is the final verdict on the Closer? Soft thud or a ping sound?
  13. Yes. I ordered a 9ht several months ago. Came with headcover and grip still in plastic.
  14. Believe the belly’s were 395 gram, so this is 343 gram and was 34”. The original grip was just replaced
  15. Bettinardi BC5 center shaft. 34”. Great condition for its age. $140
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